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Author has written 9 stories for Chuck.

Thanks for all the support. My fanfic writing gives me a great amount of satisfaction and I'm happy a few others enjoyed my vision for Chuck and Sarah's future.

I began my 7th story with the New Year, inspired by watching some old TV. In Chuck vs The Long Island Debutante, Chuck Charles stars in an AU Chuck story set in the early 1930's, that is a callback to a golden age in television, the who dunnit detective era. Sarah Walker is the costar as the Long Island Debutante.

Prior to The Long Island Debutante, I wrote six stories sharing the same cannon, starting at the beach with the story 'What's Next' and ending with Chuck and Sarah in their fifties in a 'Circle of Life' tale that put a loving ribbon on the Chuck and Sarah saga, giviing me the closure I didn't get from the actual TV show.

My mindset when I write parallels the movie 'Undercover Blues' or Chuck seasons 1,2,4 or s3 Honeymooners / Role Models more than the rest of s3 or s5's end, so in other words more romantic comedy than drama. Still, I loved twists and shout outs to other things, and included many in my stories. My central theme for Chuck and Sarah's relationship was 'In love and in trust.'

My six stories written from the same cannon include two longer stories beginning on the beach where the TV show left off, and then four shorter stories set out into the future.

My first story, 15 chapters worth, was titled 'What's Next'. I finished the last scene on the beach in a manner which pleased me. I tackled a few other questions or nagging issues I had with the show, and improved a few things that disappointed me. 'What's Next' could be thought of as a back half of the 5th season of Chuck, covering the time frame beginning as the real show ended, and continuing for the next three months.

When looking at my stories that way, my second story called "Doomsday Conspiracy" covered the first half of season 6. Chuck vs The Doomsday Conspiracy began with the Summer Olympic Games 2012, and ended on Christmas 2012. Doomsday revolved around a conspiracy to fulfil the Mayan calendar prophecy that the world as we know it will end on December 21st, 2012 and Chuck and Sarah's efforts to save the world from that disaster.

Sarah vs The Giant is a bedtime story that Sarah told her six year old triplets about her life as a spy before she met their daddy. In addition to telling a fun little spy story, the readers (along with Sarah's family) learned something about Sarah not previously known.

A little later along the timeline, the story Sarah vs Bruiser Butkus answered the question, 'What kind of soccer mom does Sarah Bartowski make?'. This was a fun, fluffy little one shot looking twelve years forward from my first story, 'What's Next', into the year 2024.

'Chuck's Kids vs the Father's Day Assassins' was a one shot Father's day 2025 story, detailing Chuck and Sarah's triplets first spy mission.

My last serialized story was titled Chuck vs The Circle of Life. This story was slightly longer than the other short stories. 'Circle of Life' served as the end to my series, an epilogue to the rest of my work, and showed the future for fifty something Chuck and Sarah, along with a snap shot of what their now grown kids were like.

Anyhow, thanks to my loyal readers. I appreciate it! I hope everyone who reads fan fiction continues to be entertained by this site and that my contributions helped in some small way to that end.

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The Charles vs Murder on the LA Express reviews
In August, 1930 NYC's finest private eye, Charles Charles, wed Sarah Walker, the richest debutante on Long Island, after a whirlwind romance. Chuck thought he married the most perfect girl in the world. Maybe he did, but there's more to Sarah than meets the eye. Join the Charles on the LAX as they celebrate their honeymoon, solve a murder mystery and team to learn about their past.
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Chuck vs The Long Island Debutante reviews
In this story set in the year 1930, Chuck Charles is New York City's most famous detective. Sarah Walker is a party girl, who lives on the 'Gold Coast' of Long Island, with her wealthy blue blood father Jack, a lumber magnate. Chuck and Sarah lived in different worlds, until the night everything changed. What follows is a classic 'whodunnit tale'.
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Chuck vs Everything's OK reviews
Nothing changes from season 3, every line and scene still exists as is, except I inserted a couple of hundred words of dialogue into the final scene in the Paris Hotel. Some may think it changes everything. How about you?
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Chuck vs The Circle of Life reviews
Chuck and Sarah are busier than ever in 2037, with no plans of slowing down. This story begins the morning after the wedding of one of Chuck and Sarah's triplets showing what Chuck and Sarah's fifty something life is like. The story flashes back to the wedding day and the 'Circle of Life' nature of the story is revealed during the course of the wedding day.
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Chuck vs the Doomsday Conspiracy reviews
Chuck vs The Doomsday Conspiracy is a sequel to my story 'What's Next'. This story begins at the Summer Olympics 2012 in chapter one and finishes the final chapter on Christmas 2012, assuming the world doesn't end on December 21st that is!
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Sarah vs The Giant reviews
Chuck and Sarah's six year old triplets want their mommy to tell them a bed time story. Daddy joins them on the couch, and they all listen to Sarah tell a story about her spy life before she met Chuck. I have fun with the kids, as each of them reacts differently to the story as it proceeds, somewhat like different parts of the actual Chuck fan base might react,
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Chuck's Kids vs the Father's Day Assassins reviews
The triplets are 12 years old, nearly 13. Sarah's been training the kids in the ways of spy life since they were babies. The kids make their debut as spies at a family Father's Day gathering, as their play acting quickly turns real. My favorite new character in this story is an 11 year old nick named Bam Bam, although 'Auntie' Sarah calls him Jonathan. Enjoy!
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Sarah vs Bruiser Butkus reviews
Sarah vs Bruiser Butkus is a fun little one shot that looks twelve years forward from my first story, 'What's Next', into the year 2024. This story answers the question, 'What kind of soccer mom does Sarah Bartowski make' I hope you enjoy this glimpse into what Chuck, Sarah, and the twelve year old triplets might be doing on a typical day in September.
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Chuck versus What's Next? reviews
What comes next for Chuck and Sarah after the beach scene on TV? I pick up mid-kiss on the beach in Ch 1. The rest of the story deals with unresolved issues from the 5th season, as well as a few from the four prior.
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