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Hello lovely readers, writers and reviewers of Fanfiction.

As the name says, I am a Covenant Girl. It's honestly one of my absolute favourite movies and I cannot get enough of those boys and their speedos. Mm..

Anyways, I'm planning a couple Covenant fanfictions for here in the pretty near future. They are still in the planning stages and I'm currently trying to get my OC's in order cause I want to make sure that I know my own characters in depth and how they are going to react etc with the other characters (which are not mine, unfortunately.) before actually writing my stories. I also want to make sure that I have no Mary Sue's going on cause I really don't want that.

I do not read Slash fics because they just aren't my style of fics. I will pretty much read only OC fics. I will pretty much only read any fics that are of shows/books/movies that I enjoy. I will not read a fic unless it has more than 50 reviews for 20 chaps - if it's a fairly new fic I will read at least the first couple chapters to see if it's really any good.


Covenant Fic: [Angel Eyes]

Kiegan Parish - portrayed by hottie Lyndsy Forseca []

Elijah Grant - portrayed by either Liam Hemsworth or Alexander Ludwig; Undecided. [[]

Hello, everyone, it is 19/09/12 and I am sorry to announce that I am not going to be updating Angel Eyes for a while as I am having severe health issues and will not be able to use a computer at all for at least 4 months. Apologies.

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