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My thoughts on the final chapter of Naruto, Chapter 700.

When I finished the two final chapter of the manga, I was a little sad that it ended. Naruto is a great story about friendship and protecting others. But like all stories, everything has an ending, and that day has come. But I'm not completely sad, because there is something that cheers me up. When a story ends another has begun anew. It was confirmed that the creator of 'Naruto' Masashi Kishimoto is planning sequel in 2015, although its more of a spinoff, I still want to read it.

Now enough of the ending and the sequel. I gonna tell you about what I think about the couples in the chapter. (This may contain spoilers, so if you didn't read the final chapter, I advice that you don't read this this part)

Ino and Sai - Like the pairing.

Shikamaru and Temari - I knew this would would happen.

Chouji and... Karui!? - Okay I REALLY didn't see that one coming. I mean... How?! How did this happen.

Sakura and Sasuke- Okay, that's good. I'm a fan of SasuSaku.

Naruto and Hinata- This first happens: When I saw Hinata and her daughter I was like "Oh look. Hinata's daughter, she looks so... Wait a minute! Blue eyes and whisker marks on the cheek! Could it be. I look it up on wikipedia to confirmed it and when I saw Hinata's name on Naruto's family list and the word wife on the side. I was like. "YEAH! YES! NARUHINA RULE! YE HEY! They're sooooooo meant for each other! HAHAHA! Naruto FINALLY recognizes Hinata's feelings for him! YES! I'm so happy for them!" I'm a BIG fan of NaruHina, so I am very glad that he is with Hinata.

Now I have some question about the final chapter

1. Who is Lee's Wife?

2. Who is the girl who is sitting with Kiba?

3. How many years have pass?

4. Is Kakashi, Gai, Iruka, Anko, Mei and Gaara still single, did they try to look for someone to have a relationship with?

5. Why is Anko is suddenly become fat!?

6. Where's Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo. What happen to them?

7. And I find it odd that Orochimaru wasn't mentioned or even shows what happened to him. He's a bad guy who commit crimes against humanity by experimenting on people, kills the Fourth Kazekage, evil ambition to learn all of the jutsus in the world and trying to achieve immortality. Was he executed for his crimes? Or did manage slip away?

Well those are my questions. What about your reviews, opinions, questions or reactions.

Images and Pictures

Images for The Britannian Prince story. (I get most of this pictures from )

1. What Charles looks like. (The tall one with brown hair on the right, This is the only image I can find in the internet with close view of Charles in his 30s or 40s)



2. What Claudia looks like.



3. What Nerissa looks like.



4. What Rebecca looks like.



5. What Gabrielle looks like.



6. What Rochelle looks like.



7. What Maria looks like.



8. What Coraline looks like.



9. What Dialla looks like.



10. what Margaret looks like.



11. What Gremory Uzumaki looks like.



12. What Agent Smith looks like.




Images for the Queen's Boy Band

1.What Kevin looks like.



2.What Eric looks like.



3.What John looks like.


4.What Ivan Looks like.


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