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Author has written 9 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Darkest Powers.

Quote: "You think you're descending into madness? How about you quit the fucking denial and meet me at the God damn entrance."

"She stepped on my ass with those fucking devil horns on her feet!"

Gender: female

I hate trying to tell people about myself b/c it takes waaaaay to long. So I'm just going to do the fun and easy stuff first.

Stories: 1. Be Careful What You Wish For: Book 1

2. The Tree Doesn't Grow Too Far From The Apple

3. "It's Not Okay To Hit!"

4. The Humanoid Energizer Bunny & Stubborn Sin's Voice, An Unlikely
Duo/The Cure & Sin's Voice, Awakened

5. The Memory Book

6. Old Bodies-Old Friends-Old Enemies

7. Prince of Egypt

8. "How? Why? WTF?"

9. "Not Again!"

10. "Why Me?"

11. Once Upon A Scream

12. The Family Next Door

13. Choices

14. "You're Mine!"

15. Blood &
Paint or Secret Blood & Spilled Paint

16. "My Supernatural Life"- Version 1

17. "My Supernatural Life"- Version 2

18. Family Feud Yu-Gi-Oh Style

19. Last Night

Main Ocs:

Khemet/Keket (vampire, Atem's protector/guardian)

Blondie (human, Khemet's closest friend)

Eli James (soul being of Khemet)

Liza James (soul being of Khemet)

Beth James (soul being of Khemet)

Sinna (vampire, Khemet's magic teacher)

Taro ( bisexual vampire, Khemet's older brother)

Erric ( homosexual Whisper, Taro's "partner")

K8lyn ( cyborg, Khemet's closest female friend)

Mason Turrea ( half human/half Whisper, Mana's OC father)

Mark Belenski ( human, K8lyn's father )

Queen Sanura (Atem's mother, shadow priestess of Keket)

Princess Phoenix/Moswen/Fenikkusu (Atem's youngest daughter, fire and lighting/thunder magician)

Princess Eboni/Kuro (Atem's middle daughter, earth and wind magician)

Princess Khepri/Asa no taiyō (Atem's oldest daughter, light and day magician)

Runihura/Kuchiku-kan (Phoenix' s guardian, Shadow Sorcerer)

Tehuti (Eboni's teacher and guardian)

Re/Mahiru no taiyō (Khepri's best friend and guardian)

Extra’s: teachers, scientists, background people, ect.

Current Story: Old Bodies-Old Friends-Old Enemies

Favorite Couples:






Lina M. X Doon H.


Tohru H. X Anyone I guess

Inuyasha X Kagome

Alice X Mad Hatter/Alyss X Dodge A.

Chihiro X Kohaku

Miku X Kaito

Puzzleshipping here and there


Favorite OC Couples








(Made this in class)

Alphabetical Advice

A- Ask for help when you need it

B- Before you make a decision, think it through

C- Consider the shrimp

D- Don’t be a jerk

E- Eat, chew, swallow, then talk

F- Fix your problems

G-Go to the bathroom when you need to because holding it in will just bring you pain

H- Hold your friends and family close

I- IDK is not a proper answer to a math question

J- Joker in real life does not mean trying to destroy everyone in a city

K- Kat, not cat, Kat

L- Licking unknown substances/icy pole is not a smart thing

M- Make sure to consider others before you make a tough decision

N- Never talk sassy to your mom, it’ll just get you kicked out

O- Opera as in a musical, opera as in soap opera, opera as in Ghost of the Opera, NOT AS IN OPRAH WINFREY! THAT’S NOT HOW YOU PRONOUNCE IT!

P- Please, please, don’t try to take a teenager’s snacks... Just no.

R- Respect others as you would yourself (Or your mother, mothers are to be respected too)

S- Sitting is doing something

T- Talking back is not cool, ever

U- U ain’t doin’ nthin’? Is incorrect grammar and spelling and I don’t care that you’re texting, it needs to stop!

V- Velvet is not just a sweet, it’s also a luxury

W- Winning doesn’t mean everything, especially if it means the losers get trophies too (When did that start?)

X- X-rays are not a toy, they can be dangerous weapons when needed

Y- Yelling is NOT the same as talking

Z- Zaya means Victorious Woman, which all women are

FRIENDS: Never ask for anything to eat or drink.

BEST FRIENDS: Helps themselves and are the reason why you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents by Mr. and Mrs. and Grandpa, by Grandpa.
Call your parents DAD and MOM and Grandpa, GRAMPS!

FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.
Wont tell everyone else you cried...just laugh about it with you in private when your not down anymore.

