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Hi everybody! I don't know how to start off, so I'm gonna begin by introducing myself.

Name: Emma, although it's a nickname from my real name...which is a bitch :))

Age: 13, if you must know :D

Favorite color: there are so many i like, but the top ones would be green, blue and red.

Sex: female

Height: 5'7" ( i know, I'm as tall as a tree )

Eyes: brown

Hair: again, brown

Favorite food: spaghetti!! love 'em, what else... pizza, french fries, salads ( my friends think I'm crazy for loving salad, but, whatever... )

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother, amongst others, but i put up my favorite one of all.

Personality: Ugh, where do i begin :)) I can be all sorts of stuff: bitchy, whiny, the good Samaritan, but the most common of all, i guess would be sarcastic, ironic, generally in a good mood.

Loves: watching TV shows and/or movies ( i love animation movies, but also comedies, not so much of a drama fan, but, it depends on my mood ), being as lazy as a sloth, and surfing the web. Oh, i forgot, playing the piano. But again, depends on the mood. There are times when you wouldn't catch me DEAD playing it, and other times when i just play for fun. I also love finding the musical notes for songs. I just do them by the ear.

Hates: criticism, although i know it's not good, but i hate it when people instead of 'Congratulations!' say 'You could've done better!', being made fun of, anything that's "me" related and not a good thing.

Obsessions: Wow, how do i put this in just a few sentences. I'm a total grammar Nazi, when it comes to English and/or Romanian... believe it or not, i have only this ONE thing i CANNOT stand, what else... When i "discover" a HOT guy, i will not shut up about him. My friends can vouch for that. And last but not least, spaghetti. If i were to be asked 'How would you prefer to die?', my answer would be 'From too much spaghetti.' Also, i have an obsession with learning a LOT of things about actors, like, their biographies, and things they do for fun, not so much actors, as any famous person.

In my free time, which would be, like any time of the day, except for the 30 minutes it takes to do my homework, i cannot be away from the current show I'm watching, and, once i finish it, i just have to go back to my boring life saying 'What will i do next?', and then, guess what, a wild new show appears. I never do anything, when i start a new show, but watch and watch, all day long, until i realize I've been watching the show for 5 straight hours. Or when my family comes bitching to me: 'Why don't you do something else instead of watch stupid shows? I swear to god, someday, I'm gonna throw that computer out the window!' blah, blah, blah... But, i must admit, it comes a time, when even I'm sick of non-stop sitting and watching the computer. It hurts my eyes :)

I hope i didn't, like, freak you out, or something. I can be a really fucked up person, most of the times, but that's just something me and my best friend share. My other friends are not usually like that. I have to TURN them into me. That's the "benefit" you get from spending time with me.

Alright, I'm gonna post a story, i hope, soon enough, once i finish writing the 3rd chapter, ON PAPER... And, hopefully, I'll be able to post every month or so. It's basically a college story starring the gang from 'How I Met Your Mother', A/U, you'll see why. Anybody who wants to text me about something, you know where the PM button is, and, if you do find something wrong ( I'm talking about spelling, or stuff like that ), please let me know. I hope you'll enjoy my story. Thanks for reading. Bye!