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It's done! I finished the new chapter of King Mystogan. That was awfully hard, but it was actually the only thing I managed to do correctly these last months. I still feel like shit (even if I'm not taking medication anymore), am terribly lonely (zero news from my friends), and can't stand my parents anymore (poor them, they did nothing wrong). Just...great.

Well anyway, I'm feeling 'all fired up' for King Mystogan! (yeah, Fairy Tail spirit!)Made a few modifications in my script and I'm quite happy with them. Please go read my new chapter, guys! I hope you're all well and in great spirits. Hugs!


Am currently working on King Mystogan, but it's going very slowly 'cause we have a lot of work here.

Actually, I feel a little down; my doctor just told me that my treatment would last for three to six months...she says it's normal, but still, I can't help thinking that's a long time. I've come to wonder if I'll ever be fine again, it's been so many years I haven't felt joyful.

Anyway, I want again to thank everybody that reviewed/put my stories in their story alerts/favs or/and PMed me. I love you guys!

Well then, until next time!


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I really hope that 2012 will be a new start!

I am currently under medication against depression and am beginning to get better now. I want to thank everybody that reviewed/put my stories in their story alerts/favs, because it helped me a lot. I am slowly starting to come back on FFnet. Am reviewing a little. I may update my fics during the holidays if everything goes well.

See you soon guys! I wish you well.


It's when you think you're leaving it behind that it comes back ten times worst.

I actually screamed my lungs out. I bet the whole village heard me and now my throat hurts.

Anyway, going back to college tomorrow with my brother and leaving this madmen house behind me.

All this to say...sorry guys. Now you'll have to wait for me a bit more...

I hope you're all doing well. :)


I am very sorry for all the amazing people who read my stories and to the also amazing people I usually review, but I am currently not feeling very well. You know, when little things that you've tried to fix for years suddenly add up and makes a horrible, impossible big huge thing that swallows you whole? That's what happened. It all worsened with the death of my grandpa half a year ago, and from then my family crashed. My family was already a little cracking, you see, but there're things you can't see until they're big enough.

About one of my stories, King Mystogan. Actually, I started this fic a few days after my grandpa's death. I needed to think of something else, and it developed into this huge story. That's why you can be sure I will never let this story drop, even if I take years to write it. I will definitely write it. It's a promise.

People look at you with a look of disapproval when you're being unwell for no apparent reasons. They consider you can grieve for one's loss for about a month, and then you have to stop and smile again. Well, I just can't. I just can't stop grieving. It's been months, almost half a year, but I can't stop. There's not only that. I'm failing in everything else...college, violin, writing, love, family...all these things are tiny things, but added up to each other they make an unbearable thing.

And it ends up like this...friends telling you this: "You have to be careful, your constant bad mood is starting to seriously annoy everybody." As much as I was happy that she told me so I could fix it, I still couldn't help thinking: "Why don't they ask me instead 'Are you feeling alright?'?". For people, I have no real reason to be depressed, and so, I am just an annoying person. But really, I'm just feeling really, really bad.

It is very tiring to fight against depression, and sometimes I feel like I'm turning crazy. But it's even more tiring to put on a mask and force a smile on my face all day long, because I can't keep my friends if I don't stop being gloomy.

Here, sorry for all this, I guess I just had to let it out of my system...

All this to say that I will need more time, how much, I don't know, but it will be months before I get back into reviewing and writing regularly. I'm very sorry.

Guys, be well. I wish you all the happiness the world. Don't be gloomy!


Wanna know who I am?

Well...what could I say?

I'm a girl, 23 years old, my birth language is French, and I speak English and Spanish as well. Er...it's more like I understand Spanish rather than speaking it, but well, no matter.

I could speak for hours about the manga/animes I read/watch. I am a very critical person, that's why I usually don't review that much, 'cause I only review the stories I really like or the stories which have potential. But most of the time, I don't review because I don't read at all, because I'm very very busy.

Well, I don't think you would be interested by a full critic of the mangas/animes I read/watch, so I'll just say a few things about the characters and the pairings I support! :D I'll put in bold the pairings I'm really fan of!

Naruto: Sasori/Sakura, Neji/Tenten, Gaara/Matsuri. I actually strongly dislike Naruto, even if I used to like him and support the Naruto/Hinata couple. Hinata is so cute. I may support Kiba/Hinata now that Naruto pisses me off. And I absolutely hate Sasuke.

