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Arched Star
- origin of name: (in a nutshell; i swear i wrote a whole essay about this.. too bad the blog where i entered it was deleted ;) a star when stretched and arched forms a crown (somewhat like what Ariel's dad wore in the Little Mermaid); crown signifies leadership, power, ruling a kingdom/world; i wear that crown, because in my world -- the world i create when i write fics (fanfic or original) --i make the rules; i control the story and the characters; i am the queen of my world. :D
- 21, Filipina, grad student; being a couch potato can be my profession
- huge fan of the Harry Potter series (books please.. okay PoA the movie is acceptable to a certain degree), LOTR movies, Charmed series, Disney Movies (the princess movies, with the exception of Snow White; and joint projects with Pixarand/or Buena Vista), Broadway Musicales (though I've only seen musicals that are locally produced -- with the exception of Miss Saigon), Encantadia (a locally produced fantasy series in the likes/combination of LOTR, Never Ending Story, among other fantasy adventures), Star Wars Saga (the movies -- all 6; not much of the fandom)
- movies: LOTR Trilogy, Star Wars Saga, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Bicentennial Man, AI, So Close, Peter Pan (the new one), Hook, The Cutting Edge, She's All That, Notting Hill, The Wedding Planner, Mona Lisa Smile, Never Ending Story (all of them -- i remember looking forward to watching them as a kid:)), Ocean's Eleven, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, and my list goes on.. LOL!
- tv shows: Encantadia, Charmed, Smallville (though I've rarely watched it now.. I still like it:)), Monk (wish I could watch it again!), American Idol, That's So Raven, My Wife and Kids, Whose Line is it Anyway (I miss the humor!), Friends (too bad it's only now that I appreciate the show), Kim Possible
- animes (that I miss watching.. I miss the times when I used to so look forward the airings of these shows on TV..): Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailormoon Series

More on HP...
- this is the only fandom i've joined; the others, I'm just a fan -- no active participation in anything non-canon related.
- I do not like reading nor writing, but, for some reason (maybe it's my love for HP), I read & write fanfics. And still unbelievably, I actually enjoy writing fanfics.
- I ship D/Hr in both canon and fanon. I just love the ship_ However, in my writings, I like to think that I don't have any ship-bias. There are ships that I don't like, but it doesn't mean I won't read or like a well-written fic having that, er, those ships.
- I accept slash but I usually avoid them.
- I fully accept that Sirius is dead, and I don't want to discuss it. Although, I don't cross out the possibility that he will be back in HP canon.
- I write angst (too much of it, if I were to judge myself). I don't like fluff.
- I have too much plot bunnies I just can't write, for the plain reason that they would mean another of WIP-chaptered fics. I first will finish my two chaptered fics before moving on to another chaptered fic. (Yes, there are two. Only one is archived here. The other is in AT of FA, which brings me to my promotion... I also have one in TDA. :D)

- In case I've not been able to put disclaimers in my fics, this is it. I do not own any of the characters/trademarks/blah-blah. All HP-related stuff are JKR's, WB's, Bloomsbury's, Scholastic's, and others whom JKR have authorized copyright of. I just am a humble fan who mix my idea with what they've already established, and create a parallel world which I wishhappens canon-wise. This is purely for my entertainment; no copyright infringement or whatsoever intended Don't sue=D

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