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Author has written 23 stories for Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Ragnarok, Hungry Heart, PoPoLoCrois, Dangerous Days of Daniel X, Misc. Tv Shows, Rise of the Guardians, and Legend of Korra.

Name: Sakura Martinez

YouTube: Ko-fi Profile

Goodreads Author Profile: http:///vemartinez


I've been a long time member of FFN, since '03, when I first started enjoying fanfictions. I wrote my first fanfic (Hope of Darkness) back when Digimon was pretty popular with Zero Two airing in our country though I have been writing stories long before that. The "success" of HoD gave me enough courage and self-esteem to continue writing and the great community that is FFN became a training ground for me and helped my writing to evolve, although, truth be told, most of my fan fiction require beta reading.

I really enjoy reading and writing, it's one of my passions in life. Apart from that, I also enjoy drawing and developing/designing video games--although, the video games I have been working on are still in the development phase. I also enjoy listening to music, from pop to rock, from country to christian music, I enjoy them all...well, as long as the songs don't involve cheesy lyrics and a lot of screaming, growling.

I am also a graphics designer and a web administrator. I make covers for fan fiction, draw fan-art, and even extend my services to help build fan sites. I also own a blog (check out the link mentioned above).

I have also published two book. They are YA-novels entitled "WINGED: THE AWAKENING" and "WINGED: THE UNRAVELING" which you can buy on Barnes & Nobel, Createspace, Amazon (US and UK), National and PowerBooks Bookstores (Philippines). The ebook version could also be bought on Smashwords and iTunes. You can learn more about the books that I have written by checking in on my blog or my Goodreads Author Profile for more info.


Currently accepting request for fanfic cover arts. Most of the covers I have (especially the Daniel X, RoTM, and McLaina ones) are covers I made for myself. PM me if interested.

I have books that are now on sale. They're called "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Check out the Facebook page for more info: http:///WingedTheAwakening for more info regarding this book (now available on Amazon (US & UK, CreateSpace, Barnes&Noble, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Sony ebook store, and Smashwords)

Also, you can now follow me on Twitter: or my Tumblr for fanfics: .

If you want to know what's the latest news with my fanfics and other projects, be sure to check on my TUMBLR and BLOG.


Why choose 'Sakura' as your Pen name (Sakura Martinez)?

Well, first it's because I simply am a fan of Sakura (CCS, TRC) and Sakura (Naruto). Second is because I like what that name symbolizes which is the Cherry Blossoms which in turn, for me, symbolizes meetings and partings which is what life is mostly about.

Of all your OCs, who do you like the best?

I would have to say... Yumi Kanabra -- Takuya and Izumi's "future" daughter. I don't know why... well... maybe I do, but, I enjoyed pairing her up with Kouichi. I have to say that the two, in my fanfics and fanarts at least, look good together. I also like Khadagh, my alternate-history Daniel from my Daniel X fanfictions.

Would you agree that 'TakUmi' is the best Digimon couple out there?

With every fiber of my very being, YES!! The show even strongly hints about it (You'd get a lot more out of the original, subbed episodes than from the dubbed ones). Besides, their personalities are really compatible with one another.

Have you ever won an award or contest?

Yes, actually.
I've won a couple of contest from Animax, one of them was for my writing. I've also won a Leadership Award and won in an essay competition and a couple of Declamation contests. I was also nominated as one of the most helpful people in another forum.

Do you post your stories anywhere else besides FFN?

Yes. I host them on my website (although I am currently renovating my novels and books page), and even at DeviantArt from time to time (though at DA, I only post the first chapter). I used to be a member of Wattpad but found the community bland compared to FFN (plus all the stories there revolve the typical Vampire, Werewolves and human stories). I also have a books published. Check out my website for more info about that. I also post chapters and new fanfics, in advance, on my Tumblr.

Anywhere else that we can contact you?

Well, besides the PM system that has been implemented here at FFN, and my website, "Sakura no Kokoro". You can also look me up at Twitter or Tumblr. I'm constantly updating there and always check that site. It's pretty useful, lol. You can follow me and I can follow you (do I hear a song coming up?).

Why do you not reply to my messages?

Ah, yes... that ever question that I get making my E-Mail's Inbox almost explode. Well, there are a couple of reasons. A) I'm too busy to reply since, I do have other things to do besides answer mail all day, which involves my work and my own personal life; B) There's nothing to reply, perhaps? Sometimes I get mails that are offensive so why should I bother to reply to them? It's as they say, if you don't have anything nice to say, then it's better to say nothing at all; C) I may have not checked my e-mails in a while, if what you want to say or ask is important then try PM-ing me here or twitting me up at Twitter; D) This may sound snobbish (or something) but there are times when I just don't feel like, I refrain from replying either because I'm in a bad mood or something similar.

Why haven't you been updating your fanfics?

That'd be an easy question to answer. That's because I am busy with the other things that are also important in my life such as: work, my projects, my personal life, and stuff like that. I know it's my responsibility to keep my fanfics up-to-date as possible, but there are some things that can cause hindrance to the updates and I do apologize for that. Usually, I do make up for it by giving you guys quite a long chapter to read. Another reason, at times, is that, our internet service provider isn't the best in the world (it's probably the worst, actually) and as such, there are times when I got no connection AT ALL! (Makes me angry!! GRRR), which also causes for the chapter uploads to fail misserably and the updates to become late. I wish I could fix that problem, unfortunately, over here, we don't get much of a choice when it comes to ISPs thanks to our Government blowing up the ZTE deal.

