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I guessI should tell you all a little about myself.
Name-Desi or Dark Angel or DA or Loser (according to my friend Kelley)
Age-17 wow been a while sinceI updated(And yet the height of an 11 year-old. lol~Michael)(aw shut your face!~DA)
Zodiac Sign-Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign-Snake
Hair Color-brown with blonde streaks
Eye Color-hazel that changes with my moods
Weight-private info!(Mhm what are you hiding? lmao~Michael)
Height- 5'2" yes...I know I'm short don't rub it in my face!(Ha Ha! shorty.~Michael)(you are such a buttmunch~DA)

That's about it with me I currently am on a vacation from writing. I've gotten better in my writing and I want to edit my stories before posting anything again. Maybe they will be better.(Hopefully. lol j/k~Michael)

I write my stories in my free time. So if I haven't updated in a while then give me time because that just means thatI have been busy doing other things. Or have serious writer's block! Which happens often! So don't flame me for that..I really am trying! Honest! Besides if you are going to flame me regardless...make sure you do it on both sides for even cooking! ;-)(Yep no sorry i had to say it~Michael)

That is all thatI can think of for right now and oh yeah I do NOT support Yaoi or Yuri or slash. I don't care if I get flamed because of this,I just dislike the fact that you think close friends are gay. I mean come on if you have a best friend do you want people going around calling you and your best friend gay. If not then don't call characters that are only best friends or close friends gay. Okay I think that I am done with my rant now. Besides...that is just gross!(Whew never thought she'd shut up did you. lol j/k. im not really this mean. i just enjoy picking at her. lmao~Michael)

On another note, I'm currently sharing this account with one of my friends. Here is a little info on him.
Name-Michael(oh yeah im cool. lol~Michael)(snorts whose point of view are you basing this statement from? j/k ~DA)
Zodiac Sign-Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign- Horse

Allright(might wanna check your spellingof this Michael~DA)hey this is Michael. Ya know DA's friend. Oh and also watch out for DA, she kicks people.(coughyoucough)

Ok now i guess i can start talking about myself. Hi im Michael. Basically im and anime/band freak/geek whose addicted to the internet. Honestly that sums me up pretty well. atou... well my favorite anime of all time would have to be Please Teacher(nothing's better for a roller coaster of emotions). Um my favorite anime episodewould be episode 12 of Please Teacher, and my favorite anime object(s) of all time would have to be Chiyo-chan's pigtails from AzumangaDaioh. My favorite animeopeningtheme song would have to be the one from DNAngel.I like pretty much ever anime ive seen besides The Getbackers and Gotchaman(or however you spell it). Currently im watching Azumanga Daioh(so very very random) and Tokyo Mew Mew. Hmmm well thats all the random things i can think of for now.Well thats pretty much everything i have to say. Well see ya later. (Go Please Teacher fans!)

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