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About me/Sobre mi:

Favorite movies/Peliculas favoritas

Me gustan las películas de todo género; animación, comedia, drama, terror y hasta románticas :) Lo importante es que me entretengan/I like all kinds and genres of movies; animation (mainly) comedy, drama, horror, and even romantic ones :) The genre doesn't matter if the movie is good for me!


Balto I, II, III




Any Given Sunday/Un domingo cualquiera

Cool Runnings/Jamaica Bajo Cero/Elegidos por el Triunfo

If Only/Antes de que Termine el Día/Un Día Inesperado

Friday Night Lights/No recuerdo la traducción, siempre la he conocido así :P

Pacific Rim

Favorite TV shows:
American Pickers/Cazadores de tesoros
Pawn Stars/El Precio de la Historia
The Simpsons

Favorite Sports: Football, soccer, basketball, etc. Also I love winter sports like bobsleigh and I dream to compete for my country on the Winter Olympics someday / Me gustan los deportes divertidos e intensos cómo el futbol americano, fútbol soccer, basquetbol, etc. Espero algún día también representar a México en las Olimpiadas... de Invierno XD. Sí, ese es mi sueño más grande y extraño...

Favorite Sports Teams:

Soccer: Real Madrid (La Décima is here!)
NFL: New England Patriots
NBA: San Antonio Spurs (Cinco!)

I don't watch series very often, but i like to ocassionally watch The Walking Dead or other TV series with Supernatural/Horror themes. And some Anime too.

My English isn't very good, but i'm trying every time to improve my writing.
I accept constructive criticism. As I've said, i'm always trying to improve and some help is welcome!

*Original characters*

From Between Two Lands, my Balto fanfic:

Click on the blue links to see images of them


Dara: (Image by ArticWolf14 in DA) A female husky/malamute, daughter of the former All-Alaskan Champions Kanut and Paniq, she has chocolate brown fur with dark brown spots around her eyes, amber eyes and a wonderful smile, she turns into Dinae's second and definitive love interest. She's about 2-year old.

Dinae: See below.


Boulder: A male bloodhound, owned by the hunter Charles Salt, he has brown and white fur. He has great smell sense and ability to catch wolves. He obsesses with an idea of a war between wolves and dogs.

Charles Salt: A hunter from Central Alaska, considered the best wolf hunter in that territory. He has an strong complexion, ice blue eyes, long black hair, and a dark, wrinkled skin. He's about 52-years old

Leo: A male husky/malamute, he has black fur with light gray belly and spots of the same color around his eyes. he's considered one of the best sled dogs in Nome, he lives at Joe Wally's kennels. He's Dara's forced mate and he wants (and their owner too, as they have two of the best sled dog heritages in the world) to have pups with her, Unfortunately to his great skills. He's selfish and arrogant.

Raima: A she wolf, leader of the Wendigo Clan, cunning, cruel, violent and sanguinary, she has entirely black fur with scary, glowing yellow eyes. Her pack does everything to stay alive, even eat dogs and possibly humans. She's a server of Windigo.

Windigo: A dark wolf spirit and shapeshifter, the evil counterpart of Aniu.


Dingo: A male husky, one of Balto and Jenna's 6 pups, he has dark red fur with cream belly and white face just like his mother and 4 of his siblings, he works as a freighting sled-dog at a mining company with his sister Saba, he likes to chew socks.

Ray: A male husky, he's the dark gray and white dog that appears on B3: Wings of Change, he has white spots around his eyes, he's owned by Joe Wally although he don't consider him for the team and sent him to the Post Office along with Reggie.

Reggie: A male husky, he's the light brown and gray dog that appears on Wings of Change, he has a long and hairy black line above his face. He had the same fate that Ray and was sent to the post office.

Saba: A female wolfdog, one of Balto's 6 pups, she has dark red fur, cream belly, pretty blue eyes, a nice thin complexion and beautiful eyelashes. She's first Dinae's love interest, she works in the Mining Company carrying mining tools on the sled she pulls with her brother Dingo.


Joe Wally: A famous musher and dog breeder from Nome, he had won many races around the Alaskan Territory along with Leo, his star lead dog. He's a compulsive gambler. Because of that, his wife left him. He lives in a damaged house with a kennel in the yard in the outskirts of Nome. He wants Leo and Dara to have pups. Because each of them come from two of the best racing dogs lines in the world. He's about 40-year old, he has a grayish hair, thin complexion, dark brown eyes and a mustache. He's a complete perfectionist and sometimes he obsesses on win races.

This guy deserves his own section!


Age: At the moment of the story 2 years.

Birth date: April 11th, 1926

Birth place: White Mountain, AK.

Species: Canis Lupus Familiaris

Breed: Siberian Husky

White coat, black legs, white paws, a raccoon-like black mask around his eyes, a black spot in the end of his tail. Black ears and Blue eyes.

Personality: He likes to run, sing to motivate himself and the team. He's crafty, intelligent, strategical, but quite stubborn.

Love relationships: His first love interest was Saba, later he met Dara and they became mates.

Works at: Nome Post Office Mail Team

Friends: His teammates, specially Kodiak.

Theme song: ''Run'' - Selasee

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