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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, Happy Tree Friends, and Rise of the Guardians.

Welcome to my profile! Here's an update on all my stories!

The Power That's Inside: In Progress

One Last Battle: In Progress

And now for the profiles of my OC's!


Name: Muffin

Age: 16-17

Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Appearance (Animal): A maroon fox with a large cookie shaped hair pin next to her right ear. She wears a mauve colored shirt with a picture of a muffin on it (chocolate chip to be exact). The tip of her tail is a tan color.

Appearance (Furry -Humans with Animal Features-): Rather tall for a girl. She has long, curly maroon hair and maroon fox ears. She has a large cookie shaped hair pin on her right ear. She wears a mauve colored shirt with a picture of a muffin on it, along with blue jeans and white sneakers. Her eyes are green.

Personality: She is very naïve and gullible, and falls for things easily. Yet, she tries to be as kind as possible to everyone. She can be a bit stubborn at times.

Bio/Background: She grew up with a caring mother and father, both of whom enjoyed baking and introduced her to it. Her father died a few years before Muffin moved to Happy Tree Town and her mother a few years after. She moved to Happy Tree Town to escape competition baking, which she hated due to the fact that her sister stole her recipes. She now owns Muffin's Bakery and loves her job.

Friends: Sniffles (best friend), Samiee (best friend), Mime, Toothy, Nutty, Mole.

Enemies: Hates Splendid with a passion due to the fact that he keep crashing into her bakery.

Love interests: Has a huge crush on Sniffles, but refuses to admit it.

Other: She is deathly allergic to oranges and is pretty good with a slingshot.


Name: Wrak.

Age: 36

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Male

Appearance (Animal): A dark purple raccoon with black markings. He has skid marks patterned across his body and his left ear is torn off.

Appearance (Furry -Humans with Animal Features-): Average height, with scruffy, medium length, dark purple hair, along with purple raccoon ears and tail. He wears a torn up, red jacket with the collar popped up and blue jeans with one leg torn off. He goes barefoot and has skid marks all over his body.

Personality: He likes to make a joke of everything, but can turn serious very quickly. He is normally happy and cheerful, but can be ticked off rather easily. If anyone call him crazy or says that he isn't cursed, he'll either throw something at them or try to punch them.

Bio/Background: He was cursed as a teenager by The Labrador (who is later called Millie), so that he can never cross a single road without being hit by a car. He fell in love with a girl named Jenny as a teen. After she broke his heart, he moved to Oak City, where he met Muffin and owned a small gift shop. A few years after Muffin moved to Happy Tree Town, he followed suit. He now owns a bike shop.

Friends: Pop, Russell, Disco Bear, Lumpy, Mole, Lammy

EnemiesHates Flaky because she's scared of everything. And doesn't trust Sniffles that much.

Love interests: Cindy Lou

Other: He speaks with an accent similar to Rubeus Hagrid and is a smoker.


Name: Rainier

Age: 6

Species: Tabby cat

Gender: Male

Appearance (Animal): A small, dark gray tabby cat with black tabby markings. His tail is overly fluffy.

Appearance (Furry -Humans with Animal Features-): Average height for his age. Has short, scruffy, dark gray hair with dark gray cat ears. He wears a blue T-shirt and tan cargo shorts, along with white sneakers.

Personality: He is very proud and arrogant. He bites off more than he can chew and will always try to help people, even when they don't want his help. His favorite phrase is "All by myself!". If he is embarrassed, he will go to great lengths to redeem himself, often resulting in his death.

Bio/Background: He ran away from his mother after discovering that she was going to give him up for adoption. He ran away to Happy Tree Town all by himself and technically lives with Lumpy, but he sleeps where he pleases.

Friends: Lumpy (best friend), Mime, Petunia, Cub,

Enemies: Slightly dislikes Handy

Love Interests: Kitty

Other: When he encounters catnip, his pupils will widen and he will remain motionless and purr like a maniac. He thinks Splendon't is the coolest guy ever.


Name: Millie. When telling a fortune, she calls herself The Labrador out of habit.

