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Well... um I'm a new person in fanfic so please i beg of you go easy on me I know I'm bieng a wuss, but please.

I like cherrys, milk, and of course Fanfiction.Net!!!!!!!!

I'm more like an insider, loner kind of person but strangley I have a passion for writting!

I just know I spelled something wrong, or have grammar errors.

Let's just say revising for me is a nightmare.


Chibi me hiding in the bathtub, from my computer practically begging me to revise it. Then...BAM, There it is right next to me in the bathtub begging at me. Chibi me shrieks as she runs away from revision, your probabaly saying right now, WHAT A WUSS! And I admit it I am! well... atleast when it come to revision.

I really hope you enjoy my story coming soon... or is it here already? Dangit i forgot maybe It will be up in a couple of hours...

Oh well I hope you enjoy... OH MY GOSH, HERE IT COMES!

Chibi me running away from the angry computer!! OH AND (PANT) I'M SORRY IF I HAVE GRAMMAR ERRORS!!!! FORGIVE ME!!!!!

-DGcherrys OUT! Bye-Bye!!!!!

I thank all my reviewers, for thier time to review which I appreciate!

well I'm hoping...


I love books, anime, and my dog! I love everything!

Anime's: Fairytail, Naruto, Soul Eater, Durarara!!, and I guess Bleach! Oh Hetalia too!

Books: Hunger games, Maximum Ride, Harrypotter(I know, classic), and a ton of other's!

Likes: Milk, cherrys, rude people, polite people, my dog, reviews!, writing, and my wierd trait of liking everything except chearleaders!

I'm a girl of course! You don't see alot of boy's with profile picture that are pink and flowery. Wait, do I? :D

I'ts been quite a while since I've updated on my profile, but I was bored, so here I am!

Oh well I better get back to the cranky family I have, alwyas slapping me with pans!:D Ahhh the benefit's of having a aggresive family. Haha they are quite annoying but I still love them. But they watch out because I'm going to be the one slapping their faces with a pan sending them flying across the room! Oh I love my family, quite troublesome actually! oh well bye I have someone to sneak on and send across the room, Shizou style, all of you who watch durarara know what I'm talking about, well see you!

I have currently developed an obsession with my "imaginary friends", and alice in wonderland. How screwed up is that? I'm also so eager to draw Alice as a brunette, anime style with the cheshire cat as a human. Wow, I am so screwed up! but oh well, i have a whole wonderland to draw! But first I eat porkchops! Just a bite...maybe...two. Hehehe, well bye, bye.

Wow its been a long time since I've been here. I deeply apologize for not updating any of my current work, right now, kind of having personal conflicts. Sooooo...I'll be updating soon, so don't worry, none of my storys are on Hiatus. So guys, I appreciate you're patience I'll come back soon. Just wait a while more, not long, but a little less than that. So Bye!

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