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Hellooooooo! (Yes, this is thepartwhere on ao3 for those who came to verify.)

This account is shared by three girls who love stories about character's OC sisters. So our stories will most likely be OCs that are sisters of existing characters. May be Mary-Sue or not, up to you, since we understand that all OCs are author stand-ins, but we will always try to keep a certain standard with the OCs and not let them dwindle into something worthy of great YouTube parodies.

And of course we love the canon sister character in one of our favorite games, RE. Claire Redfield ftw!

We love reviews, so post or just PM if you have anything to say! And feel free to leave long ones of either.

Bleeping is Senna and Bleep is Elis, in case you're wondering. (Why would you be, though, who even thinks about this stuff (us)) And Nit is the dash between us that keeps us sane!

First story's up! Footing is a The Chronicles of Narnia story that starts with the Prince Caspian movie. It's about figuring out your priorities and deciding your own place in a kind of world you're plunged into without warning. Also, Edmund! Lysandra is the OC made to be Prince Caspian's younger sister. It's by Elis and her first story, so we hope you take it well (sounds like a terminal illness that way) and enjoy!

Jasmine is an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic, post-series. It's about how the ones you love never truly leave you, and Zuko learns that through his daughter, humorously named Honora by the fandom.

Still by Elis because Senna is working on both a Legend of Korra fic and is refining a silly Lord of the Rings story she wrote when we were but babes in high school. Not to mention she is busy finding a way to balance time between her real-life boyfriend and her fictional ones (Tarrlok and Legolas). Go figure.


Well, haven't we been extremely lazy? Yes, we are. But Senna is finally going to start posting that old LotR fic of hers soon! You heard it here first, people, at the start of the new year! It's going to be called

The Province of Men. Obligatory 10th walker Legomance, other warnings inside when posted. Éohild is the OC youngest sister of Éomer and Éowyn. Before you judge, read the first few chapters and get a feel for her character, see if you like it. The story is about finding your voice amidst the bellows of war, getting over fears and, of course, keeping hope alive through friends and loved ones despite the darkness in the world.

Another one Senna is working on is a The Hobbit fic, unfortunately. Senna doesn't read from the LotR or The Hobbit sections so as not to be blamed for plagiarizing anything, in case we are so accused in the future, but we don't profess to being so mind-bogglingly original and so accept that there will be similar ideas. But you saw the raw idea posted here first. Ha ha! (Elis reads, but refrains from telling Senna anything even if she really wants to share some of the funnier stories.) This one will be called

The Carnelian Heart, Thorin/OC. A young Hobbit named Cornelia (though everyone knows her as Corn) is reluctantly raised by Radagast from early childhood to love and protect the forest and its animals and, naturally, to dress like a hobo. Hilarity ensues. Just kidding! Well, humor will happen, we suppose. Either way, it's about opening your eyes to a world beyond what you want to know and learning to love both the strengths and flaws that make a man and a people.

I know, sounds awful, right? Please read it before you judge. When Senna gets around to posting it, anyway. She's the slowest thing you'll ever see. Snail's pace should be called Senna's pace. Yes, this is Elis typing up this update. Ha!

Constructive criticism is always welcome!

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