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Hello, it is I, Wolfdude16! One of the many crazy authors that infest this site of fans and fictional works! As an author, it is my solemn duty to scar you all for life by taking some of the many psychotic ideas floating around in my head and putting them into words to be read (whenever I can actually motivate myself to write anyway). Allow me to start by telling you beautiful readers about my beautiful self!

Name: Wolfdude16 (cause that's totally my actual name)

Age: That's top-secret. Hushity-hush!

Likes: Anime, videogames, chocolate-chip cookies, music, japanese culture, etc

Dislikes: sports (due to a traumatizing experience involving a soccer ball and my face), excessive noise not caused by me, large bugs, and crossing the street without looking both ways (another traumatizing experience involving a car and the majority of my body)

This next part is going to be my list of favorite anime (not in exact order).

My Favorite Anime

Inuyasha: It involves slaying demons 24/7 and a main character with anger issues, a huge demonic sword, silver hair, and puppy-dog ears. What'snot to love?

Favorite Characters

Inuyasha: The aforementioned doggy-eared half-demon of awesomeness. Because watching him tear apart evil demons is just really fun. So is watching him getting told to "sit".

Kanna: Yes, that's right. The little mirror-holding girl with no personality to speak of. I don't know, I just like her. She can suck out souls and reflect attacks with her mirror, it's just cool.

Bleach: It's full o kimono-wearing ghost samurais that guide spirits to the afterlife and kill the mask-wearing monsters that try to eat them. While the pacing of the show is pretty poor at times (I'm looking at you Battle of Fake Karakura town. The captains and espada just stood there staring at each other for like twenty episodes!) there are many fun and interesting characters with some very interesting abilities.

Favorite Characters

Kenpachi Zaraki: Battle-hungry psycho who solves all of his problems with violence. He has no sense of direction and he has a little pink-haired girl that follows him everywhere he goes.

Momo Hinamori: She's the cute, innocent lieutenant of the Fifth Division who gets screwed over by the guy she looks up to most and stabbed in the back, and by back I mean heart. Her weapon isn't the most interesting in the world, but she has proven herself to be very skilled with kido. I feel really bad for her honestly. Not because she gets betrayed, but because she is treated as such an unimportant character. It seems like the main reason she's even there is to cause emotional conflict for her childhood friend Toshiro, who is pretty much the captain with the most screentime. It frustrates me to no end.

Byakuya Kuchiki: He starts out as a rich, noble, stick in the mud, but his arrogant attitude gets more tolerable as you learn more about his character. He fights using lots and lots of razor-sharp sakura petals. And most importantly, he wears a scarf, and scarves are cool.

Rukia Kuchiki: Byakuya's adopted sister/sister-in-law/main female protagonist. I like her attitude and her elegant fighting-style, but I can't even keep track of how often she needs to be saved by Ichigo and her brother.

Soul Eater: Where people turn into weapons and are wielded by fighters trained by Death to fight evil and slay witches. While the overall concept and many of the things in the show are incredibly dark, it still has an atmosphere of lightheartedness that allows for many comedic moments, even in serious situations. So even characters being ripped apart from the inside-out or villains having their skin ripped off to form a bag to hold them in isn't nearly as scary as it would be in other shows, which I actually find impressive in a way. Admittedly, I'm not terribly knowledgable about this series, but I like it nonetheless.

Favorite Characters

Death The Kid: He is the child of Death who wields duel pistols that shoot his own spirit energy. But the main reason I like him is his personality quirk: he is OBSESSED with perfection, especially symmetry. His obsession goes so far that he will literally leave his comrades in a hostile zone swarming with monsters just to go back home to make sure a painting on his wall isn't slightly crooked. It is absolutely hilarious.

Fairy Tail: As the name may suggest, it takes place in a fantasy world full of magic and mystical creatures, but this is far from your typical fairy tale. It centers around a rowdy wizard guild known as Fairy Tail, the members of which treat eachother like family...and beat eachother up...a lot. Each character is fun and colorful with their own special type of magic and usually a tragic backstory. The main characters, a small group of some of the guild's strongest, and most destructive, fighters go on many cool and interesting adventures...and break a lot of stuff.

Favorite Characters

Natsu Dragneal: This pink-haired fire-breather is one of Fairy Tale's rowdiest and most troublemaking guild member. Watching him burn everything to a crisp is so fun that it's easy to forget just how smart of a fighter he is. Though his intelligence in just about everything else is less than stellar. Most of all, he understands the greatness that is the scarf.

