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Hi there, nice to meet you. You can call me Akari or Mico, whatever you want. I'm not a native English speaker, I'm Vietnamese. My name means "Akari" in Japanese. In Vietnamese, it's super hard to pronounce so just call me like that.

So, about me, I really love Hetalia and I love that stuff too, whatever you call it, yaoi or shounen ai. I also watch other anime such as: Shugo Chara, Kamichama Karin, Pokemon, Special A,...But right now I'm in love with Hetalia so I'll write fanfic about it. I never actually write anything before, only for Card Captor Sakura, but they are suck (believe me, I'm only 13 at that time lol). I also enjoy Vocaloids a lot so I may write about them too.

My favorite pairings in hetalia are:

1. England and Japan: I really love them, they are so perfect for each other. I'm not saying they are canon ('though it's so good if they are). I love everything about them and will write for them mostly.

2. America and Japan: love their love/hate relationship. That's awesome!

3. Germany and Italy: Oh, what more do I have to say?

4. Netherlands and Japan: okay, I'm kinda obsessed with Japan so whatever you said. I adore this couple, they deserve more love. And I think Netherlands has some feelings for Japan since he treats him so nice .

5. Russia and America: just love them, don't know why lol

6. Japancest: They understand each other clearly right? (and Kuro is so damned hot as well as sexy)

7. Hong Kong and Iceland: I find this couple very appealing and cute because some of that awesome stuffs my friends found.

8. Prussia and Japan: You said that they are a crack pairing, I say that they are cute! Why? Maybe because my obsession toward my adorable Kiku?

9. America and Canada: I adore this couple so much, Canada is so cute! I actually prefer them over RusAme, but since I have some problems with incest so they will stay at number 9.

10. Russia and Prussia: As I said, I love every pairings that have Russia (as a seme, I can't think of anyone who can top him). But I just got introduced to this brand new couple, maybe that I can see tragedy from this pairing (I love tragedy). Even so, I won't write much for them as I can't catch their personalities very well.

And now, off to my anti-ships:

Pairings that I hate and will never support:

1. America and England: I have no offend to you fans, I just hate it when everytime I see an annoying stupid message "England supposed to be with Al, not Japan!" or "Asakiku sucks!" from them. Just because they are the most popular pairings don't mean they can revile the other pairings. And the idea that England brought a kid who will f*ck him later sounds too weird to me.

2. Greece and Japan: I really don't hate this pairings that much, I just fell asleep when they talked. OK, because Greece looks so weird with Japan. Well, that same reason goes to TurkeyxJapan.

3. Japan and Taiwan: Don't really know why, I just hate the too-much-fluffy-softy-cutie-stories that they make for this pairing. Maybe because I just can't see Japan with girls (he's too shy to have a girlfriends yes?). And the pinky aura of Taiwan really doesn't suit me. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but not with Japan. I prefer Hong Kong and Taiwan.

And any pairings that have Japan as a seme (I believe he's an uke no matter what =w=).

The other pairings that I don't mention here is the neutral one, such as: FrUk, Germancest, SuFin, SpUK...I'm fine with them and like some of them, but I'm not an active shipper.

Anyone who hate Boys Love (shounen ai) or Yaoi, I strongly suggest you get the hell out of my stories. If I see any of your comments just to complain about "Why this is malexmale?! That's totally stupid and against nature." or something like that, I will completely ignore you. I hate people like that so please, don't make fun of yourself in front of my or any fangirls' eyes.

I'm a kind of person that lean on hand writing than typing. Most of my works are hand writing stories, I feel very comfortable letting ideas flow any times I like then write it down so I don't forget it. I love fluff and angst, still I prefer happy ending stories. My way of writing is very simple. Since I'm Vietnamese, I have a limit in vocabulary as well as grammars. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy my Vietnamese version than my English version if you can read Vietnamese XD.

I really hate it when people agree to write for a pairing they hate just because of suggestions. If you don't have any feelings toward the pairing, how could you write for them? I'm serious. And really, I never find a mood in reading any stories with the: "I don't even like this pairing but I did it anyway because of requests", even if it is well-written. And please, use the tags properly! There are tons of times I thought I found the fics for the pairings I was looking for, only to realize that the ending was made for another pairings. Change it back, dude! So fans of that pairing can find it. Just because no one complains on your fics doesn't mean they don't find that annoying.

What else aren't my taste? Things that are toooooo sick. For example, Mpreg, necrophilia, scat,... I don't know what's wrong with those who write that. I don't hate stories with smut, but those are the decreased in humanity that I can't endure (necrophilia, scat,...). As for the Mpreg, I can't understand it. Really? Males can't get pregnant dude. I love yaoi, I love BL. But that is stupid. I know that they are fanfictions, but no...No and just no.

I will take requests, too. But if you want a very well-qualified stories, then you should have these pairings: Asakiku, Ameripan, Netherpan, GerIta, Japancest. I can catch their personalities and historically relations the best. Other than that, I can write for other pairings I love, including: AmeCan, FrUK, Spamano, Rochu, RusAme, PruNihon, Chibitalia x HRE,.. Send requests by PM me, including prompts, pairings, rating. For rating M, tell me the reasons if you want lemon or gore. But don't expect smut from me since it will be suck. And don't ask for such things I mentioned up there. I don't always agree with requests. I will only accept requests that I think I can do, with a well-made plot. If I can't, I will deny it properly. Yes, that's my way, I'll only agree to do things I actually enjoy.

I have a tumblr account, in which I post doujinshis, videos and other Asakiku stuff. May contain for Ameripan and other pairings that I mention up there.

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