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So I guess I should get around to filling out my profile, huh?

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I watch about three hundred TV shows, but only Veronica Mars sparks my creative juices - or more specifically, Logan Echolls. He's my muse. My favorite fictional character of all time. I want to tell his story a hundred different ways.

Every time I turn around, I come up with a new plot bunny. I have a good 13 started stories, but I try to only post one WIP at a time, because I hate when I'm left hanging on a story. May have to change that with the new Veronica Mars movie coming up. Future fics need to be told before canon makes them AU.

My Stories:

I'm too much of a snarky hopeless optimist to be an angst writer, and I enjoy darkness a little too much to be a fluff writer, so my stories are like roller coaster rides. You'll be crying in one scene and laughing in the next. I tend to get dirty and ugly, but counteract with something campy or goofy.

I hate one-dimensional villains. Nobody wakes up, and asks himself "How can I do evil today?". Not Aaron Echolls. Not Cassidy Cassablanca. Not Gory Sorokin or Liam Fitzpatrick. Maybe Mercer Hayes does though, because he seems to be a pure sociopath.

My random VM thoughts:

Logan and Veronica are my OTP of OTP's. I have never and will never love another couple like these two.

I enjoyed V with Troy and Leo, but only because they were bench warmers until her epic love came along. Duncan, I like as a character, but never with Veronica, and I loathe Piz more than any other character.

On rewatches, I enjoy Logan with Hannah. She gave him the trust and faith that he really needed at that time of his life. She also served the purpose of making V jealous, and it helps that she got out of Dodge before she became a real obstacle. Even Parker doesn't bother me very much.

I don't ship MaDi. Sorry. I adore both characters separately. However, I love Dick as a dick. I don't want him watered down to be in a relationship. I want him to be the assiest of all asses. I still want 2x22 to go away, so that Mac can be with Cassidy, but I loved her with Max as well. Why is Max so unloved? He was adorable.

A few people can write MaDi in a way where I feel that Dick doesn't lose all of his 'dick-ness', and I enjoy them in those stories. I will even write MaDi as a side couple to make my readers happy, but if it's an AU world where Cassidy never hurt anybody, it's Cass/Mac all the way. Nobody brought out those dimples on Mac like Cassidy.

My crackship: Logan and Weevil as BFFs.

My really really crackship: Dick with Lost Girl's Kenzi.

Upcoming Future Fics:

1. The Fighter - Running into Veronica in NYC 7 years after series end is the last thing Logan needs. She's going to ruin everything. The return of the OPJ.

2. Neptune - Immense series-reboot type mystery fic. 22 "episodes". One overarching story arc and three mini-arcs.

3. Still Untitled - Logan threw Veronica out years ago, and now he and Keith go on a cross-country trip to search for her.

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Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own reviews
Silly Duncan stopped taking his meds. Now, one dead Fitzpatrick later, Logan and Veronica need to get him out of town. Too bad they hate each other. AU. Takes place mid 1x3 - Meet John Smith.
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Series reboot fic. 22 'episodes', 1 over-arching mystery, 3 mini-arcs, Dozens of cameos, plus the usual focus on love, friendship, and family. Eventual LoVe and even some MaDi. Veronica has had it with life as a homicide detective and returns home for the first time since leaving for her FBI internship. She doesn't know something followed her home, and it's not a puppy.
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Decode reviews
Two-shot. Early S2. Plays nice with canon up through around Ahoy Mateys. Expect canon V/D and self-denial at first. "Logan presses the box into my palm and curls my fingers around it. I run my thumb over the nap of the velvet. "What's this?" "Birthday present. I had it custom-made, so it can't be returned." He shrugs, ducks his head. "Toss it if you want. Or keep it. Whatever."
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