FRIENDS: Asks you to write down your number.
Has you on speed dial.

FRIENDS: Borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
Loses your shit and tells you, "My's a tissue."

FRIENDS: Only know a few things about you.
Could write a very embarrassing biography on your life story...

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
Will kick the whole crowd arse that left you

FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door.
Walk right in and say "I'M HOME."

FRIENDS: You have to tell them not to tell anyone.
Already know not to tell.

FRIENDS: Are only through highschool/college.
Are for life.

FRIENDS: Will give you their umbrella when it's raining.
Will take yours and yell "RUN BITCH RUN!!"

FRIENDS: Would bail you out of jail.
Would be sitting next to you saying "We screwed up again."

FRIENDS: Would ignore this letter
Will repost this!!!


...can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance

...are there handicap parking spaces in front of ice-skating rinks

...sick people go to the back of Walgreens to get their medicine, while healthy people get their cigarettes at the front

...people buy hotdogs in packs of 10 and hotdog buns in packs of 8

...the banks leave both vaults open and then chain the pens to the counter

...people order a double cheese burger, large fries, and a diet coke

...people leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveways and keep their junk in garages

...people use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so they won't miss the calls from someone they don't want to talk to in the first place the word "politics" used to describe the process so well; "Poli-" in Latin means "many" and "tics" mean "blood-sucking creatures”

Things I'm not allowed to do at Hogwarts.

1) Seamus Finnigan is not after me lucky charms

2) I do not weigh the same as a duck. Nor should I try to act like one.

3) "I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge.

4) I will not sing "we're off to see the wizard" when sent to the Headmaster's office.

5) I will not bring a Magic Eight Ball to Divination class

6) I will not, under any circumstances, ask Harry Potter who died and made him boss

7) Professor Flitwick's first name is not Yoda

8) Remus Lupin does not want a flea collar

9) First years are not allowed to be fed to Fluffy

10) I will not make any jokes about Lupin and his "time of the month"

11) I will not give Hagrid Pokemon cards and convince him they're real animals

12) I will not sing the Badger Song during Hufflepuff-Slytherin quidditch matches

13) The Giant Squid is not an approriate date to the Yule Ball

14) When Death-Eaters are attacking Hogsmeade, I shall not point at the Dark Mark and shout "To the Bat Moblie, Robin!"

15) When a class-mate falls asleep, I shall not take advantage of the fact and draw a Dark Mark on his arm.

16) It's not necessary for me to yell "BURN!" every time Snape takes house points from Gryffindor. (yes I will)

17) Any resemblance between Dementors and Nazgul is simply coincidental (sure)

18) I will not call the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Kenny. Even if he is wearing an orange anorak

19) I will not refer to the Weasley Twins as "bookends"

20) I will not dress up in a Dementor's suit and use a dustbuster on Harry's lips to make him do what I want.

21) I will not scare the Arithmancy students with my Calculus book.

22) I will not hold my wand in the air before I casting spells shouting "I got the power!"

23) I will not tell Sir Cadogan that the Knights who say Ni have challenged him to a duel and then have students yell "Ni!" from various directions.

24) I am not Xena: Warrior Princess and I shall not use war cries to signal my entrance when I enter a classroom (that's a lie)

25) Its not necessary for me to yell "Bam!" everytime I apparate.

26) I will not steal Griffyndor's sword from Dumbledore's office and use it to patrol the hallway.

27) I am not allowed to sing my own personal spy music when wandering the halls.

28) "To conquer the earth with flying monkeys" is not an appropriate career choice.

29) I am not allowed to begin Herbology class by singing the theme song to "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"

30) I am not allowed to paint the house elves blue and call them smurfs.

31) The Whomping Willow is not an Entwife (YES IT ISSS!!!)

32) "Draco Malfoy, Take it up the Arse" is not an acceptable quidditch chant. (I think it might be at a Slytherin/Gryffindor game)

34) I am not Allowed to lock Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a closet to see if hot gay sex will occur.

34) It is a mad idea to tell Professor McGonagall that she takes herself too seriously

35) "Ya'll check this crap out!" is not an appropriate way to announce that I am about to conduct an experimental spell.

36) I will not say the phrase "Dude, get a life" to Voldemort. (Iwill!!!)

37) I will not offer to pose nude for Collin Creevy. (EVER!!)

38) I am no longer allowed to use the words "pimp cane" in front of Draco Malfoy. (I wouldn't risk that in the first place -shivers in horror-)

39) Should I chance to see a Death Eater wearing a white mask, I should not start singing anything from The Phantom of the Opera.