Inuyasha: I'm not that much into Inuyasha anymore, but I still like the pairings, they left a great impression on me. I like Inuyasha/Kagome (who wouldn't? they're the main couple), Miroku/Sango (they're funny together and they're cannon as well), Sesshomaru/Kagura but she died, so I support as well Sesshomaru/Rin for when Rin's gonna grow up. They're just too cute together. I used to like Inuyasha/Kikyo before she was revived for the second time. Then I just plain hated her. I liked Naraku/Kikyo when Naraku was still that cool guy with a baboon fur who was intelligent and manipulative and stalking Kikyo. Then he switched into the 'I'm the big ugly boss' mode and I stopped liking him. Ew.

Bleach: Ulquiorra/Orihime, Gin/Rangiku, Kisuke/Yoruichi, Toshiro/Karin, Toshiro/Rangiku, Ggio/Soifon (don't ask me why, I don't know!). I used to support Ichigo/Rukia, but now I so much hate Ichigo I would prefer her to be with Renji. Renji's a cool guy.

Fairy Tail: Jellal/Erza, Gajeel/Levy, Mystogan/Erza K, Grey/Juvia (Juvia is so adorable! I love that character!), Fried/Mirajane, Elfman/Evergreen, Alzack/Bisca. I think a Natsu/Lucy could be good, but for the time being I just feel that Natsu isn't fit for romantic things yet. So we'll see how it'll turn out. But I have to admit I really like the scene where Lucy falls off the tower and Natsu catches her.

One Piece: eeeerrrrr...it is hard to find couples in One Piece, because it is mostly a story about adventures, and seriously, I can't really feel any romance in this story. Still, I like the pairing Zoro/Tashigi, I found them funny together. I also like Zoro/Robin, I think it would be an interesting one. I used to like Franky/Robin before the time skip. Snif...poor Franky, how ugly he has become...why, Oda, whyyyyyyyy???? And I found a nice crackpairing would be Sanji/Keimi.

Now, before I tell my favorite characters, I need to add up my anime list. So, I've watched a lot of animes, but I'll only put down the ones I liked. So, here're my favorite characters, in bold the ones I really am fan of:

11eyes : Yukiko and Takahisa. I found Yukiko just irresistible and Takahisa fascinating because of his pyrokinesis.

Air TV: Ryuya. Nothing much more to say, I didn't really liked the characters of that anime.

Amatsuki: Tsuyukusa, Bonten, Kon, Ginshu, Utsubushi, and the guy with the tattoo (I forgot his name)

Black Blood Brothers: Zelman, Jiro, Mimiko, Cassandra

Bleach: Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Neliel, Hallibel, Stark, Ggio, Kisuke, Tatsuki, Renji, Byakuya (I don't really have an order for them, I like them all)

Clannad & Clannad After Story: Nagisa, Kotomi, Nagisa's father, and the cat (he was so cute)

Cluster Edge : Chrome and his team (The triplets were so funny, and I really liked the one with the eyepatch -of course, he just had to die :'o).

Druaga no Tou : not really a favorite, I globally liked them all

Ef- a tale of memories : Miyako and Hiro, Chihiro and Renji.

Fairy Tail: Mystogan, Jellal, Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Ultear, Cobra, Totomaru (I've got no idea why I like those two).

Guin Saga : no fav character.

Host Club : the twins, Kasanoda, Tetsuya (I'm not that into yaoi, but I still think those two would make a nice couple)

Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru, Rin, Inuyasha, Naraku (when he was cool, not in the big boss mode, but I already said that), Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Renkotsu.

Kanon: Ayu. She's adorable. And left-handed. :)

Kimi ni todoke: Kazehaya, Sawako. Every character in this anime is touching.

Lovely Complex: Risa! She's so great! Oh, and Otani. He's cute. Most characters from this anime are great, anyway!

Macross Frontier: Alto. He's beautiful, I wished we would have seen him playing Kabuki. I like Ranka and her real brother too.

Mai Hime: No favorite, most of them are touching.

Mai Otome: Same as Mai Hime, no favorite.

Mononoke : the Medecine Seller. He's so mysterious. And beautiful. And scary as well.

Myself; Yourself : the main character Sana. He's very touching.

Naruto : Gaara, Neji, Itachi, Deidara, Haku, Zabuza, Hinata, Tenten, Matsuri (in the filler!!! Usually I hate fillers, but I think her character in the filler was much more interesting than in the Shippuuden), Konan.

Natsume Yuujinchou : Natsume. He's a touching character.

One Piece : Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, Ace, Franky, Robin, Tashigi, Smoker, Buggy!!!, Bon Clay!!!

Romeo x Juliet : Curio and Francisco.

Seirei no Moribito : All the characters are cool! Except for a few ones.

Spice and Wolf : Horo. Who wouldn't?

True Tears : Shin'ichiro and Noe.

