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I thought I'd give you all useless information about me, but I think I'm just a bit more talkative in the Author Notes scattered in my stories. I'm not sure if I like A/N's up top or on the bottom, but I end up doing both. As a reader I really like reading these, but I've got a feeling that many people skip over them. Shame, really. People have such a great sense of humor.

My favorite books are: Harry Potter, The Once and Future King, Lord of the Rings, The Color Purple, and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

My favorite authors are: T.H. White, J.K. Rowling, W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Lord Byron, ee cummings, and obviously anyone on my favorites list here! Please take a look at those authors- they are my favorite!

*Go to AO3 for more mature works. I don't want to scare the kiddies here*



I Am Not I

by Juan Ramon Jimenez

I am not I.

I am this one

walking beside me whom I do not see,

whom at times I manage to visit,

and whom at other times I forget;

who remains calm and silent while I talk,

and forgives, gently, when I hate,

who walks where I am not,

who will remain standing when I die.

August 2013 Note:

RoE features a slightly meaning-well-but-not-really Dumbles, as for Ron, I'll see how I can work or not work him in. I'm hesitant to call it a Neville is the BWL, because Neville knows it's a farce. Hermione is also going to be involved, but less and less as the story progresses. Luna will have a large role in the next book, as will Draco.

October Note:

To be honest, I've hit a writer's block at chapter 20...I will try to plow through, but I've got school and well, life! Also, I feel like there are a million grammatical and spelling errors that I just cannnot detect, will someone PLEASE beta?

And guess what? Lucius has a lover...So there you have it! I'm really excited about the story as you can see, people have responded brilliantly to it, and I am astounded!

November Note:

I will be updating RoE this Friday! I just have to warn you guys that the real plot will begin in Year 2. The characters who will suddenly have a very important role: Severus, Altair, Lucius, Luna, Neville, Draco, Hermione & Theo, and Lupin!

December Note:

Chapter 22 is under construction! Here's a spoiler: There will be another prophecy!

Haha, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

January 2014 Note:

Sorry guys, updates won't be until after Valentine's day. Chapter 23 is starting and the planning for Year 3 is nearly complete! I'm tentative in posting too much because while the plot is still under works, I may have to change past chapters for consistency. Please be patient. It's worth the wait, I promise.

Wow. This has been a very long time since I've updated. Wait, just a bit longer!

February Note:

I promise I will update on FEBRAURY 21st. Seeing as we're not near 200 reviews yet, I've moved forward with the story and the plot points have now been reduced to minor details- if you are so lucky to land that 200th review :D. Anyway, I want to thank everyone who has even bothered to click on any one of my stories from the bottom of my heart. Fanfiction has been a great stress reliever for me and I'm happy other people like it too.

March Note:

230 reviews? Am I not blessed with the best readers or what? Thank you everyone! I'm blushing! I'm actually only on Chapter 25 of the story. Life has put the story on hiatus for me at least. It probably won't even affect how frequently I update this story. I just wanted to say how thankful I am, and that you can look forward to the next update sometime in April.

April Note:

Spring break and I'm so excited to do nonstop ROE writing! (That, and mountains of homework.) Expect the next update around next week or so. Thanks again for the lovely 251 reviews, I'm literally crying right now. You guys are the best! Tomorrow is going to be hard issues. Impending death. It's nice and all in stories, but as soon as it hits you in real life, well, it doesn't get any easier the more there are. Expect the next update in May!!!!

May Note:

Hello my readers! Thanks for being patient. I'm still searching for a beta, so if you think you have time to even beta one chapter please let me know! Anyway, I'm planning on updating the 23rd of May. Let's strive for 300 reviews! (Okay, so I'm getting a bit ambitious, but they make me so happy!) I'm also thinking of posting a sequel to Tabula Rasa called Ignis Fatuus. I'm thinking Snarry, but hey, who knows? Thanks everyone who has shown their love. Regards, BT.

Have you ever seen "Blue is the Warmest Color"? The best movie ever...Why isn't there a fandom for it? When I read slash I do it because it is appealing. This movie (or comic, I read this too) was about love. Like...heart pounding emotional love. Deep stuff, go out and watch it! But it does have some sex scenes...which I skipped over by the way. I can read it. I can't see it. Haha, so that's all I've got to say. Update on Friday!

June Note:

If I survive finals, then I promise to update for you all this Friday (6/13/14). I'd really appreciate it if all you would review because I'm going to have more time this summer and want to know if this is something worth spending my time on. I'm happy to say I'm starting to write chapter 28 and plan on this being a 40-50 chaptered fic- longer than I've ever my life. So please show your support!

