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Author has written 16 stories for Victorious, Sonic the Hedgehog, Judy Blume, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Frozen.

I will begin writing stories about...everything I love

3-24-13 I AM GONNA TRY TO WORK ON ALL MY FICS! :) So I'll try to post a chap on almost every one soon. :)

1-21-12- I am starting my DBZ story. :) wish me luck...


Name: Kat

Age: Under 16,( However,I'm mature. XD!)

Race: Black (And proud of it!)


My profile pic is what my Dragon ball z OC Son Gomai looks like,black hair,blue eyes, yeah... I found it on google,and thats what I want my character to look like. Isn't she pretty? :)

My stories are on hold until I recover from 2 diseases. Writer's block and Laziness. ;P

I'm sorry,but I just CAN'T think of anything to write. :( I will try to update soon,but no promises. :P

BUT I will be starting some new stories,so keep an eye out! :)



2. grim jr./minniemandy-grim tales

3. alvin/brittany-aatc




7. BB/STAR-teen titans


9.sonic/shadow--sonic(not a big fan of slash,though)


11. Marshall Lee/Marceline-(Adventure Time)





1. gohan and videl(i dont like videl)

2. robin and starfire(robin is a jerkface)

3.grimjr and mimi(no comment...)

4.sonic and fiona-(fiona is a bitch)

5.trunks and pan(no comment...)














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Bella throne's singing voice(SHE RUINED SOMETHING TO DANCE FOR!)



and much,much more...AGAIN!




i love Judy blume books. I'm gonna start posting stories about the fudge series. if you know what they are. i got this idea about peter, but you have to have read them to know what I'm talking about.

the books are:

1.tales of a fourth grade nothing

2. super fudge

3. otherwise known as, sheila the great

4. fudge-a-mania (my fav!)

5. double fudge

just read all or any of these books and you'll know what i'm saying

anyways, let's get to the real deal

my name is Cate and... BLA BLA BLA, DONT WANNA GET INTO THAT!

anyways' here is a: LIST OF MY OC'S!(FIRST IS MY DRAGON BALL Z OC'S)

name: son gomai(dbz)




gohan and goten: brothers






gotenks: half-brother


SEX: female

RACE: human,saiyan and demon


HAIR: black (normal,base form),golden(ssj),white(pure super saiyan),silver(pure super saiyan level 2)

EYES:BLUE(normal),red(ssj),golden(pure super saiyan),violet(pure super saiyan level 2)

OUTFITS: orange dress gi like goku's,purple gi, like piccolo.


gomai is a sweet,kind,caring,talented,beautiful,attractive,funny,outgoing,friendly,powerful,clever,postive,insecure,calm,silent

young girl, who inherits her father's happy- go-lucky,lovable, attitude. i know what your thinking. she's the DAUGHTER OF CHICHI! HOW CAN SHE BE ALL CALM AND SILENT! being the daughter of chichi you'd probaly expect her to be an annoying,bitchy,naggy type of girl. WRONG! gomai is the complete opposite of her mother. she is a half demon(not gonna explain right now,but yeah.) and posesses demonic powers.she is very selfless. unlike most saiyans, gomai doesn't brag or get cocky and all that. she takes things seriously. she fights with her heart and not just her head or her fists.

NAME: bulmetta briefs (a.k.a bullet)









HAIR: pink/lavender(normal),golden-blond(ssj)


outfits: GREEN GI(simalar to trunks's) with orange undershirt underneath, pink-and-white capsule corps dress.


bullet is a sweet,random,positive,naive,innocent,adorable,kind,smart,talented girl.unlike most saiyans, bullet does not tend to get cocky or arrogant. she takes fighting seriously and would do anything to protect. she originally had lavender hair like trunks, but after an accident her hair color was permently pink.unlike most pampered princesses, bullet isn't the spoiled,snobby brat type. in fact she could care less about shopping,makeup and all that. pretty surprinsing for the daughter of vegeta and bulma,huh?

*note: bullet is born a year after trunks. she is the first saiyan princess. she is one of gomai's best friends.