Tsubasa : Kurogane and Fye.

Utawarerumono : Benawi, Kuro, Hakuoro, the twins, Eruruu, Aruruu, Touka, Nuwangi. I only liked Oboro in the game.

Wolf's rain : Tsume and Toboe.

Now, the characters I absolutely HATE!

11eyes : Kakeru and YUKA. Kakeru is the most UNinteresting main character I've EVER seen. He has no personality, and during all the anime all he says is 'I'm going to protect Yuka' and all he does is pseudo-training. And YUKA, I HATE THAT BITCH! All she does is showing her panties to everybody. All she thinks of is Kakeru (she doesn't even care if their other friends die), she even tries to kill Kusakabe! I was so happy when that bitch died, but no! She had to survive! And that stupid Kakeru just goes and says 'oh that's my fault, I'd never seen she was in love with me'. Please, is that an excuse to act like this? She deserved to DIE!

Air TV: Kano, Minagi, Hichuru. The three of them have nothing to do in the story apart from making it looking like a harem anime.

Amatsuki: Kuchiha.

Bleach: ICHIGO! I bloody hate him! I used to like him, but since the moment he got back from the Soul Society after saving Rukia, he became annoying. I hate him. And I hate the stupid girls (in the anime) who find him hot. I hate AIZEN as well. He's the most UNCOOL boss I've ever seen. He lasted forever, I couldn't stand it! I hate Oomayeda too. He's fat and stupid. I dislike Orihime as well. When she talks with enemies, she's brave and intelligent, but whenever she's with that stupid Ichigo, all she can say is 'Kurosaki-kun'! Oh, come one, grow up! And even after that time skip, she still is on Ichigo! Please, move on, Orihime! And my newly hated character is that stupid Riruka girl. Go to Hell, bitch.

Cluster Edge : ...Beryl? And that stupid revolutionary guy. Seriously, he should get a haircut.

Druaga no Tou : Kaya. I liked her in the first season. But really, in the second, she's just a stupid little goose. And Neeba. He got completely idiotic in the second season with his stupid brother complex.

Ef- a tale of memories : Kei. You bitch!

Fairy Tail: LISANNA. I HATE HER. Why didn't she stay dead? She was fine as dead!

Inuyasha: Kikyo.

Mai Hime: Tate Yuuchi. Seriously, he's stupid and ugly.

Mai Otome: The main character Arika, she's annoying and stupid enough to fall in love with Sergay. Mashiro, she's unbearable. And that stupid Sergay, a grown-up man who actually kisses a fourteen-years-old girl and who has the same ugly face than Tate Yuuchi.

Naruto : Sasuke, Sasuke, SASUKE! And Baki.

One Piece : Hancock (being beautiful? what kind of excuse is that?), Nami (stop hitting everybody, for God's sake!), Vivi (stop falling down with your stupid sandals!), Blackbeard (YOU BASTARD!!! REVIVE ACE AND WHITEBEARD IMMEDIATLY!!!) and that BASTARD AKAINU (HOW DARED YOU KILL ACE???)!!!

True Tears : the stupid bitch who ends up with Shin'ichiro. I don't even want to recall her name. I hate her. Noe deserved to be with Shin'ichiro, not that stupid bitch.

Utawarerumono : Uritori, Karura.

What else is there to say?

Oh yes! About pairings! Here on FF.net, there are a LOT of yaoi fangirls. I really wonder why, but well, I don't dislike yaoi when it is well done, so I'll just say a few words about something that irkes me about yaoi.

The cliché. Seriously. I can't stand the cliché of the big and hot and muscular seme and the tiny girly with big eyes uke. Please! This is a cliché! And most of the time, the uke guy does not even acts as a boy, but like a girl. It is then so obvious that it is a fangirl who's writing that you just wanna scream 'SERIOUSLY, GO SEE A DOCTOR!' And above all, it makes the seme guy look like a pervert and a pedophile.

The most cliché sentence, and the one I hate the most, is the "small feminine hips" of the uke.

Please, girls. IF HIPS ARE FEMININE, THEY AREN'T SMALL OT THIN OR WHATEVER. THEY ARE LARGE. Of course there are women who don't have large hips and who still are very feminine. I have nothing against that. But the 'symbol' of feminity, by opposition to masculinity, is big breasts and large hips. Because that's what is best for bearing children and feed them.

So enough with the clichés and the disturbed minds. Please grow up!

Wow, this took hours to write! Well, anyway, if anything passes by your mind, like "I wanna discuss of this manga with you", or, "I don't agree, this character isn't a bitch", or whatever you think of, I will gladly speak with you. You're welcome here!

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