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I am a scandinavian girl who loves to write stories and fanfictions. I sometimes create my own stories, and sometimes I write fanfictions about games and cartoons I like. Right now, I'm working on a fanfic about Donkey Kong Country Returns, when the Tiki Tak Tribe appeared on DK Island to steal all of DK and Diddy Kong's bananas.

Stories I'm working on/will make:

Rayman and the Legend of the Magical Rainbow Pearl (a future fanfiction - Rayman 1),

Donkey Kong Country Returns: DK Island Finally Goes Bananas (working on it),

Super Metroid: Search for the last Metroid (a future fanfiction),

Super Mario Brothers: A Pipe to the Forbidden Forest of Mushroom Kingdom (a future fanfiction),

Super Mario Galaxy: The Lost Planet

Legend of Zelda: The Forbidden Secrets of Death Caverns (a future fanfiction),

Mega Man: Journey to the Moon (a future fanfiction),

more to come... ;o3

This will take time, so please be patient. :o) Have a nice day/night.