NAME:sai chestnut (a.k.a andorid 12)




marron: sister


RACE: human,android



EYES:crimson red

OUTFITS: orange and blue gi, black and gray shirt with black leather jacket,fingerless black gloves,dark blue jeans,gray sneakers


sai is a calm,mysterious,sexy,laid-back,down-to-earth,funny,powerful,loyal,caring,lovable,sweet,charming guy. he is very nice and somewhat 'emo like' boy since he doesn't talk at first. sai is marron's older brother and is gohan's best friend.he and gomai are very close and have an unbreakable bond. sai is the person people come to when there sad and he comfronts them. he is very powerful and has the ability to transform into a super android.marron and sai often get into playful fights but have a good brother-sister relationship.






pan:sister (note: in my stories, pan will NOT be the daughter of gohan and videl. she is the daughter of raditz, so that makes her gohan's cousin)









OUTFITS:yellow and blue hi, black gi pants, white ,gray,black gi shirt.


guyin is a humorous,creative,smart,powerful,kind caring boy . hes the 'clown' of the group ,always trying to make people laugh or smile and keeps people happy.he and marron have a close relationship and are teased about them having feelings for each other





guyin and pan: siblings





HAIR:brown(NORMAL) blonde(ssj)


OUTFITS:baby blue gi, with a orange shirt underneath.green and brown shirt,brown pants, and green hat

PESONALITY: breeze is a smart,adventurous,book-addicted,friendly,sweet girl. she is a powerfull warrior. she loves to read and is very smart and likes to sing,dance...

NAME:BULLAI (this is where it gets tricky. you see, bullai isn't an ordinary saiyan. SHE'S THE FUSION OF BULLET AND GOMAI!!!!!!!!!!!!)




GOTENKS: BROTHER/fusion counterpart/best friend/crush





HAIR:black/w pink streaks(normal)blonde(ssj)


outfit: purple fusion vest,white shirt and skirt.

peronality: she takes from gomai AND bullet(don't feel like going into detail)

bullai is the fusion of bullet and gomai. she is very strong,powerful,sweet,gentle,compassionate and calm.

she has a HUGE crush on gotenks, (fusion of goten and trunks) and fights with him to defeat buu. they do strat to develop feelings for each other.

april 2nd,2012




april 2nd,2012



anyways, i got one more dbz oc:


APPERENCE: red and yellow fusion vest,white gi pants.


hair:spiky,dark brown



GUYHAN is very smart,friendly,brotherly,charming,handsome boy who is very powerful.

he has the ability to turn super saiyan levels:1-4

those are all my DRAGON BALL Z oc's! next i'll post my sailor moon oc's but not today. to lazy:)


*gomai is gohan's twin sister.

*goten is born 2 years after gohan and gomai

*marron and bra will be fighters

*all the dbz kids will be close to age

EXAMPLE: gohan age:12











(these are examples. the number is for how old they are.)
*bra and pan have the ability to go ssj levels:1*marron and sai have the power to go super android*during the cell saga, goku WILL not die. so he will be with his family for those 7 yrs.


what if...

goku was on man vs. food?

if bulma and chichi were on desprete housewies

if goten was on family guy

if vegeta was on dora the explorer

if trunks was on the regular show

if yamchu started dating maron(krillan's ex)

if android 18 found out where marron got her name from(catfight:maron vs.18)

if master roshi got a girlfriends

if gohan was on the superhero show

if videl died(yay!)

if your oc's became real dbz characters (me*throws a party*)


1. GOHAN (my favorite form is his teen. he is so cute but...SSJ2=SEXY!)

2.GOTENKS- he's funny and hot. cocky,but awesome

3. GOTEN- he's adorable. like a mini goku

4.TRUNKS-he's the son of vegeta, hoW can he not be loved?

i love all dbz characters. just not videl. she's annoying


*i read almost anything.

*i like incest/slash stories

*i read every genre.(not western .lol)


It's official. I have reverted to a die hard NARUTO FAN!

If you love Naruto copy this on your profile

If you hate Justin Bieber copy this onto your profile

IF you think Naruto has more attractive hot boys than in Dragon Ball Z, Copy this!

If you think Naruto is hotter than Goku, you already know what to do.