July Note:

Finally on chapter 29! Lots of plot twists and turns! I cannot wait to show you what I've got. I'm vacationing in Cape May, NJ right now and won't be back home until Saturday, after the 4th of July and all that. I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and thank you for adding my story to a community. I am extremely flattered that people have accepted me into a select group of stories. Thank you! Also, can you believe it has almost been a year? SALAZAR!

Okay, chapter 30 is underway! My one annual vacation is over sadly. I'm planning on updating ...oh shit! I just looked at my schedule and I was planning on updating TODAY! Okay...I better get on that then. By the way, I'll add a tiny bit of schedule here in case you need it.

August Note:

Bonjour! So there are two days until the anniversary!!! Everybody should rejoice! I don't have year four planned out yet as I'm not sure if I want to involve UmBITCH in the mess I call my plot. I really want to involve the goblins and the giants and all, but I fear it will be a mouthful. Sigh.

As always, I deeply appreciate the support for this story! 500 favs, 800 follows, 380 reviews? Let us reach for 400! (Hopefully I'm not getting too ambitious...but at least I don't have self-esteem issues...or maybe I do? I'm egotistical to the max. :P So THANK YOU for reading! Love you guys! Please drop a review!

September Note:

School has started. I already have two orchestra auditions. Honestly, fanfiction is on the back burner, however, I do have enough chapters to update monthly for about a year. Don't worry, I won't abandon you at all! I would like to say that I am amazed and grateful for the 425 reviews I have received. Thank you! Thank you because you guys make me smile when I need to! Also, I forget to mention my wonderful beta: greyhoundxx many many times. He has graciously beta-ed most of the ROE chapters, excluding the very first few. I realize there are several errors still...but I will get to them eventually ;)

Anything else? Um, no. Not really.

October Note:

905 Followers. 571 Favorites. 459 Reviews. 16 Communities. This story. I am so blown away. Thank you everyone! I'm literally crying with joy right now that what I write is actually read and understood by other human beings in the world! Orchestra results: moved up to first violin. Homework load: minimal really. How was my birthday? Thank you for asking. I had a cupcake and it was very good. :)

November Note:

Lots of teenage angst. I still have a raging anger over my breakup. You know that bastard still sits with us at lunch and flirts with everyone while ignoring me? Goddamn it. I could rip something up. With my teeth. Grrrr...

December Note:

I made it! That same orchestra I mentioned last year. I'm very very happy. Is it bad to feel complacent? Especially over awful seating? I am going to write more of this fanfiction over winter break, I hope.

Update: Winter break: Let's have at it!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

February 2015 Note:

Welcome to the New Year everyone! I am currently writing chapter 35 of ROE and I'm getting to the really juicy parts. I feel like I'm rushing though and it doesn't make much sense, so I'm going to let it sit in my brain awhile before I start to write anything new. Also, I keep rereading things by The Fictionist, who is a fucking amazing author. Her characterizations of Tom Riddle leave me breathless and wanting more. I highly suggest anyone on my favorites list here if you are bored! It's mainly Snarry or some sort of Harry Slash, but god, the writing is good. I will update on Valentine's day.

March Note:

I am reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde now. I expected it to be longer, but it is still a good book. I am attempting to write more fanfiction. Sigh...every time I try, I end up starting a brand new story and now I've got about ten useless first chapters to random fics. Maybe I'll just collect them all in a single fic called "The Graveyard". Sigh. I'm not that popular. No one would read it.

April Note:

Wow, 630 reviews? I am going to faint XD I am starting a new story called When Innocence Sleeps. It is HP/TM and is dedicated to The Fictionist, who by the way is a fucking goddess. All of her works are just so perfect O.O (Please marry me?) Anyway...I don't like making an evil Dumbledore but it is morally grey...also it's more of a way to vent my teenage hormones's not exactly a great literary work. But we shall see :)

May Note:

It is the last day of May and I am finally getting around to making a note. School is almost over! YES! And then it will be camp, vacation, and college searching...and fanfiction in there too. Dear God. I will do this. I this. Can't wait to write some more for you guys! Aiming for 1K Reviews. Don't fucking tell me my sights are too high. My heart is set on this goddammit. Please find it in your little black holes- I mean, hearts, to leave me a love note or two?

June Note:

It is the fucking end of June. Summer. SUMMER! I am currently on vacation and super duper happy about it. Currently have 692 reviews and seriously eyeing up number 700, wink wink. Thanks everyone for everything ever since the history of the world. I have approximately 7 more chapters to go in ROE, but I have a feeling it might magically become 50. Honestly I will try to add more to each chapter to avoid an ongoing crisis, but SALAZAR this is going to end one day and I will cry my eyes out.

