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Cure Rider Phoenix

Rider System: The Device is known as the Hi no Cure, Rider Belt. A Crimson Red belt that attaches to the waist and bright red flames form a belt around the users waist. Following that a bright red Bird like creature called Nix forms a medal with a Phoenix Symbol on it (Think Tajador's chest symbol). The Medal is attached to a circular opening on the middle of the Hi no Cure belt. Flipping a small red switch on the left hand side begins the transformation with the call of Phoenix Fire! Flames cover the wearer and transforms him into Cure Rider Phoenix.

Design: (Coming soon)

Bio and name: (Coming Soon)

Kamen Rider Dracon (Coming Soon)

Cure Vixen (Coming Soon)

Kamen Rider Buster

Rider System: Original: Known as the Buster Knuckle, it is a unique gaunlet that the user wears on his right hand, combined with a belt on his waist called the Buster Bell, with a unique almost bell like object on the middle of the belt, striking it with his Buster Knuckles causes a Ring sound to echo as the belt calls out, Buster On! And transforms him into Kamen Rider Buster, who is mostly based on a Boxer and uses Punches more than Kicks.

Rider design: Kamen Rider Buster has a Black bodysuit under the armour, which consists of Purple armour on his chest that looks like muscles, little to no armour is on the legs and arms but some purple boots used to help with Kicks, he also has some armour on both his forearms to help with his fists, which are the most armoured with Purple thick armour on the fists mostly on his left hand since his right hand has the Buster Knuckle around purple armour. His helmet is Purple with Black Vizors shaped like normal insect eyes.

Enemies: Most of Busters enemies are monster versions of Sports that usually take the form of either a ball or item used, like a Soccer Ball, a Baseball Bat, and other items, but as of now the cause of this is unknown..though a possible culprit could be some powerful sport organization that was using the monsters to remove any obstacles to there athletes.

(OC Precure)

Jungle Roar Pretty Cure (Precure Inspired by Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger/Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

Cure Tiger

Human Appearance: A 15 year old girl with Bright Orange Hair and Blue eyes standing at about 4'9 tall with cream skin. When not in a school uniform she wears a simple Red shirt with a Strange Black Claw like design on them while also wearing a Black Jacket over her shoulders. She also has a Red Skirt and blue shoes.

Precure Appearance: In her Precure form she has Bright Red Hair with Black Stripe like streaks in her hair. A Red and Black Coloured Dress with a knee length skirt is her main clothing with elbow length gloves that are coloured Red with Black Stripes. She wears red heeled shoes.

Cure Jaguar

Human Appearance: A young 15 year old girl with Light Blue Hair and Green eyes when not wearing a school uniform, she wears a pair of blue trousers with a Blue Karate like belt around her waist and a simple Blue sleeveless top and Black Shoes.

Precure Appearance In her Precure form her hair becomes more Normal Blue with Black Circles in her hair like Jaguar or Leopard spots. Her outfit is very similiar to Tiger's expect hers is more Blue and Black Coloured with those unique Circle shaped spots where the stripes would be on Tiger's outfit.

Cure Cheetah

Human Appearance: Blonde hair with a single braid and Golden eyes and about 14 years old. She when not in her school uniform wears a simple Yellow blouse and Black skirt with white leggings and Yellow Shoes.

Precure Appearance: Her Precure form doesn't change much physically her braid come undone showing long flowing Golden hair and Black spots all done her blonde hair. She wears a Yellow and Black Version of Tiger's and Jaguar's outfits with simple Black dot like spots all over her yellow parts of her outfit.

(Stories: Ideas)

Kamen Rider Dust! Beacon of Hope!

Crossover: RWBY and Kamen Rider

Summary: A new student joins Beacon Academy and joins the elite students who are trained to battle the Grimm. With a unique weapon at his disposal he hopes to cause quite a shake up in Beacon as he joins the various students in training and classes. Hoping to become a Beacon of Hope for the world.

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