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I FINALLY UPDATED A STORY!!!!!!!!!!1 but i gotta get off now. :(. i'll be posting like crazy, tomarrow though! if i can...

pick the color shirt your wearing:

white-cuz im sexy like that

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purple- cuz im cool like that

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brown- cuz i can!

other- cuz im a ninja!

stripes- cus imma' badass trouble maker!

pokla dots- because i love cupcakes!


list your favorite chracters:









9.grim jr.








17. elanore





22. sonic








30.justin beiber


32.sailor mercury



35. naruto

(this list goes on and on...)

favortie food: pizza,tacos,frenchfries,spagetti,chocolate,chicken nuggets,..

fav ice cream:chocolate

fav color: EVERYTHING!

FAV movie: DBZ:bojack unbound,aatc:sqeakquel,the lovely bones,cyberbully,fred:the movie,

fav song: we r who we r, bad romance, judas, born this way, fucking perfect, super bass, rite thru me, raise your glass, tik tok, yeah!break!care!break!,love story, make it shine, all i want is everything, something to dance for,the one that got away,put your hearts up, generation love, give it up, take a hint, bring me to life,everybody's fool, going under, circus, womanizer,i wanna go, last friday night,baby, beautiful, sonic heros theme, freak the freak out, halo,(and so on...)


fav cookie: chocolate chip, chewy chips ahoy, OREOS!

fav cartoon character: beast boy!

fav anime character: teen gohan!

fav comic book character: grim jr.

fav tv show character: cat valentine

fav movie character: alvin

fav animal character: sonic and friends


your addictions/things you cant live without: aatc, dbz, computer,tv, my mp3 player, grim tales, oreos, french fries, coke, candy, cupcakes, chocolate, my heart.:p


character i have a HUGE crush on: teen gohan, future trunks

my LEAST FAVORITE chracter: videl

shippings i love: gohan and lime, vegeta and bulma, goku and chichi, krillan and 18

shippings i hate: gohan and videl,

three of my fav characters: gotenks, goten, kid trunks

three of my hated characters: videl, yajarobe, mercenary tao

fav battles and why: ssj2 teen gohan vs cell( cell did all these tricks and attacks and gohan was all like "what the fuck was that,bitch?"

ssj2 gohan vs. bojack: it was just plain SEXY- uh...nevermind


goku vs freiza: one word: EPIC!


random quotes:



" why didn't you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!"-piccolo

"OH SHIT!- cell



songs that describe me:

bring me to life

everybody's fool

fuckin' perfect

daddy, I'm a rockstar!

only you can be you






yeah,i know i changed my name!

my story should be updated tomorrow 4/28/16 or 4/29/12. if not, it'll definately be updated soon.

no promises, but you won't wait long.

and 'just like tori' will just be a oneshot, not a multi-chapter story. sorry. couldn't think of anything else.

anyways, i'm working on a story called 'Reasons Why' it's a cat-centirc story, with hints of 'Bat'. you know, BeckxCat.

angel-demon princess 12, out!

hey everyone.

I'm back.

But if you heard my cousin died so, i wont update in a while.

srry. :(

Your sad song:

Fuckin perfect-p!nk

Your happy song:

Raining sunshine-Miranda cosgrove

Your angry song:


Your random song:

Make it shine-Victorious

Your depressed song:

Bring me to life-Evanescence

Random stuff:

I hate my life. :(

I want to die :)

I love justin beiber! :D


Name 10 favorite characters:






6. Knuckles



9. Silver


What if 2 and 4 got married?

(arrange a funeral for 2, cuz 1 would kill him! if he could...)

What if everyone ganged up on 7. would he win?

(NO way in hell! XD)

If 5 and 3 beat up 4.

(No comment...)

8 and 1 go on a date. 2's reaction?

( IT'S PIKO PIKO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! :D)

IF 9,1, 4 showed up at your house,drunk.


My brother is an ASSHOLE!


1. Gohan-( Kid form-cute, Teen form-HOT! (SSJ2 IS SEXY... :D)

2.Gotenks-( He's like a mini Vegeta. And DAMN is he muscular for a 10 yr old!)

3.Future Trunks-( Pure sexiness... WITH HIS SHORT HAIR!!!!!!!!)

4.GAARA!-( He's the sexiest Naruto character EVER!)

5.Sauske -( Naruto's sexy Emo boy!)

6. Naruto-( Sexy hair... ;)

7.Inuyasha-( The only sexy demon I know!)

