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Hey! so I love singing, acting, dancing, i plan to be in L.A soon! (: & I want to become an actress & star in a movie with my role models: Jennifer Lawrence(#1), Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson, Lea Michele, Cory Montieth. Plan b.- Casting Director, Plan c.- nothing...i should proabably make a plan :P

Just so you know, my profile picture, is of me when i was 8 (: Cute right!!! :D

Everyone i meet that ends up really knowing me tells me I legit have to have something to do with the dramatic arts, or they will be overly surprised.

I am going into highschool this year on August 17, and im so looking forward to that :D Im sad though i don't have like any classes with my best friends, and it's upsetting! (duh! you'd know if you have some)

I love typing and reading books. Im more of a novel person, they just are better. I mean i don't like things that just end...don't go on and make you happy they just end! Im the same with movies. My favorite books: Divergent(and the rest of the series): Something about Divergent if you've read it i see myself playing Trice (Beatrice). Hunger Games(and the series Im a little wacky, my friends know that. I can be calm and subtle, but fun and wild. Thats whats so awesome about me. I have 3 best friends, 2 sisters, and 5 friends. I have other friends but i don't consider them true friends...not yet. I am in the catergory at school that's known as the middle. They have the freaks or the people who get bullied, the middle, and the popular. The good thing about me is i don't judge everyone. (HEY WHAT CAN I SAY I AAAAMMMM HUMAN!) I have friends who are no where near popular and have issues, and then i have friends (the 3, 2, and 5) in the middle and some other ones, but then again i have a lot of friends who are popular. I love where i am. I can still be true to myself but not have to worry about getting bullied and made fun of, and i dont have to worry about every little thing i do.

My name is Audrey Rose im 14, i am obsessed with the following: The hunger games (books & movie), Avatar: The last airbender, Legend of Korra, acting, singing, dancing, itunes, facebook, twitter, (@AudreyDurbin), music, youtube- Megan & Liz, Jenna Marbles; Secret Life of the American Teenager, Glee, Revolution(when it comes out :D), House Of Anubis, Carnivals, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence. :)

Things i don't like but other people FANGIRL/GUY: Justin Beiber, One Direction, Call me Maybe, Degrassi, Twilight(im okay with the movies but its!), Robert Patterson, Josh Hutcherson cussing. :))


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Tough Times: 43rd Hunger Games reviews
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