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I've got a new fic it's Inuyasha & friends welcome to hell. It's basically a torture fic that needs a few suggestions to help it keep on living so send some suggestions please in your revewis and if you want to be a guest send in your info please. Oh and I am pleased to introduce Owari my beloved baby green eyed basilisk that eats stone and turns mortals into stone. He was a gift form Anime no Megmai that I just love, but the idea for him I have no clue where I got it may it be book or fanfic so I just want to say the idea I don't own

Update: 1/16/04
New stories
Lost in Inu's World was one I made a bit ago to try and get inspiration for Darkness from with in the Well, but it didn't work os that's too bad but I'm soon hoping to make a series off of it but I'm so scard I almost became a Mary Stu(Shudders at the evil tought)
The twelve days of Christmas: Just a little fun for the holidays

And I'm glad to say I'm on the favorite list of two wonderful writers one being
CrazymonkeyGangster(ID 381637)
and a very close freind of mine and also a fav on my list Anime no Megami(ID 321463)

Real info.
Name: Not telling
Age: 1 to 100
Home: Planet Earth
Description: Not telling anything expect I can't live without spell check
Fav. Food: Can't say
Fav: Color: Green
Fav. Anime: Too many to say right now. I' can't remember them all but some are.
Ruonoi Kenshin
Arc The Lad
And many more
Least Fav. Anime: Sailor Moon (Me: Burn in hell!/*S.m. everything sent to hell*/Me: Yes!/*All of it sent back*/Random evil spirit: Isn't it bad down there all ready?/ Me : O_O No I was so close
Muse(s): None so far

Stories so Far

Darkness from with in the Well: It's my first attempt at writing one. EVER! but I don't have that much free time seeing as school's starting and homework is piling up so right now it's stuck at half a chapter. Sorry

Story info (For when I’m written into a fanfic)

Name. Tom Youkai,Chaos, W.O.D.

Age: Fourteen

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Height: 5’09

Clothes: Pair of blue jeans and a green t-shirt except when casting a spell I am either cloaked by a green hooded robe or a golden bracelet with emerald stars encased in it

Personality: Nice most of the time but there are mood swings

Location: America

Profession: in training sorcerer and part time cook and nineth grade student.

Special items: magic contains almost anything back pack, spell books and spell casting kits and the Shikon no Copy Tama, a jewel that amplifis anyone's power(mostly author) and the attubrutes of any anime's and games such as Yu-Gi-Oh meaning this could work as a millumim item if I was in one of those fics.

Author power status or pets: Your average author powers just not really able to acces them with the exception of my copy cat and mystic item creation. Copy allows me to copy any move or spell from an anime or game and the mystic item creation creates items with magical powers.
No pets or animals or muses at this time

Yami Chaos (Real name Yami WatcherofDarknes but likes it shortened) Nick names: Yami C, Oh god it is the end! , I DON’T WANT TO DIE!! IWANT MY MOMMY!!!!
(The last three are things people call her when she’s really bored)
Looks: Exactly like me but a female version with long hair that reaches the middle of her back
Personality: Chaos is the only real thing to say other then she loves to manipulate people and to torture them.
What she was back in ancient Egypt: She was an over achiever. She was a priestess, Sorceress, enchantress, semi-alchemist and a dancer
Special powers she posses besides within the item: She can make men and woman do what ever she wants with her enchanting power coupled with her power to change shape at will.
Millennium Item: The Millennium battle staff of Chaos
Looks: Like a half-golden, half-crystal staff with Egyptian hieroglyphics etched into it. Has the eye of wisdom of the dark on the top of it .
Powers: normal Millennium item power, power to turn any stone into a crystal and any type of crystal into a gemstone and vice versa, and the power to be stored insid emy mind allowing my yami to wonder though it and the minds of those close by

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New chap, r and r.
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Me, Anime no Megami, and her Yami are sent to HP's world on a task that could take their lives---- OR the sanity of the witches and wizards they they have to work with."
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Lost inu Inuyasha's world reviews
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