8. All super saiyans from dragon ball z (O.0)

9. Marshall Lee-( He's not anime, but he's sexy! he's from adventure time.)

10.Justin Beiber!-(no comment...)

* I love Naruto!

* I Love anime

*I love Victorious

*I love Grim Tales From Down Below.

*I love Inuyasha

*I love Sonic The Hedgehog

*I love Justin beiber

* Summer is coming! WOO-HOO!

I have previously completed my story ''Save Me''.

I will write a sequel to it soon!

My other stories are on hold until I can recover from writer's block.

You know I didn't like justin beiber until I saw his 'Boyfriend' video, I was like...HE LOOKS SEXY!


I am currently working on my stories,but it will be while before i update.

and I was JUST watching Treasure Planet,and I must say, Jim is so hot!;)

I will be going away for the summer. don't know when i'll be back.

Okay peoples,change of plans. I'm not going away until 8/1/12-8/11/12,so I'm still here. :)

SO,I will be trying to update alot sooner than I plan to. :)

BUT there's one problem:I need some ideas.

But fear not lovelies! For I somehow ALWAYS come up with ideas,strange or not so My stories shall be updated soon. ;D

And one more thing. The sequel to 'Save Me' shall be up soon,to all you victorious/Bade lovers. :D



So bored right now. ;)

I will be working on my stories,so new chapters will be up soon! Just be patient. ;)

AND ANOTHER THING: I will soon start posting Dragon Ball Z stories about my OC'S. But I will take requests and stuff.

If you want to learn more about my characters,just scroll up until you see MY OC'S: that would be nice. :0

Hehe,this is awkward...


I had to change my name.

My sister was being nosy and if she told my mom,it would be no more FF for me. ;P

So now my name is 'PrincessOfUniverse' Pretty creative,right?

January 21st,2013 Happy (late) New Year! ;)

Been so busy lately...I have a new story out,and I am gonna focus on that one...but I WILL uodate ALL my stories VERY soon.


My new Naruto OC!

Name: Akemi Aitenshi Uchiha

Clan: Uchiha


Hair: Long,past waist, has bangs like Itachi

Eyes: Blue-gray

Height: 5'2


Very quiet,calm, shy. Polite,friendly, slightly emo-ish, hyper and off the walls when given sugar (lol), Skilled fighter, hand-to-hand combat,very scary when angry, (What Uchiha isn't scary when they're angry?)


-More to come soon! :)

List some of your favorite characters! (Add an OC!)

1. Itachi Uchiha

2. Sasori

3. Deidara

4. Sasuke Uchiha

5. Naruto Uzumaki

6. Pein/ Yahiko

7. Konon

8. Gaara

9. Shikamaru

10. Neji

11. Ino Yamanaka

12. Sakura Haruno

13. Hinata Hyuuga

14. Suigetsu

15.*BONUS* OC: Akemi

16. Tobi/Obito Uchiha

Have you ever read a 1 and 4 slash fic before?

Yes, I have.

What were the results of the aftermath of reading it.

I will never be able to look at Sasuke or Itachi the same way again. DX Traumatized! But they are both still very hot though, ;)

If 4 confessed his undying love for 12, what would you do.

Die of over-hyped happy and fangirlness!

Did you cry when 10 died?


Would 1 and 15 make a cute couple?

YES YES YES YES YES! I only 15 were real... D:

If 1,4,5, 3,2,8, 6, showed up at your doorstep what would you do?

Faint! Fangirl syndrome, Lol!

What if there was a 5 fell in love with 4?

I would crawl in a emo corner, Sakura would be pissed, and Hinata would cry

Do you have erotic dreams about 1 or 4

Both. :D I love me some Uchiha brothers! ;D

If 4 got engaged to Karin, what would 12's reaction be?

It would not be pretty...(And I hate SasuKarin with a burning passion!)

What would the warning be for a 12/14 fic?

Warning: May contain pissed off Sasuke!

If 1 proposed to you, your reaction?


Itachi: WTF?

If 4 and 5 got drunk and went on a rampage, what would you do?

If you can't beat em', join em'!

If 1 came back to life, and married 15, who just became an actual character, what would you do?

Die of happiness.

