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I have nothing to tell about myself actually...

but here are some facts about me:

1. I am a Filipino!

2. I really love Fairy Tail!

3. I wanted to be an author someday... but I am still 13!

4. I am a working student! Yes! A working student that is too lazy to finish her stories! Don't worry, I'm going to change! Promise!

5. I suck in promises...

That's it for a while!



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1. I really love reading. I can read two books everyday, like one Breaking Dawn and one Twilight (I have done that already.) and then I will complain because I haven't eaten a single thing the whole day.

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5. I love Fairy Tail more than my life. I can spend the whole day watching all the episodes and not even bother to stand up or even just go on a short trip towards the bathroom. That is, if my mother is not always there glaring at me and giving me errands Erza-style.

6. I hate, no, don't like romance. But I need to like it though.

7. I hate bullying, because I've experienced it many times, and it is not a good experience.

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