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Author has written 2 stories for Teen Titans, and Harry Potter.

We are 3 BFFs. This is our account! Together... WE...ARE...BAZ!:D What BAZ stands for? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!...No offence... We are HyperSammy22, Lizparks13, and Bella163327! You will enjoy are stories! OR ELSE! Hi, Bella here! Sammy! ENOUGH WITH THE EVIL! Liz here! We all live here: Storybrook street, Maine, Camelot, Narnia, Hell(is a place ok!), Gallifrey. Don't judge! Sammy here! And I say... LEAVE ME ALONE, BELLA! IT'S A FREE COUNTRY! Is it free? Last time I checked, we pay to live here! We pay for food, a home, for water, electrici... GrrrrAAH! D: NEVER MIND! On with the profile!


Hi! My name is actually NOT Liz Parks. Liz Parks, just a pen name. My name is Ally. Not really, but my real name is MY BUISNESS! NOT YOUR'S!

Here are 5 things to know about me:

1. I love to sing and dance, but am not a wimp.

2. I am a girl and love super heroes. So deal with it!

3. My sport is fencing

4. I love BBC tv shows mainly doctor who.

5. Me and my friends are really CRAZY but in a good way.

My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. My favorite movies is Monsters Inc. (i know it's babyish but totally a good movie.) and Napoleon Dynamite. Favorite tv shows:Doctor who, Merlin, Sarah Jane adventures, Once Upon a Time, The Middle, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.

Find me elsewhere: Fanfiction- doctor22siren13angel16 Wattpad-queenliz3803

My stories:

Complete: Graceful Dalek Tea Add.

Incomplete: Amy and Vincent

Coming soon: The siren v.s the handbots! And: Liz Gryffindor; The life of a Founders relative

Enjoy my writting!


HELLO PEOPLES! My name is Sammy… Not really… But I can’t tell you my real name… So… Yeah! My favourite movie is Kick-Ass! I love how violent it is! My favourite song is Survivor by Destiny’s Child! Favourite book is Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick! FUN FACTS ABOUT… ME!!
1- I am lovable!
2- I am crazy!
3- I never ate my favourite pie!
4- When ever I hiccup, I burp after! So it sounds like, “HICBURP!”
5- My lips are bright red and it looks like I’m wearing lipstick, which I don’t!
6- My gym teacher calls me “Bubbles”…
7- I’m always optimistic!
8- Me only boy in this trio (or BAZ)


Hi Bella here this is my part of the profile

Any way as you can tell am the sanest of BAZ… no I Won’t tell you what it stands for any way this is my profile

Favorite book: Elphame’s Choice by P.C Cast

Fav Moovie:Sherlock Holmes 1

Favs Series: Harry Potter Rangers Apprentice Percy Jackson


Arthur/Ariadne (it all started from the kiss)

Harry Potter




Justice League

Batman/Wonder women (Utterly perfect)

Hawkgirl/Green Lantern (We all know Vixen won’t last)

Flash/Linda Park

Justice League Unlimited

Black Canary/Green Arrow


Supergirl/Brainiac 5

X-men TAS

Rogue/Gambit (the icemen/rogue stuff from the movie utterly ridiculous)

Jean Grey/Cyclops s

Professor Xavier/Moira Mactaggert

Avatar the last Airbender



Teen Titans



I know that people will be wondering where kataang is but for me aang and katara look weird together

Aang is to short but that’s me :)

Xmen Evolution






Rogue /Gambit



If you want to sold on these pairings read All’s Fair in Love and War by TitansRule

Hello my lovelies,( no i am not a stalker) this is five things about me (are you sure bella?)

1. I absolutely love BALLET but doesn`t mean I’m a wimp

2. I am not obsessed with twilight, Bella is just my penname

3. I am a girl and I LOVE superheroes of every sort so all the boys can just deal with it

4. Reading is my life enough said

5. I am a nerd, dork, geek and I am proud of it!

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