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Ever since it was opened, had always been a place for avid fans- of ANYTHING- to feel at home. To express whatever is on our minds and truly let our love for characters, plotlines and scenarios shine through.

Now all of a sudden, has decided to go through a massive upheaval and remove thousands of stories from its library, some of the best fanfics ever written, gone, never to be read again. They are removing anything involving sexual situations, or violence, or inspired by a song, the list goes on. And we as readers see this as a gross waste of talent and incredible material.

has always been a place for us writers to 'Unleash our imagination' as the tagline states, and now we are having that right to freedom of speech and expression taken away from us. Since when are they allowed to dictate what goes into our stories? They are OUR pieces of work. What if the violence or sexual content is part of the plotline? This whole situation is absurd. There are better ways to deal with 'inappropriate' content than to remove it altogether. What about adult filters? Age restrictions? There are so many other options!

So I'm asking please, for all us readers, writers, and fans alike... STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF !

Go to this website blow and sign the petition to try and stop this madness once and for all! Only we can do it and we need to join together and let fanfiction know that they can't control our creativity! Until this is all under control,I hereby refuse to update and/or read any fanfictions until they agree to stop this mass deletion and allow us our creativity back. I will leave fanfiction forever if I must. If you agree with me please copy and paste this to your profile! Thank you!



Right on the off chance that someone actually reads this I haven't abandoned/forgotten the story. The reason for a lack off new chapters is a mix between my classes and writers block. The next chapter is mostly done and barring unforseen circumstances I should have it up soon. Last but not least (cliché I know) to those who did review thank you, its nice to know that I'm doing good with the story... so far anyway


Just for the record I am still working on the next chapter... promise, I did say I would finish the story and I keep my promises, its just taking longer than originally expected.


Ok I swear I'm not trying to make this a yearly thing, it just happens that way. So last year has been pretty busy hence no updates, consider it a massive stretch of writers block brought on by sadness/ mild depression. However things have picked up in my life again so I'm back, hopefully for good this time... or at least once a month... yeah that sounds like a good place to start. :P


Still alive I promise, life really got busy there for awhile along with many not so fun moments. Hence the lack of writing though that should hopefully pick up now. Granted its not really hard to improve on considering its been... what two years since the last update? Which is sad considering chapter ten's been sitting at 400ish words the whole time. Until then I went through each chapter and fixed all the spelling errors (I think) so... go improvement?


... So... yeah, not as much progress as I hoped but between school and my computer deciding to pick up a virus, which led to having to wipe the hard drive not much progress was made. Also planning to pretty much completely rewrite Shadowfire, because to be quite honest my writing was terrible when I started (not that its much better now...) so everything just feels kind of rushed plus I want to flesh it out a bit more. So... yeah, that's pretty much it for now which leaves importing the word file for chapter ten so I can at least finish that, assuming it'll even open in Wordpad (MS word kinda died when I wiped my hard drive to get ride of the virus) here's hoping.

Assuming any one reads these...

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