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Name: Call me Joker

Likes: Childrens card games, controlling and battling mutated animals, and fanfiction

Dislikes: Any Naruto fanfiction where he is gay, When in pokemon they turn Ash back into a 10 year old after he completes a journey and currently Tacos

Activities: Reading fanfiction, Coming up with new fanfiction that people haven't done before, Doing nothing, and rocking out to music.

Favorite Naruto Pairings











MOST HATED NARUTO PAIRINGS EVER (Check Rant bellow for more information)




Sasuke-Emo Bitch


Hinata- She is a stalking stuttering main house bitch. She stalks Naruto for the entire show then when he faces Pein she jumps in says she loves him Dies and then everyone think she should be with him. Well here is some news for you people HINATA IS A FAN GIRL. There not all just for Sasuke.

Sakura- She is a evil psychopathic abusive bitch. She has beaten Naruto for the entire anime and then she also says she loves him but she also has said that to Sasuke who she begged for Naruto to get back. The minute Sasuke ever comes back and she was dating Naruto she would dump him for Sasuke in a heartbeat.

Sasuke- I dont exactly hate him. I can read stories where he's nice or when he's bashed just not when he is gay with Naruto. I hate him because the creators made it so it seemed like Naruto was gay as he tried to bring back Sasuke and that created so much Yaoi and now i cant find one fanfiction with there names in it where they have a brotherly bond not a gay one.


Top 5 Naruto guys in order

1. Naruto (Obviously)

2. Killer Bee (Rap for the win)

3. Shino (Bugs as weapons... BAD ASS)

4. Shikamaru (And i qoute 'Troublesome')

5.Choji (He's Fat He's Fat you know it)

Top 5 Naruto Girls

1. Fu (Jinchuuriki for the win)

2. Mei Terumi (Shut up or she'll kill you)

3. Yugito (Meow)

4. Ino (Flower Power)

5. Konan (Paper- it can kill you now)


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