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Author has written 4 stories for Uncharted series, Star Wars, Roblox, and Walking Dead.

Hey all readers and writers on this site, welcome to my profile! I love making friends and meeting new people, and also love to read and write!:D

I'm on Roblox:mage102 (No Caps)

Upcoming And Current Projects:

Roblox Legacy:

Roblox Legacy is a series only available on this website at the moment. Roblox Legacy is a series where Robloxia becomes more of a reality rather than a computer game. It is mainly focused on war and action and probably would be interesting to read for many people.

I write the complete second part to the world of Roblox Legacy. To see how it all started, go read Hugeimagination's story,and you will get to see the orgins of my story and how it all began. I am hoping this series will be successful. This series is based on war. Much action and character development and deaths are included. Well, that's pretty much it for the series. I am currently getting ready to work on an Official Website and Wiki for the entire expanded universe of the series.

Roblox Legacy Book 2: Stranded in Hell (Unofficial Title)

Roblox Legacy Book 3: Raging War (Unofficial Title)

Roblox Legacy Book 4: The Warrior Within (Unofficial Title)

Roblox Legacy Book 5: True Destiny (Unofficial Title)

(Possible Book 6)

Book 1, AKA the Reboot for the series, is currently being written, with a couple of chapters posted every week.

Batman Rising:

A "TV show series" where every chapter is an episode. I am planning the series out,and I am going to start Season 1 soon. I will run it like a real TV series,where if I get a good amount of reads and reviews,I will renew the show for another season. (Project On Hold)

Undead Nightmare:

Undead Nightmare is a fanfiction show of mine. Each episode will be a long summary, as I do not have enough time to write every single episode out. The show is planned to run for 3 Seasons for now.

Life Will End:

Life will end is my new post-apocalyptic story. It will focus on survival and characters. This project may not be out for awhile, as it is still early in the writing stage.

My other very old projects, Star Wars Galactic War and Uncharted: Legend of the timelines, are on hold. I am still deciding if I should continue them or not considering I haven't written for them in over a year.


Batman Rising Series Premiere is coming soon. I have been inactive with my stories for awhile but just be patient. Roblox Legacy Reboot is still being planned out, so stay tuned.(Posted 3/28/13)

Roblox Legacy: Reboot Book 1 Launches tomorrow, April 20th. Be prepared for a long ride! Also, Batman Rising Series Premiere Trailer is coming in a couple weeks once I decide when I will release the actual premiere episode.(Posted 4/19/13)

Wow, I must have really bad luck, I just got really sick on the day I am launching Roblox Legacy: Reboot. I was going to post the prologue and 3 chapters today, but I did not have enough strength to finish chapter 3,so I will only be posting the prologue and the first 2 chapters, making that 3 chapters. Anyways, enjoy the launch chapters and get ready for a ride!(Posted 4/20/13)

The launch chapters for Roblox Legacy: Reboot were a success and right now I am just finishing up the next couple of chapters. I will post a new chapter either tomorrow or the 24th. Stay tuned.(Posted 4/22/13)

Roblox Legacy: Book 1 is on a good run with 5 chapters already out. I know it is super early, but I would like to officially confirm another book in the series. Book 1 will probably have about 15-20 chapters. More official info on the newly announced Book 2 will come out later. Keep on reading and reviewing.(Posted 4/25/13)

Roblox Legacy: Book 1 will be getting an official title soon. Also a new chapter comes out later today.(Posted 4/30/13)

Roblox Legacy Book 1 hasn't been very active for almost a week now. This is because I had the next chapter written but the computer it was on crashed. I will need to rewrite the chapter and post it soon.(Posted 5/9/13)

Roblox Legacy: Book 1 has finally been coming out with some new chapters. Besides that, I have started a new series called Undead Nightmare. One last thing I will reveal is another secret project that I have been plotting out for a while now, and I am starting to write it. More about this new secret project will be revealed soon.(Posted 5/26/13)

I have been working on my new secret project lately. As soon as I have most of it finished I will reveal what it is about and when I will release it. All I will say right now is that it is indeed a chapter story, so it's not a one-shot. Also I can reveal that is going to be one of my longest stories yet, with 10-15 chapters, but each chapter will be pretty long. More bits of info will be released soon.(Posted 5/30/13)

Undead Nightmare has been canceled for now. It wasn't doing very well in planning and wasn't very enjoyable to write. Roblox Legacy and my New Secret Project will have more attention now. My New Secret project will be revealed in the next week or so. An idea of what it is and a very small portion directly from the book will be shown, so stay tuned for that.(Posted 6/3/13)

What my New Secret Project is will be officially revealed Friday, June 14th. Please tune in to see what my next big project will be.(Posted 6/5/13)

Soon I will be posting a lot more. School ends for me June 25th, so over the Summer posts for my stories will come a lot more frequently and a lot faster. Looking forward to Summer so I can have more time to write!(Posted 6/6/13)

I am taking a short break from Roblox Legacy, so don't expect any new chapters for a couple more days. Also I would like to announce my new secret project. It will be called "Life Will End" and it will be a post-apocalyptic story. I am also rewriting Undead Nightmare, but only long summaries for each episode. Every season will be in one story. The show is still planned to run for about 3 Seasons so far. Stay tuned for the Season 1 Premiere.(Posted 6/14/13)

Now that school is over for me and Summer just started, I am going to try and post for my stories more often. I posted the Series Premiere for Undead Nightmare today, so go check that out. Also Roblox Legacy should have another chapter posted later this week.(Posted 6/25/13)

Roblox Legacy finally got another chapter yesterday, ending it's short hiatus. Undead Nightmare just aired it's Mid-Season Finale. It is getting a lot of views, so a Season 2 is very likely. Life Will End now has an interview with me, the author, so go read it below this post now!(Posted 6/30/13)

I am so sorry that I have not been posting in a month. I was so busy with things and my birthday passed yesterday. I am writing another zombie story set in the world of Roblox and I am considering continuing Undead Nightmare. The next chapter of Roblox Legacy Book 1 is being worked on.(Posted 8/1/13)

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