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Author has written 13 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Escaflowne, Slayers, X-Men: Evolution, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Digimon, and Card Captor Sakura.

Attention all Readers: I am currently attending University, and my studies sadly come before my writing. Updates will come, but with an average of two hours of free time a week, they will be exsessively slow.

Ok, so the idea of a bio is sort of... blah for me, I'm not really the sort of person who can easily write something like this up. I always feel like I have too much or too little info, so I'm just going to use this space to talk about all my stories and what you can expect from them, where they stand, etc.

Harry Potter and the Deck Master

By far my most popular story, it is in a way my determined attempt to prove that should a person put some real effort into the plot, a Card Captor Sakura/Harry Potter cross over can be an amazing story. To do so, I am striving to avoid all of the cliches that this x-over usually falls victum to, especially the "CCS crew come because they're insanely powerful and Harry needs their protection". In fact, the CCS "golden trio" probably aren't going to spend much time around the Harry Potter "golden trio", merely due to the fact that they're such different ages. I think it would be out of character for Harry--especially Harry--and his friends to pay too much attention to the younger students. Look at how much attention Harry pays to Ginny, and she's his best friend's sister! (HBP not included, as that had no lead up to his crush, nor has it happened by this point in my story)

For the couplings, well, they're all going to be cannon. Even if some new noncannon crushes pop up, the cannon pairing will be the one victorious in the end. I grow tired of the endless Eriol+Tomoyo popping up out of nowhere, or the making of heterosexual characters homosexual and vice versa. If you're going to put in a new non-cannon coupling, you need to build it up, especially if the two people knew each other prior to the begining of the story. So, as protest to all that I disagree with in the making of random parrings, all parings in this story will be cannon. (Even if I don't personally like some of them looks at Rika and Terada)

As for the status of my upcoming chapters, I have bits and peices writen out here and there, as well as a base overview of what I want to happen in the future. Now all of it is subject to change, and the farther into the future it gets the less clear-cut it is, but the point remains that I do have a plan, and a pretty good idea of what's going to happen at least as far as the train ride to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the True Servant

Ok, so who would have known that this would be my next most popular? People must really love the Harry Potter series. This one is truly an ancient story, I began the blue prints for it before Order of the Pheonix came out. I have the next two or three chapters writen up on lined paper, and the next 6 or 7 books in very basic rough draft form, but as it stands, this isn't one of my top priority stories, and I pull out my notes and paper-writen story to punch up a few sentinces whenever I don't have a more pressing thing to do. It will be slow, but it will come. I do more art work for the story then writing it seems, and as soon as I figure out where around here I can take my scanner to get it fixed, I'll start uploading some of the pictures onto the net for your worldly viewing pleasure.

Some of the characters planned for this story will make cameos in my HP/CCS story, just as names to fill up the back ground and cause day-to-day problems and events. In the way of couplings, this story is not restricted like my x-over to cannon, so I'll have fun and throw whoever I think is cute together. I'm also trying to give some depth to characters other than Harry.

Basically this story will try and dive into the day-to-day lives of the normal wizarding family, as well as a few families who aren't normal. Cultural beliefs will be a big one in this series, as well as problems involving drugs, dealing with abuse, the way rebelions are formed, and a blending at last of the four houses. Harry will still be a main character, but he will no longer be the only one. I'm trying to put a little more mature twist to a wonderful story, who knows if it will really succeed?

Heart to Heart

My third most popular, though I still don't know if I'll continue on to do more. If I do, it will be just a series of little oneshots involving the X-Men Evo crew having sweet little moments between family and friends. Not much else to be said, the first segment just sort of wrote itself, and all others that followed were never completed or not up to par before the computer broke and I lost all of them, so if I ever get back the old files, I'll probably attempt finishing one or two of them and putting them up, but as it stands, I'm just waiting for the right wave of insperation to hit me.

Vission of Escaflowne: Van's Point of View

As much as I love the series, now that it's no longer being aired, it's sort of hard to get the inicietive to write this. Also it was one of the many stories lost when the old computer broke, so I don't have the stuff I had come up with any longer. I will eventually get back to it, I do look at it from time to time and do a few paragraphs, but to make the story turly worth while, I need insperation, and that is what I lack. So, until further notice, consider this one on hold.

Fire and Ice

This is a very VERY long fanfic... I have later chapters sitting in wait for posting, I'm just a little stuck as to how to get there. This one is a Lina/Zel, Gourry/Sylphy story. Perhaps some Xellos/Filia in the future, and boy have I got a paring set for Amelia... Anyway, until I figure out more of what I'm going to do to get from where I am to where I'm going, this one's on hold.

Getting to Know You

This one... well, the plot was very good, but not only was it lost in the loosing of the old computer, but no one seemed to really like it too much. The idea behind it was that when you have so many people living in the same house, especially people who come from such different backgrounds, you're going to run into a few ruts. This was my attempt at a way that they could surpass those rutts. Basically each of the original six mutants spend a day during their spring break teaching the others how to do stuff that their into, thusly giving them things to talk about and bond over. Like I said, good idea, but never ended up getting off the ground.

In the Eyes of a Child and sequal Unconditional

One of the very first fanfics I wrote, and the first one on the net, it didn't get very good rating here, and I lost the later chapters of Unconditonal anyway, so... It's been abandoned for other Slayers fics that are more suited to the mental level that I'm at now, rather then that which I was at half a decade ago.

Tapes for Goku

A good idea, in my belief, but people on the net didn't seem to like it so much, so I stopped posting it, and lost it when I lost everything else. I may or may not continue writing on this one whenever it is that I regain my facination with the series.

Unnamed as of Yet

My biggest flop. I still have large sections of this story, but absolutely NO ONE on the net seemed inturested in reading it so, what's here is probably all that's ever going to be here. I mean, honestly speaking (and I think this takes a lot of guts as a writer to say) I only got 8 hits on it... Probably my biggest proof that I'll still work on a story even if no one will look at it...

So, as for everything else, I have lots of other stories locked away on my computer that may or may not ever see the light of day. I'm almost always working on one of them, but whether it's one I have posted or not is a little harder to say. I also am working on creating a sprite comic, a good one, not just one of those cheep two-coloured background ones, so that's taking loads and LOADS of time up. I hope to get more of my stories out, though, and do work on most all of them. So if you want me to pay special attention to any particular one, let me know you want to see more of it by reviewing and letting me know to continue with it.

Shade and Sweet Water


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