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my first ever short story i have ever written on my on free will

Overhead the clouds started to gather as the distant thunder slowly vibrated the ground. Along with the normal city noises, there were police sirens and men shouting for him to stop. He dared not look back as he ran with all his might to find someplace to hide. Running through the crowd gave Lucas an advantage. However, having experience with the police reminded him that if he doesn’t find a place to lay low, it’s off to the orphanage with him, again.

The district is familiar and Lucas remembered the perfect hiding place. It is the alley; to the right of Mr. Newman’s house, it has many exits and hiding holes. Convenient for Mr. Newman, his grocer is also on this side of the street directly to the left of his house. Lucas quickly ran in front of the grocer’s door right when Mrs. Nook walked out. He quickly jumped around the hazardous door and ran into the old lady, knocking her groceries to the ground.

“Sorry, Mrs. Nook!” Lucas yelled out but continued to run. Leaving Mrs. Nook surprised and too dazed to respond to the accident.

Lucas made the tight turn without losing speed, and quickly ran straight into the large rain drain to the right of the store’s alley. Quickly crawling deeper into the gutter, he can hear police sirens and men shouting orders echoing around the small confines of the rain gutter.

As Lucas crawled deeper, the shouts turned into low murmurs and slowly died down. He reached a point where the gutter goes straight up towards the roof. However, below him was a plastic manhole cover. Lucas removed the manhole cover and crawled in, descending down the ladder into the sewers.


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