September Note:

Wow. Must have missed a few months. Stupid college work and college search and school! Honestly, life would be so much easier if I could do fanfiction all day long! Thanks for the brilliant 750 reviews, you guys rock! Today is not labor day, (it's the day before), but I'm still going to eat hamburgers and typical American food. I know I always say I will finish ROE before college, but honestly I am so damn tired. I'm aiming for 50 chapters in total and I don't have any time to write. I am currently on Chapter 45: Real Gods, with a quote from Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Go out and read it! And while you're at it, Alice Walker's The Color Purple as well! (Hurston inspire Walker! What! So amazing!) Take care, all!

December Note:

All my college apps are in! Wooo! I try not to allude to my age (or flat out tell you as I just did) because I know personally, and rather irrationally I might add, that it ruins the illusion and wonder of the story when the author butts in with his/her life. Then again, sometimes I really love the author so you can't really draw any broad lines here. Anyway, Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with me all this time. Thank you to all of my new readers who have just stumbled across my story. I plan on updating Winter Break, Spring Break, and then once a week in the summer until I am done. I am regrettably still on chapter 45, but I only plan on writing 50 close! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

January 2016 Note:

I promise to update in the summer...I am a horrible person. I promise to finish this even if I die doing so!

February Note:

Same as January. I wish I had more time but honestly I am having trouble keeping normal life afloat. Colleges decisions are coming in-- I'll hear from everyone by April. It's the Waiting Game. Urgh. On the bright side, love Downton Abbey. I don't think I'll finish my Breaking Branches series attempt/one-shot. Tom is still my favorite character!

March Note:

Still waiting for one more college to get back to me! Hopefully in the next week or so...but honestly I'm not even sure I want to go there. Maybe it's a defense mechanism, reject the college before it rejects you? Go with the college that already wants you...Haha, just a funny thought. (We all know it's about money.) I have updated, as promised, during Spring Break which officially starts today! Thanks everybody who has reviewed ROE and any other silly thing I write. I even edited Chapter 35: No Way Out with my great new writing skills. A.k.a. less amateur mistakes? Please Review and make me happy!

May Note:

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? My excuse? AP tests. I am so ready to start college. Unfortunately, I am doing a BCMB major and that leaves little room for other things. I hope I will have time to continue ffn, but I am honestly overwhelmed. My goal this summer is to finish ROE at least. BIG THANKS to lastcrazyhorn who is an AMAZING writer here and on AO3. Go check out her stories! I am deeply honored that they have commented on my story and I thank the fates for having shown them the link to my story. *blushes*

Closing out high school is hard. Not because high school is great, but because I can't wait to get out and everyone is going crazy. Back-stabbing galore. Did I tell you I can't wait to leave this place?As for my college, I'm going to be a bear...hint, hint. :) To the summer and more chapters of ROE! Best always, BT.

June Note:

Graduated. Fuck High School. What a fucking fiery hell. Can't wait for college and beyond! Here's to the summer and freedom!

I just finished typing the Time Loop chapter at 7:47PM, my favorite time in the world (because when I used to make string bracelets I got the most beautiful ice blue string in color 747, so lol fun fact). I was going to cheat and just give you guys a summary of what was supposed to happen in the time loop but I didn't want to half-ass something that took years to plan and write so I finally did it today. Besides, I like that it has 50 chapters, even if the later ones are kind of short, I think quality over quantity or some such rot. In all honesty, things didn't take as many words as I had predicted and scenes flew by under the usual word count. Sorry. But no regrets. I am done. So long. This is the end. At least it will take me a while to get everything uploaded, seeing as I intend to get to 1k reviews. :) Thanks so much by the way for the 850 reviews. You guys are AMAZING. Just for the record, I've been at 1k followers for a while now, 996 favorites, and 31 communities. ROE has been viewed 319k times, though to be honest, a lot of that is probably me checking the formatting, LOL. As of today only 37 chapters have been uploaded.

July Note:

Hello everyone! I may continue my WIS weird sexual explorations one day...or not. Honestly, it just involves a lot of kissing which may or may not be my forte. I have the entire story mapped out but until I get some real inspiration I don't think anything will be written any time soon.

Also, it will probably uploaded on AO3 since I really don't think some of this stuff is appropriate.

My Recs:

If the links don't work, just google around.

Recs on FFN- go to my favorites!

Best HP/LV or HP/TR- The Fictionist

Best Snarry- Dius Corvus

Anything by Amanuensis is pure gold.

Happy Reading!

Bleu Tsuki

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