Age: 58

Species: Labrador dog

Gender: Female

Appearance (Animal): A fading yellow Labrador with a white tipped tail and profound wrinkles. She wears a three layer necklace made of red and orange clay beads. She has bracelets and earrings of the same pattern.

Appearance (Furry -Humans with Animal Features-): A short old woman, has white hair with hints of yellow, along with yellow Labrador ears. She is hunched over slightly and has profound wrinkles. She wears a silk red shawl along with a short, orange cloak. She wears plain brown sandals.

Personality: She can be very mischievous at times, but other than that, is a kind, wise old woman that likes to talk back to people. She doesn’t lose her temper very often, but when she does, you can see small sparks of green coming from her necklace.

Bio/Background: She was traveling gypsy for many years and told fortunes and sold charms for a living. She was the one who cursed Wrak so that he could never cross a street without being struck by a car. Around twenty years after that, she appeared in Happy Tree Town and began to curse the residents for fun. She was told she could only live in Happy Tree Town if she gave up her magic, besides fortune telling. She kept her word.

Friends: Pop, Mole, Handy, Toothy, and Petunia

Enemies: For an unknown reason, she hates Russell

Love interests: She is a flirt and constantly hits on random guys of the town. Of course, it leads nowhere and she stops flirting after a few minutes, but she never broke the habit.

Other: She loves knitting. Her fortunes only have a 50/50 chance of being accurate.






Appearance (Animal): A navy blue hyena with white spots across his body. The tip of his tail and belly are white and he wears a black, spiked bracelet on his left wrist.

Appearance (Furry -Human with Animal Features-): A tall guy with navy blue, white speckled hair and navy blue hyena ears. He wears a white hoodie with black slacks and brown sneakers. He also has a black spiked bracelet on his left wrist. His eyes are dark brown and he was rather dark skin.

Personality:He is generally a big jerk to everyone in town. He likes to laugh at people and infuriate them somehow, he's less of a jerk to girls, unless they make him mad somehow. He has a hidden soft side.

Bio/Background:After failing to steal a rocket ship and fly to outer space, he crash landed in Happy Tree Town. He now stays there only because he has to or go to prison. He is constantly trying to get back into space and keeps stealing Sniffles’ rockets, only to kill himself accidently. He now runs the local newspaper and knows nearly every bad piece of gossip on everyone in town.

Friends:Mole (best friend), Lifty, Shifty, and to a certain extent Nutty.

Enemies:Flippy, Splendid, Russell, Sniffles, Pop, Cuddles, and Mime.

Love interests:None. Yet.

Other: He has a loud, very obnoxious laugh, and is a closet homosexual.


Name: Chopper

Age: 19

Species: Pitbull

Gender: Male

Appearance (Animal): A grayish blue pitbull with faint freckles and a white apron.

Appearance (Furry -Human with Animal Features-): A tall, really burly and buff guy with dark skin. Short, grayish blue hair with same color pitbull ears and tail. He wears a gray t-shirt with a white apron, along with brown slacks and hiking boots. His eyes are blue

Personality: At his core, he's pure evil, sadistic, and ruthless killer, but after a few years of running, he made up a fake, cheery/dopey/all around teddy bear personality to fake his way past police. He now acts with this personality so much that a lot of the time, he believes it's his real personality. He rarely breaks character and cries very easily.

Bio/Background: No one is really sure how he came to Happy Tree Town, but he runs a cafe there called Chopper's Street Cafe. He has 7 warrants for his arrest, six for murder, one for rape and many more people don't know about. He hides a black sledgehammer in the far back room of his cafe and this is his weapon of choice. He is extremely strong, exceeding Fliqpy even, but is very slow.

Friends: Says everyone is his friend, but in reality anyone who isn't on the end of his sledgehammer.

Enemies: Anyone who is on the end of his sledgehammer.

Love interests: None yet.

Other: His motto is "when in doubt, use brute force." But he's pretty good at blackmailing people. Also makes great coffee cakes.

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