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Innocence: The Aftermath is most likely going to be the only story that I ever post. I am not working alone though. Rast, another author at this site is helping me. You should check out her story too it's under games... Chrono Trigger... and the name of her story is Thicker Than Blood.

And later on I might have a part in her story to. It depends if I feel like typing more, because I am lazy and get writers block often. That is one of the reasons that she is a better author than me. The second reason is that she has had more practice than me. So she is doing all the hard people in our story. (Heero, Wufei, ect.) So yeah, in other words... I suck and she does not. So anyway if you would like to email me without her seeing what you write... Thank you and that is all...

Look in the sky! It's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's a bag of cheesyruffles! :The cheesy man comes down from the sky and speaks a few words of truth: "Remember kids to R&R!"

Okay now here is some stuff about me:

I'm 14, I'm in 8th grade, and, like Rast I also live in the arm pit of a state... Florida. (:sighs:)

I'm a hot 900lb exotic dancer with no life except my computer and I'm so fat that I'm stuck on my couch eating cheesyruffles all day.! J/k I'm, in reality 109lb and so hot that when you look at me your eyes will burn!! (:sizzle sizzle:) Yeah in other words I'm a bored teenager that has nothing to do because her life sucks. (Yeah, that sums it all up.)


I think I'm going to start putting the dates in here every time I have something important to say.

No seems to be reading Innocence!! I think most Gundamwing fanfiction seekers like romance...and believe me this story will have romance...just be patient with us!! And like you have heard many times, I'm lazy and get writers block often, so I never feel like typing. But I know one thing that will help...Reviews!!!


Thicker Than Blood by Rast reviews
12,003 BC during the reign of Zeal Kingdom. One too many innocent tricks gets eight year old prince Janus in more trouble than anyone had ever imagined possible. Follows him until he becomes Magus, destroys Lavos and after the game. On indefinite hiatus.
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Innocence: The Aftermath reviews
Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace...
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