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Hello all! Welcome to our Dance Club! (Also known as our profile page.)

We are: Ru-Doragon, dragoscilvio, and Sweetpea626!

My name is Ru and I'll be your MC for tonight!

-the crowd cheers-

Okay, okay. Settle down please. Settle down.

-crowd clams down-

Those of you who know me should know by now that I LOVE to screw around. Add drago and Sweetpea into that mix and if there is anything that's ever completely serious on this profile, you will probably be able to knock me over with a feather from the shock of it. Cue flashback to Desperate Housewives. Bleh. -wrinkles nose- Anyway! It's March 30, 2012 right now and it's gonna be a while before anything actually comes up here. We've got a few treats (ideas) in the oven, but they bake very slowly. So for anyone who visits out club before the sweets are ready, please be patient. Until then, refreshments will be available in the side rooms.

-points over to Ru's Lair and Drago's Cave-

We hope you all enjoy your stay! Now, onto the dancing!

-blasts 3 Spoons of Suga by Sugababes and starts the strobe lights up and crowd starts going wild again-