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Author has written 8 stories for Teen Titans, Lord of the Rings, Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Alex Rider.

If you've stumbled across this bio, you must be lost. I can also be found at deviantART: .

--23 10 06--

Wha ha ha ha ha!! I'm back, and I've revamped my bio!

A lot's happened since May (when I last posted in my bio -_-U) I am now a rabid Final Fantasy VII fan. I love the game and the movie...they're both awesome. And I CAN'T WAIT for Dirge of Cerberus to come out here. In England. T-T

--18 05 06--

Wow, recently I got FE8...AND IT RULES! Seriously, it's one of my favourite games... androgynous, I've decided. I cannot figure out whether it's a girl or a for now it's an it. And ArturLute is adorable...and if it's a girl then it's HET! (GASP)

The first pairing that popped into my head was EirikaSeth. Is that cliche? Well, whether it is or not, it's adorable. Also, I can't understand people's infatuation with EphriamInnes. First off, Innes really takes the biscuit when it comes to stupid names. I mean, how do you say it? Ins? Or In-es? Or In-ey? And secondly, he's just about the most unattractive guy I've seen in my life...

I'm not posting much at the moment, but I'll try get something up soon? Yeees, I'll do that. I promise (shifty eyes)...

--02 05 06--

Okay, WHY do people insist on putting OCs into fanfiction! It DOESN'T NEED TO BE DONE. Yeah, I could understand it in a game where there're not many characters - like Metroid. There's ONE character in that - even so, Metroid writers don't do it! Doing it in something like Fire Emblem or Super Smash Bros Melee seems so unnecessary. They come with loads of characters! Hell, Fire Emblem must come with at least 80, if not more. Bloody hell.

But seriously, people. It really puts people off. If you must use OCs, try not to make them main characters. DON'T make them Mary Sues/Gary Stus. PLEASE don't design them too close to original characters. AND PLEASE DON'T give them bloody cliche names like Sakura or anything too Japanese. Honestly.

Just some friendly advice, okay? And don't kill me, because I do actually have a story in progress with an OC - Ike and Elincia's son. But he's different. I need him for story development, and he hardly even comes into the damn thing.

-Story status-

Teen Titans meet Yu-Gi-Oh! - Finished. Done. Sorry about the abrupt ending, not currently thinking about making a sequel, even though I'm not happy with the abrupt ending...I'm sorry, I really am. I may re-write the ending, but don't quote me on that.

The Modern World - My heart just isn't in this anymore...I'll see if I can get Feather to co-write this with me, but otherwise this is a lost cause.

Schizophrenia - That was a one-shot. No excuses.

More Like Family - There's a sequel in progress, dudes, so just hang on to your hats.

Reunion - Again, oneshot. I can't think of anything to write about, if I make this a multi-chapter. Besides, I get really bored, really easily with multi-chapters. And a sequel's the same predicament, really.

Eyes Met Over an Argument - Finished. No sequels, dudes, sorry.

I remember him - Not sure. Depends how much people like it...or hate it, as the case may be (laugh). I might write more.

Anyway, that's that. Enjoy my stories, have a good life and I'll see you around!


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