Can I Be Your Friend?

I don't see why not... unless you're a psychotic person, a crazy stalker, a sociopath, or something like that...then, I'd be scared to befriend you, lol.

Do you love to read as much as you love to write?

Yes. I really, really, really love to read. My room is actually full of books (along with video games, drawings and a bunch of other things).

Will you be writing other fan fictions besides Digimon Fanfics?

Check the list of fanfics I have made. You'll see I have written a lot of other fanfics besides Digimon-related ones.

What advise can you give to people who want to become good at writing?

I'm not sure if I qualify enough to be able to give advise to people and for people to actually heed the advise but, I have to say that if you want to become better, if not good, at writing then all you have to do is read and practice, practice, practice. No one gets better at something overnight. Those things only happen in movies, tv shows and books. It may sound cliche but practice does indeed bring about perfection. Also, avoid copying other people's writing style. Every writer has a writing style that is his (or her) own. Try to find out what yours is and work on it.

Favorite couples:

CARMILLAxLAURA - Carmilla (Web Series)
LA FONTAINExPERRY (LaFerry) - Carmilla (Web Series)
KORRAxASAMI (Korrasami) - Legend of Korra
JACKxTOOTH - Rise of the Guardians
BECAxCHLOE - Pitch Perfect

LARAxSAM - Tomb Raider (2013)



TEMPERANCE BRENNANxANDREW RYAN - Temperance Brennan novels

MCLAINA - Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

PERCABETH (Percy J. & Annabeth C.) - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (One of the greatest books ever written! ALL HAIL RICK RIORDAN!!)

KATE(Puck)xSEAN - Scorpio Races

FAX (Fang & Maximum "Max" Ride) - Maximum Ride


KATxHALE - Heist Society

TORYxBEN - Virals

WILLxELLE - Avalon High

TAKUMI (Takuya & Izumi) - Digimon Frontier

ERAGONxARYA - The Inheritance Cycle

CLARYxJACE - The Mortal Instruments

ISABELLExSIMON - The Mortal Instruments

ETHANxLENA - Caster Chronicles

NOTCH (Patch & Nora) - Hush, Hush

GALExKATNISxPEETA - Hunger Games Trilogy

ADRIANxSYDNEY - Vampire Academy/Bloodlines

DIMITRIxROSE - Vampire Academy

DERYNxALEX - Leviathan Trilogy

KOUIYUMI (Kouichi & Yumi, an OC) - Digimon Frontier/Chronicles of Time

SORAxKAIRI - Kingdom Hearts

ROXASxNAMINE - Kingdom Hearts

TAKARI (T.K and Kari) - Digimon 02

TAIORA (Tai and Sora) - Digimon Adventure


ALPHxLUCIA (Luminous Arc)

VAHNxFIONA - Zoids: CC/Zoids: GF

YUGIxTEA - Yu-gi-Oh!

RANMAxAKANE- Ranma 1/2


SAKURAxSYAORAN - CCS/Tsubasa Chronicles



LOUIExMELISSA- Rune Soldiers

ASHxMORONA- Phantom Brave

LAHARLxFLONNE- Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

YOHxANNA- Shaman King


KYOSUKE KANOx MIKI - Wild Striker Hungry Heart


HARUxELIE - Groove Adventure RAVE

ROSETTExCHRNO - Chrno Crusade

DANNYxSAM - Danny Phantom

PRINCExLYON - Suikoden V

EDWARDxWINRY - Full Metal Alchemist

UEKIxAOI - Law of Ueki

KYUxMEGUMI - Tantei Gakuen Q/ Detective School Q

KYONxHARUHI - Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu

HASEOxATOLI - .hack//G.U


TSUKASA(in AU where he is a guy)xSUBARU - .hack//SIGN

LLOYDxCOLLETE - Tales of Symphonia

EMILxMARTAxRATATOSK - Tales of Symphonia 2

AMUxIKUTO - Shugo Chara!

LINKxZELDA - Legend of Zelda series

KUROKOxMOMOI - Kuroko no Basuke

yep, a loooonngg list of favorites and it isn't even nearly complete, lol


Daniel X: Game Over

Daniel X: Out of Time

The Rabbit on the Moon - Digimon Frontier (AU)

Hope of Darkness - Digimon 02

Chronicles of Time: Of What the Future Brings - Digimon Frontier

Chronicles of Time: Cyber World - Digimon Frontier

Three Years Series - Wild Striker Hungry Heart

Performance Under the Stars - Popolocrois

The Healing Touch - Digimon Frontier (AU)


Rise of the Fright Knights, Vol. 1 (Enhanced Version) [PDF] [EPUB]

Rise of the Firhgt Knigths, Vol. 2 (Enhanced Version) [PDF] [EPUB]

Rise of the Firhgt Knigths, Vol. 3 (Enhanced Version) [PDF] [EPUB]


To the readers who never fails to support me even when the updates are slow...I cannot thank you enough!

To those who added me on their twitter accounts, those who visit my website and those who continued to review my fanfics, words can never express my gratitude to you all.

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AU. What does it mean to have a friend? What does it mean to sacrifice for a friend? For Kouichi and Kouji, they both learn the meaning of friendship and sacrifice by carrying with them a secret that only the two of them know... Complete!
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