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TZ: Be afraid of the almighty power that is Namu and Towairaito Zoon!!!!!!! OYA!

Namu: O_o

TZ: Yeah, you would do that...


TZ: O_o okay...ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!! MUSE ALERT!

Malik & Yuugi: O-crap.

Namu & TZ: ^_^

Namu: I need gold-y-fish. X_x

TZ: ...I need to kill something. *spots Pegasus* ^_^

Namu: *grabs her uzies (rapid fire guns)* ^_^

TZ: *grabs her Bubble-Gum Bazooka* >:)


TZ: That was fun.

Namu: MATRIX 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TZ: Hmm... *spots chibi-neko spray* >:)


C-N Malik: Meow.

C-N Yuugi: =@_@=

C-N Malik: =-_-'=

Namu & TZ: Aww~ KAWAII!!!!!!!! ^_^


TZ's Most Wanted List:

1. Namu
TZ: THAT'S IT! THAT YUUGI COMMENT DROVE ME TO THE EDGE! *pulls out Orichalcos no Kekkai card* This. Is. Where. You. Die.

2. Dartz
TZ: He just needs to die.
Snake thing from episode 182: *eats Dartz*
TZ: O_o

3. Anzu
TZ: I should really say Tea. Anzu is ok...sorta. Tea just...KILL! > 4. Sugoroku
>_ Yami: I know, and he's scary looking.
Yami: *walks away slowly* >_> When did I do that?
TZ: About like...20 years ago?
Yami: X_X
Ancient Egypt Arc: *Shimon dies*
Yami: Oh, THAT dude.

5. ...RAPHAEL! DIE! >_ Raphael: *dies*
TZ: ^_^ Yay!
Namu: Now you need another number 5.
TZ: @_@

Namu's Words of Wisdom

Namu's current words of wisdom: Malik ownz j00!

TZ: *looks up* What the hell?
TZ: Show me the receipt?
Namu: ...*walks away*


Yuugi: *runs away*

Malik: *looks around* Oh crap.

Namu: *glomps Malik* -^_^-

Malik: @_@_@_@_@_@

TZ: *is still clueless*

Namu: What is wrong with you?

Yuugi: *comes back* No, the question is more like: "What is RIGHT with you?"

TZ: *falls over from confusion*

Namu: Not much, I'll tell you that.

TZ: *wakes up* Hi.

Yuugi: *runs away again*

TZ: ;_;

Namu: XD Haha!

TZ: *chases after Namu with a knife*

Namu: O.O *pulls out shoe*

TZ: AHH! *runs away* @_@_@_@

Yuugi: ?.?

Malik: I shall take refuge in Namu's 4th home. *hides in TZ's closet*


Namu: That's just disturbed.

TZ: What's more disturbed is that you're in there more than me.

Namu: X_x

TZ: *grabs headphones and CD player and listens to Linkin Park's "Reanimation" CD* ^_^ "Using the waves of sound..."

Namu: "...the true master paralyzes his opponent..."

Malik: "...leaving him vulnerable to attack."

Yuugi: Where'd you come from?

Malik: What you say?

Yuugi: You have no chance to survive make your time.

TZ: *looks over* What happen?

Namu: Someone set up us the bomb...we get signal.

TZ: It's you!

Yami: O_o?

Ishtal: How are you gentlemen?

Namu: ...

Ishtal: All your base are belong to us!

Malik and Yuugi: Ha ha ha.

TZ: *walks away*

Namu: @_X

Yami: *is very, very afraid*

Malik and Yuugi: *high-five (but miss X_x)* X_X

Namu's section

(TZ: I'm so nice and considerate...I gave Namu her own section, seeing how she just LOVES editting this bio without my consent -_-')

haha words from Namu! well right now u guys know me as IMA C00KiE anywho
i am so friggen bored. bored i tell ya. has tz found out about this yet? i dunno...
i was on IM with her and she just like left. so im here right now bored out fo my mind. re where the heck is everyone? do people even read this? am i even NOTICED?
i can give u guys parts of AIM convers to read! YEAH! hmmm now to find a good part to post. heehee
ooh lookie i found something ^^ ya know TZ is prob. gonna kill me but im a dead person anyways: (im not given u our screennames tho) ok ~this be where screenname goes but i edited it out~ (this be who's talking)
~TZ~ (Yami)*has hand on the bedroom doorknob*
~Namu~(Me): um
~Namu~(Me): ok
~TZ~(Bakura): O_O
~Namu~(Me): bye
~Namu~(Me): nice knowin u
~TZ~(Bakura): HELP ME!
~TZ~(Bakura): TRAITOR!
~Namu~(Me): uh
~TZ~(Yami): ...
~TZ~(Yami): *doesn't open*
~TZ~(Yami): *is not in life-threatening situation*
~Namu~(Me): CMON BAKURA!
~TZ~(Bakura): wut
~Namu~(Me): CMON ISHTAR!
~TZ~(Ishtar/Yami no Malik): @_@
~TZ~(Yami): O_O
~Namu~(Me): *gets on airplane to egypt*
~TZ~(Bakura): lets do it tomorrow
~Namu~(Me): ok
~TZ~(Bakura): snore
heehee thats all...TZ prob. wont even notice ^^

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