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the worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it

Christmas Eve

Another year has come and past, like moments through an hourglass, but at the end of this years trail.
An offering. A final tale: of love, long lost. And then, re-found!
And the child by which those dreams were bound. Of a dusty hotel, that was long past old. And the shadows and memories, it's hallways still hold.

For things that are old, have the best tales to tell, unusually...they tell them well.

So it's here my dear's, that our story truly starts. When the Lord sent once more to the earth, an angel with a childlike heart. And on this night his mission was to find somewhere on this earth, that human that best reflected his son, and carried on his work. And since this mission from his Lord, had to be completed on this one night. The Angel quickly unfolded his wings and towards the earth took flight.

And this night, *Chuckle* in case you have not guessed, was once more, Christmas Eve! When snow and light and angels' flights all together weave. But of the angel's instructions there was one thing more, that would make this journey to the earth, harder than all the ones before.

For the Lord had also told the angel that he could only use his wings twice, this Christmas Eve. Once when he descended to the earth, and once more when he would leave
(Not unlike ourselves some think, or at least, so I believe)

Now this put quite a complication, in what the had angel planned. For now he had to choose most carefully, exactly where he would land. He needed to find a single place that would represent all mankind, but humans were such a varied lot, such a place would surely be hard to find.

A single place where there would be humans of every race and creed, the rich and poor, the thrilled and bored. The failures with those who succeed. But after a few moments, carefully placed in thought, the answer appeared in the angel's mind, the city called New York! And as he neared that city, where all those souls did dwell, he felt himself being drawn towards an old rundown hotel.

For in a city that usually had guards at nearly every single door, this one just had a sign that said, vacancies, there is always room for one more.
Now why the angel decided to stop there, he could not quite say the reason, but he thought the sign upon that hotel, somehow fit the sentiment of this season. Now even after all these years, the building was still a work of art. And though some fa├žade had crumbled here and there, most still had their parts

The walls were made of granite, not aluminum or steel, and every pillar and balustrade still had its artist's feel. Every gutter had a gargoyle, every gargoyle had its wings.
For angels can appreciate other flying things.
So he landed on a cathedral roof, across the street from that hotel. And looked down upon the world below, where all those souls did dwell. And sitting on that rooftop with his friend the winter wind, he gazed carefully at that scene below, as he slowly took it in.

remember we have the power too change the reality we see around us.

Through this night

The dream still wanders
As it was meant to be
And every year this night grows fonder

Of children and circumstance
Caught in this childhood dance
As the world turns around
Keeping dreams on the ground

Windows of frosted ice
Prisming candlelight
And somehow we
Start to believe

In the night and the dream
As it cuts through the noise
With the whisper of snow
As it starts to deploy

In the depths of a night
That's about to begin
With the feeling of snow
As it melts on your skin

And it covers the land
With a dream so intense
That it returns us all
To a child's innocence

And then what you'd thought lost
And could never retrieve
Is suddenly there to be found
On Christmas eve.

The Other Woman reviews
Sakura knew that her and Neji's secret love affair couldn't last, she knew that he would be married soon. But she fell for him anyway, even though she knew not too. After a year of breaking off their love affair, she was finally able to get over the Hyuga. But now they're both sent off on a long term mission, alone. Now she isn't so sure she can keep up this facade any longer...
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,024 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 19 - Published: 1/29 - [Sakura H., Neji H.]