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Author has written 3 stories for Phantom of the Opera.

In case you're curious about me or my stories

- So far I only write fanfiction for phantom of the opera, but that might change in the future (I'm a big fan of Elisabeth das musical as well, if any of you are into that).

- My stories will all have the central ship of Erik/Christine

- If you have any questions or just want to talk, please don't hesitate to message me! I love talking about this stuff with people who are also passionate about it :)

- Christine: Important! I do not right her as weak, but she is a person, and she still feels fear. I really like Leroux's Christine, and even though many people think she was too naive, can you really blame her? Erik's a pretty scary guy at times. She will fall in love with him in all my stories, but she won't accept him treating her poorly and will fight him if he crosses a line. Fair warning though, their relationship will be pretty messed up at times. She will sing in all my stories. Why? Because I've always thought it was a large part of her character and relationship to Erik, and I feel my stories wouldn't be as believable. If you think she is too weak and/or pitiful at the beginning of my stories, just wait. There's this beautiful thing called character development, and I'm very fond of it.

- Erik: I like a dark but reasonable Erik, and that will show up in my writing. Trust me. He is usually possessive in my fics, at times bordering on obsessive. I do however try to show it in a negative light to exemplify how bad it is to think you can force someone to fall in love with you, and it will only push Christine farther away from him. I've decided to stop writing Erik with a half mask entirely, because what. And his face will be gruesome. No mild sunburns here folks (forgive me Gerik fans). Erik will truly love her after awhile in my stories, but there will be a lot of conflict before that happens.

- Raoul: I don't hate him, in fact I think he's pretty swell. So, you'll find no Raoul shaming here!

- Characters doing the do: Uhhh... err-Well, I... You see, uh- I just haven't...decided...but-pff... err-I guess I... ... ... Maybe...?

- I have an 8tracks account as well! I have a phantom playlist, one for Elisabeth das Musical, and a few others if you're interested. My username is ofdeadkings

- On my stories:

Christine's Escape: There's been some confusion on this one, so let me be clear. This was my first fanfic, so as disappointed as some of you are about me not continuing it, that does not mean all of my stories are on that long of a hiatus. As I said, this was my first attempt at writing fanfic, and as much as I learned from it, I can do better now. The way I wrote the first chapters and how I introduced the characters is really bothering me. I feel like the story doesn't have depth and to be honest, the plot doesn't quite make sense. I'm sorry to all of you who really enjoyed this one, I did too for a long time. I'm not going to delete it though, and if I get over my dissatisfaction or ever have the urge to continue, I will post without hesitation. Thank you for understanding (or not, it's really up to you).

Buried in the Snow: Despite having only written one chapter, a lot of people really want this one to continue. Good news! I still really like the premise to this story, and I have plans to continue it (although I intend to rewrite the first chapter for better quality). I am focusing on Violent Delights currently (despite the lack of updates on that one too), but if I have extra time, I'll start working at this one. I mainly didn't continue this one immediately because I wrote it as soon as I had the story idea without really thinking about how the first chapter would affect the story. But seeing as I only wrote one chapter, this is easy to fix. I like modern AUs too, so this should be fun!

Violent Delights: My newest story that I think some of you are worried that I will not complete. I will make no promises, but this one I have some wonderful plans for that I would love to see through. I'm really going to try to keep writing it, mainly because I think the plot is much stronger than any I've done before. I'm really trying to push myself to keep writing right now, but my classes are kind of kicking my butt right now. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with this one, I hope it will be worth it! Also, I know this one has a really slow start, but it will pick up the pace.


I know I'm not making following these stories very easy for anyone. The updates are so rare that I doubt anyone can really remember what's happened in the plot between updates. I totally understand if any of you would rather not keep up with them; I know I've been more than a little frustrating. If any of you have questions or ideas of things you would like to happen, please message me! I don't mean for these chapters to take so long, I'm just so worried that I'll screw them up. Any feedback helps me somuch.

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