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Dear World,

Will post new chapters on friday and weekends. Working mostly on What Was Wrong. Kinda started something im calling The Pleiades. Now dont think nasty, The Pleiades is a cluster of stars in the sky. Thanks for reading.

hey guys, so a little none personal info about me.

1. my gender is female

2. i do live within the us

3. I love to read and write

so please read and respond to my stories or at this moment story. and have a wonderful life!

-The New Aged Hippie

Dear World,

working hard on stories. hopefully get new story's started and to Get ride of my writers block for What Was Wrong! Wish me luck.

-The New Aged Hippie

Dear world,

for three years i lived in Italy, with my deployed family. i came back to the us, as in landed on us soil on July 4th. Independence day marks how many years I've been back to my home land. so today July 4th 2012, i have been back in the us for two years.

Dear world,

still dealing with writer's block and on top of that my freshman year of high school. so please everyone just hang in there i think a break through is coming!!!!


Dear World,

Have finally finished new chapter for what was wrong. and new story!! sadly fan fiction has problems with uploading so must wait a little longer my friends.

- The new aged hippie


Dear world,

Recently tragedies have been going on. Terrorist attacks, school shootings, etc.. the world is a cold unforgiving place. However once in a while there is a beam of light that shines through the clouds. Hope for a better tomorrow, Do all you can to make someone smile, and always be kind to your fellow humans. We all need to be loved in life. And always Forgive, you don't have to like what happened or be happy about it, its letting go and except what done is done and moving on. That is forgiveness.


Hey so i started to work on some comics as well as my fan fiction and fiction press storys. I can be found at smackjeeves under the same name and fictionpress as well under the same name please cheak me out! ALso im still learning how to use manga studio so if the art sucks im sorry, but the story will be really good i promise.

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