40) Dumbledore does not have "nakie time". (Mmm Hmm Sure)

If you hate Twilight, think that Stephenie Meyer completely screwed up Vampires, believe that Bella is the dumbest heroine ever, and pretty much hated every minute of the book or plot synopsis, copy this into your profile and join the ranks of people that do not believe that Twilight is the best thing since sliced bread. Hurraaaah for people who think and KNOW this!! :D

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't

mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the

olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer

be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl

mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed

ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling

was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile!

The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir...when I was born I was BLACK, when I grew up I was BLACK, when I'm sick I'm BLACK, when I go into the sun I'm BLACK, when I'm cold I'm BLACK, when I die I'll be BLACK. But you sir, when you're born you're PINK, when you grow up you're WHITE, when you're sick, you're GREEN, when you go in the sun you turn RED, when you're cold you turn BLUE and when you die you turn PURPLE. And you have the nerve to call me colored? Post this on your profile if you hate racism.


1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they aren't looking.

2. Set all the alarm clocks in Electronics to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms.

4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone,
" 'Code 3' in housewares"... and see what happens.

5. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away.

6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department.

8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask,
"Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

9. Look right into the security camera & use it as a mirror, and pick your nose.

10. While handling guns in the hunting department, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti - depressants are.

11. Dart around the store suspiciously loudly humming the "Mission Impossible" theme.

12. In the auto department, practice your "Madonna look" using different size funnels.

13. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through,
say "PICK ME!" "PICK ME!"

14. When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assume the fetal position and scream..
"NO! NO! It's those voices again!"

15. Go into a fitting room and shut the door and wait a while and then yell, very loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!

16. Get several bouncy balls and throw them down an aisle shouting "pikachu, I choose you!"

A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a "slut", no one knows she was raped at age 14. People call another guy "fat", no one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight. People call an old man "ugly", no one knows he experienced a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. Re-post this if you are against bullying and stereotyping

I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a cashier hand this little boy some money back. The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The cashier said, "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll."

Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''

The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.

"It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her."

I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry.

But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there." His eyes were so sad while saying this. "My sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.''

My heart nearly stopped.

The little boy looked up at me and said: "I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall." Then he showed me a very nice photo of him where he was laughing. He then told me "I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me. I love my mommy and I wish she doesn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister." Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly.

I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. "Suppose we check again, just in case you do have enough money for the doll?''

"OK," he said, "I hope I do have enough." I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for the doll and even some spare money. The little boy said: "Thank you God for giving me enough money!" Then he looked at me and added, "I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me! I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose. My mommy loves white roses." A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket. I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind. Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl. The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine, because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma. Was this the family of the little boy? Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young woman had passed away. I couldn't stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was exposed for people to see and make last wishes before her burial. She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest. I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever.. The love that the little boy had for his mother and his sister is still, to this day, hard to imagine. And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Savage Heart by Otrinity reviews
Chloe thought that she could go unnoticed in school, but when her father turns to the Triads for help Chloe soon finds out that being invisible will be impossible. Forced into marriage, stuck in a love triangle, trying to find a killer, and still only being 16 - how much can Chloe take? (No supernatural powers in this story, Rating might change, and everyone is one year older.)
Darkest Powers - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 38 - Words: 169,245 - Reviews: 269 - Favs: 78 - Follows: 115 - Updated: 5h - Published: 7/24/2013 - Chloe S., Derek S., Simon, Tori
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 40 - Words: 190,832 - Reviews: 351 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 1/31 - Published: 6/9/2014 - Timeaus, Yūgi M.
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Princess Tutu - Rated: T - English - Drama/Crime - Chapters: 22 - Words: 139,082 - Reviews: 264 - Favs: 207 - Follows: 210 - Updated: 12/31/2015 - Published: 9/7/2009 - Ahiru, Fakir, Mytho, Rue
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Web Shows - Rated: M - English - Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 62,137 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 11/18/2014 - Published: 5/17/2014 - PewDiePie, ChaoticMonki
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Ib - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 39 - Words: 25,591 - Reviews: 104 - Favs: 119 - Follows: 74 - Updated: 11/13/2014 - Published: 12/7/2012 - Ib/Eve, Garry - Complete
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39 Clues - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 31,034 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 10/10/2014 - Published: 9/8/2013 - Amy C., Ian K.
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Last Night reviews
UP FOR GRABS IF YOU WANT IT! Mana's parents are abusive and Mana became suicidal. Atem is Mana's boyfriend but can he save her? ONESHOT/SONGFIC
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 966 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/9/2012 - Atem, Mana - Complete