Would 4 and 12 make some adorable babies?

Pink haired Uchihas? Of course!

Do you think 6 and 7 are a cute couple?

The cutest!

Do you think all the males on this list are hot?

Definitely. My dream is to own plushies of them all one day!

If 1-16 became real, what would you do?

Abduct them all and keep them in my bedroom!

16/ 3 SLASH fic?

No thank you.

Do you think 16 is adorable?

The cutest! I love Obito/Tobi! He's so cute! With his little kid voice! And young Obito is adorable! I cried when he died! DX

Name 4, 5, AND 12's catchprhase

Naruto: Believe it!/ Dattebayo!

Sakura: Shannaro!/ CHA!

Sasuke: Hn. (Lol!)

If 1, 4, 6, 2, and 3 were looking at you with rape faces, what would you do?

Run, or probably allow myself to get raped.

13 and 4?

Hell to the no. They barely even know each other! I don't understand where you SasuHina fans come from!

Who do you think is the cutest Naruto character as a child?

1. Itachi (He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking adorable! I didn't know Weasel-kun even had short hair. And his eyes were the biggest! I wish I could just glomp him forever!

2. Sasuke( He looked so effing adorable! With them big ol' eyes! (Before the UCM)

3. Gaara ( The most cutest thing ever.)


5. Sakura( so kawaiiii)

All of them are so cute as little kids. All of them have BIG eyes, and I find that adorable. I love little kids with big eyes, they're adorable! :D


Hey guys. It has come to my attention that MY Sasu-face was getting hated. Let's fix that.

The only reason I could ever hate a character is because of their personality, how they are portrayed, or their usefulness. I LOVE ALL the Naruto characters. EXCEPT KARIN! I think that they are all well written.

Sasuke is one of my favorite characters because of that. I fell in love with this character not only because he's hot, but because of his background. In my opinion, Sasuke is one of the most well-written characters on the show. He may me a little moody, and emo, but there's a reason behind it.

Why do people hate him?

Cause he's emo? Okay.

Cause he left Konoha? We've all seen this coming.

Cause he's a psycho bastard? Maybe...I love Sasuke to bits, but I'll admit, there are moments where I want to punch him in his pretty boy face!

When he was only, what, 7? 8 years old? He came home from a long day at school, only to find everyone in his family dead. Murdered by his beloved brother. Then he had to witness it. As a child, you are not stable enough to withstand such horrible things. That shit sticks to you. You can't just be like, "Oh, my brother just murdered my whole family, but I'm going to move on and be a big bowl of sunshine!" Noooo.

It's stupid to hate Sasuke because of his personality. He has a reason. If you witnessed your family's murder, would you be the same? Would you have a positive outlook on life? No. Not possible.

He left Konoha to get stronger. He wasn't strong enough to fight his brother.To avenge his clan. I know we all wish Sasuke wasn't some revenge obsessed freak, but to him, that's closure. By killing Itachi, it will bring him peace. He won't have to suffer anymore. If someone killed people YOU cared about would you want them to be living? If it were me, I would want them to suffer as much as I did. But then, he finds out that his supposed to be murderous brother, was actually a silent hero. He made a huge sacrifice to protect his younger brother, and the village, both of which he loved. Itachi loved the village even though it treated the Uchiha like shit. Which was why they were planning to overthrow Konoha in the first place.

Think about it, as we see it, the Uchiha clan seem like power-hungry bastards don't they? Well, maybe if Konoha didn't disrespect them so much, they would not have had to plan the attack. Itachi prevented another war. From what we see, he seemed like a pretty calm, peaceful guy right? Do you honestly think that a person who values peace was just going to be like, "Oh, I'm going to kill my clan just to test my abilities!" That doesn't make sense.

I think a lot of people just told Sasuke so many lies, and twists that his sanity just broke. He doesn't know what to believe anymore. I know this has nothing to do with it, but I honestly like Part 1 Sasuke better.

Part 2 Sasuke isn't the same anymore. I mean, he was okay in his first apprentice in Shippuden, he wasn't so crazy. But as it progressed we see him become this monster. Not the Sasuke we all knew and loved. I will always love Sasuke, but I honestly lost respect for him.