Erza Scarlett: Fairy Queen Titania herself. Unlike most wizards, her fighting style revolves mostly on her physical prowess. She possesses a nearly endless arsenal of weapons and armor and is known for having power on par with the Ten Wizard Saints. She even scares the hell out of Natsu.

RWBY: Because I count this as anime. It's a 3d animated Internet series that takes place in the world of Remnant, where soulless monsters called Grimm roam the lands and attack mankind. To counter the Grimm and generally keep the peace, Warriors known as huntsman and huntresses are trained to fight them. Every character is fun and colorful in their own way, both literally and figuratively. Not to mention the fight scenes look amazing.

Favorite Characters

Lie Ren: He is a cool and collected individual who seems to to have an astounding lack of energy. While his weapons aren't as cool as most of the others, he killed a giant two-headed snake with his bare hands, so that makes up for it. Sadly, despite being the one with the ponytail and the streak of pink in his hair, he is the manliest character in Team JNPR.

Ruby Rose: She's cute, she's childish, she has a red hood, and she casually swings around a giant scythe, which also happens to be a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle (a.k.a. It's also a gun). She has a fondness for chocolate-chip cookies and puppies and is known for killing hordes of large wolf-like Grimm called Beowolves. Little Red Riding Hood if she were a freaking grim reaper.

Pyrrha Nikos: The invincible girl of Beacon Academy. She doesn't have the most interesting weapon in the series by any means, but she does have a fairly interesting fighting style. Despite being such a distinguished, well-known figure in the world of RWBY, she has a very quirky and optimistic personality. She also single-handedly dominated every member of Team CRDL at once without taking a single hit.

Penny: Because who else can drag an airship out of the sky? ...Or burn straight through them with a giant laser? She has an awesome weapon design, an awkward personality, and a habit of hiccupping whenever she lies. Also, the swords don't come out of her back.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Because I also consider this to be anime, and what I say goes. A land of elemental benders, wacky mixed-up animals, and one very unfortunate seller of cabbage. This show had an awesome world full of awesome characters. I much prefer this show to its sequel, the Legend of Korra. It was an okay series, but its characters and modern-ish setting just didn't click with me.

Favorite Characters

Toph Bei Fong: She's blind. She's twelve years old. She is the fragile treasure of the wealthy Bei Fong family. And she will crush you under thirty tons of stone if you dare underestimate her for these reasons. Toph is my favorite character in the show by far. Her attitude, combined with her fighting style and the fact that she's blind just make her awesome. Seriously, who else would be perfectly happy to be given the chance to throw flaming boulders at her friends for a training exercise?

Zuko: Initially starting out as the main antagonist of the series, Zuko goes through one hell of a roller coaster of character development. He's gone from villain to anti-hero to villain to anti-hero to sort-of good guy back to villain and eventually settling on good guy. His firebending skills are top-notch, so it's a shame he never got to shoot a lightning bolt at anyone, but he at least redirected one back at his father.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Don't let the cutesy intro fool you. Don't even let the first two-and-a-half episodes fool you. This show is dark. Imagine your average magical girl show, with its cute, likable schoolgirls and its magical talking ferret thing, then set it on fire and drop it in the Twilight Zone. This show gives you a cast of cute, innocent girls, and makes you watch as they get torn apart emotionally (and sometimes literally), lose all hope, and fall into despair. Also there's the fact that the magic talking ferret contracts them to be magical girls knowing and expecting them to die a horrible, despair-filled death, and then he wonders why they always get angry at him. There is little happiness to be found here...unless you check their spin-off manga. There is some happiness to be found there.

Favorite Characters

Homura Akemi: While the story may revolve around Madoka Kaname, it could be said that it is Homura's story. Her story of trying over and over and over again to save her, and failing each and every time. Homura starts off as being the meekest, shyest, most nervous wreck you've ever seen, but is forced to become a hardened badass over years of death and failure. Her powers consist of the ability to stop time, and a pocket space full of enough explosives, weapons, and ammunition to wipe out an army. And she still never succeeds. Just think about that.

Kyoko Sakura: Probably the second most tragic character in the show behind Homura. She started out as a nothing more than a young girl from a poor family who wanted to do some good for the world...until her preacher of a father accused her of being a witch, burned down the family church, murdered her mother and little sister, and committed suicide. From there, Kyoko became a hardened warrior who uses her magic for only herself, and who hates other magical girls who try to play the hero. She spends her days stealing food, hiding out in vacant hotel rooms, letting humans get eaten by monsters, and chilling at the arcade.

Well that's all for now. I'll update more when I have the time and energy.

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