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Hey there, world!

Well. More like all the other people with procrastination problems who took the time to read my bio. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
ANYWAY. I'm a MCR, green day, and MSI-lovin, guitar-strummin, teenager with a love for writing stupid, yet entertaining stories! So hopefully you enjoy them...or not. It's your choice.
I would like to thank my bestie your-face-the-granola-bar for antagonizing me to get a account. I would also like to thank the inventor of chocolate for being my inspiration. And my wonderful ponies!

So...yeah. Stuff about me, I guess?

Fave song: well...I don't know right now. I'm loving "summertime"(by MCR off danger days), but I'm also madly in love with the broadway cast recording of American Idiot. And, of course, all my Mindless Self Indulgence... Loving "skylines and turnstiles", also by MCR but from Bullets...and yup.
Fave color: Green? Purple? I like them all!
Fave book: right now, the Mysterious Benedict Society. But I'm THG forever! And, of course, Leviathan, Behemoth, and Goliath. Gotta love Scott westerfeld!(I hope I spelled his name right...)
Fave food: BRAINS.
"what do we want?"
"when do we want em?"
Sorry about that. I tend to go off on tangents.

Fave song lyrics: Um... My fave funny lyrics are from MSI's "Mark David Chapman":(figure in the most obscene language, I'm not sure what's allowed In bios...)
"I cannot tell, is it just me? Or do we all look just like Adolph fricken hitler, with this Swoopy emo-boy dreamy haircut dangling in our faces?"
And fave serious lyrics would be... From mcr's summertime:
"terrified of what I'd be, as a kid from what I've seen"

Or from mcr's "kids from yesterday":
"and you only live forever in the lights you make
when we were young we used to say,
That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break.
Now we are the kids from yesterday."( I'm actually not sure if the first line is correct. Tell me if I'm wrong!)

Killjoy Name:(i no shit just forgot what it was..looking it up...OH RIGHT!) Avenging Angel
Era(no idea what this means...):
Hmm. Danger Days, maybe? No idea.
since: 2011?
First Song:
The Sharpest Lives/ Welcome to the Black Parade/ Mama(basically all of TBP)
Killjoy Song(what does this mean? oh well!): Summertime/Na Na Na(*insert more Nas here*)/ Vampire Money/ Headfirst for Halos/Helena/I'm not Ok(I promise)/I don't love you
Killjoy Quote(are you 'sposed to make this up, or what? I'll make it up, I suppose...):
"um...I dunno...LETS GO SHOOT SOME SHIT!"

And, well, I'm getting tired and lazy. Maybe I'll add more later. For now, TA TA!

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