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20th Hunger Games


Mentor Blog: Hall of Fame.

From the Ground Up.
20th Hunger Games.
Arena: Greenhouse.
Victor: Asher Hadamik, District Ten.

Riot of Color.
30th Hunger Games.
Arena: 24-Tier Mountain.
Victor: Coleen Morisette, District Four.

Shot in the Dark.
60th Hunger Games.
Arena: Dark Plains.
Victor: Katcia Elspeth, District Seven.

Set in Stone.
70th Hunger Games.
Arena: Stone Forest.
Victor: Liora Marcette, District Six.

Settle a Score.
100th Hunger Games.
Arena: Museum.
Victor: Cailen Arkley, District Eleven.

110th Hunger Games.

Placed Tributes:

Venera Toulley, 18, District Two. Sand Castles. Placed 1st.
Ajax Rogue, 18, District Two. Blood Thicker Than Water. Placed 1st.
Tharia Carmine, 18, District One. Cloud Nine. Placed 1st.
Waverly Capri, 16, District Four. Atmosphere. Placed 2nd.
Sintra Astolle, 18, District One. The 20th: They All Fall Down. Placed 2nd.
Thea Cheviott, 18, District One. Edge of Chaos: The Tenth Hunger Games. Placed 2nd.
Saira Carinne, 18, District One. Flesh and Blood. Placed 2nd.
Calliope Cartier, 18, District One. Madhouse. Placed 3rd.
Meva Ralline, 18, District Three. Beyond the Veil. Placed 4th.
Astrea Cartelle, 20, District One. Measured in Blood. Placed 5th.
Julius Mako, 18, District One. The 13 Games: Luxury. Placed 5th.
Callista Avallone, 18, District One. Fight or Flight. Placed 6th.
Desire Blanchard, 18, District One. The 18th: Standing in their Graves. Placed 7th.
Temperance Clarion, 18, District One. Fight for your Life. Placed 8th.
Vectus Perrault, 18, District Six. Only Human. Placed 9th.
Kendra Lear, 18, District One. A Diamond is Forever. Placed 10th.
Alpha Revere, 16, District One. Atmosphere. Placed 10th.
Andora Seville, 18, District Two. Lost. Placed 11th.
Cecilia Howlite, 16, District One. Written in Ice. Placed 11th.
Fawn Asprey, 18, District One. Wild One. Placed 12th.
Daira Lamotte, 16, District Two. Demons Within. Placed 13th.
Wisteria Arnette, 18, District Twelve. Claustrophobia. Placed 17th.
Vulcan Crater, 18, District Two. Painted in Crimson. Placed 19th.
Ceira Villaine, 18, District One. Light up the Sky: The 30th Hunger Games. Placed 20th.
Leina Rallis, 16, District Nine. Devils and Dust. Placed 23rd.
Leona Verbena, 16, District Eleven. Sink or Swim. Placed 24th.

Current Tributes:

Charne Valle, 18, District Zero. Lockdown.
Zaria Tullius, 18, District One. Iridescence.
Sabine Traille, 18, District One. Forlorn Hope.
Anora Colliare, 18, District One. Sound of Silence.
Adelle Charmaine, 18, District One. The Gates of Dawn.
Adeline Callard, 18 District One. A Cannon in the Wind.
Armina Charelle, 18, District One. Leap of Faith - The 56th Hunger Games.
Chancellor Mallerion, 18, District One. The 77th Hunger Games: The Damned.
Darina Pallone, 18, District Four. Lonely Hour.
Amalie Traselle, 18, District Four. Teen Idle.
Vice Chevallier, 18, District Four. Eternal Penance.
Mavina Perrot, 17, District Four. For a Reason: The 42nd Hunger Games.

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