Trying to kill Sakura was a sign that Sasuke is a lost cause. I mean, during the good old Team 7 days, he always protected her. It goes to show how much he's changed, how deep he's falling into this hole of darkness and hatred. Part 1 Sasuke wasn't so insane. I miss this Sasuke. :(

Part 1 Sasuke was pretty emotionless, but he had funny moments.

Part 2 Sasuke is just a shell of his former self, no funny moments whatsoever. Hes just cold and hateful. I mean I don't expect to see Sasuke all smiling and happiness and rainbows and sunshine, but they just made him so unrecognizable.

Another thing is although I lost respect when he tried to kill his future girlfriend, keep in mind, SHE tried to kill him FIRST. So he had every reason to attack her.

I could never hate Sasuke, but I do hate what he's become, I'll admit it. I want to see him redeem himself. Have that wonderful character development most of the Naruto characters had. :)

To sum it up, I think it's stupid to hate such a well-written character. The only character I'm fine with hating, is Karin. I just don't see what her use in the show is. Another Sasuke fangirl? Like part 1 Sakura.

Anyways, I think that Sasuke is a good character, yeah he has his moments where you want to slap him in the face, but he's an amazing character. SASUKE UCHIHA FTW!

My motto is people hate what they don't understand. They hate Sasuke because they don't understand him. That's why hatred is a thing thing in this world. They only hate what they don't understand.

Also, do you guys think that Naruto is gonna end up killing Sasuke? I hope not. It would totally ruin my image for Naruto. I get that he doesn't want to see his best friend suffer, but killing him is going overboard. One, I'll be PISSED if they kill Sasuke. I will never watch Naruto again. Kishimoto wouldn't hear the end of it if he killed Sasuke. Sasuke's to important of a character to die. They killed Itachi!They killed the Akatsuki! They killed Neji! Why not Kiba? or Shino? Seriously, what is their use? It doesn't make sense. I don't think Naruto wants to kill Sasuke. If he does, I'll cry forever. If he kills anyone, it should be Kiba! or Shino! OR KARIN! :D


I see a lot of people insert OC in Naruto fan fiction. People need to FUCK OFF and leave their story alone. It's their story. If you don't like it, don;t waste your time reading it. Don't waste your time reviewing. It ain't gonna do no justice! Let the person do what they want, let them write what they want and don't bully them for wanting to share their imagination with the rest of the world. Leave them alone and don't waste your time. I hate it when people flame. Let the person use their creative mind. Especially if the OC is good.

And make the OC as realistic as possible. No MARY SUE. Make them fit into the series, like they are actually in the show. But don;t center it on them.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Woking on some Naruto fics, hope you all enjoy them!


So yeah...just posted 2 Naruto fics! One's a Sasusaku...even though I lost interest in that couple...not to much of a fan of Sakura...Anyone know what's going on in Naruto? I'm banned from reading it! :(

So, it's march 25th as I write this.

I just wanna say...I posted a new story on Naruto...PLEASE CHECK EM OUT! :D

Not Mary-sue...It's an ItaOc...I HATE ITASAKU, ITAHINA...Sorry, just no. I'm not a fan of Sakura period, but Hinata's okay. :) Sorry If I offended any of you Itasasu lovers...i don't really like yaoi that much or that pairing. And is anyone else getting sick of Frozen?

Is it just me?

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Through These Eyes by thelonelylovechild reviews
When Senri had been reborn into the Uchiha clan as the niece to Kagami and cousin to his son Shisui she had resolved to be as boring and unassuming as she possibly could. But when she ends up engaged to one Uchiha Itachi (who was going to kill them all) she knows her wallflower days and thoughts of escape are over. The only thing she had to say to that was a tearful "Why me?" SI-Oc
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,472 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 11h ago - Published: 4/17 - Itachi U., Shisui U., Kagami U., OC
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AU!He pulled her body close to him. He could feel her rapid heartbeat against his chest. His smooth,seductive voice whispered," You are mine. You always will be." Delve into Itachi's dark mind about his obsession about the girl he left behind. Dark!Obsessive!Itachi **Ita/Oc, slight Kaka/Oc, Dark romance, NOW RATED M** Please read and review! **Give it a chance PLEASE**
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Victorious - Rated: T - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 335 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/7/2012 - Trina V. - Complete
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