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Author has written 1 story for Dragon Ball Z, and Evangelion.

My favourite universes to read are Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter and Neon Genesis Evangelion, though recently I was introduced to Oh My Goddess and Ranma 1/2 have fallen in love with them.

My first story is an Eva/DBZ Cross over started in NaNoWriMo 2013.

When it comes to terminology, for Evangelion I use the English dub language as a base, and for DBZ I use the Funimation English dub of the anime rather than the manga. I'm not good enough to throw in correct Japanese terms in either series consistently so I'll avoid it as much as possible rather than make a 'baka' of myself.

Bio: Male, married, have a 6yo daughter. Part time stay at home daddy, part time cripple, full time geek before it was cool (I have an IT background, MS sysadmin mainly).

Note for anyone getting a fav or follow from me without a review*

I mostly read on a tablet which is a pain in the butt to write more than a few words on. I hate leaving silly little thoughtless reviews like 'awesome story, love it!' and the like and prefer writing something more substantial, which is almost impossible with how glitchy this site seems to be when writing with my tablet. So sometimes, especially when I finish a story in the middle of the night when my laptop is already switched off, I'll follow and/or favourite the story intending to review later, then accidentally forget to come back to it. Please, if this upsets you (it kind of annoys me when people do it to me all the time), just shoot me a PM as a reminder and I'll make sure I write something, okay? I'm not intentionally rude.

Current story: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Just a Boy

NGE/DBZ cross over, updates first weekend of the month as soon as I can. If you like this story, please just subscribe to it to get an update alert for when I do get a chapter out. It is not abandoned, that'll only happen if I drop dead so please, just bear with me.

Status: Chapter 13, first extremely rough draft complete. Commencing editing/fleshing out scenes 20% complete 17/07/15, then off to my beta reader.

Pre-teen super saiyan Gohan inserted into the world of NGE via a combination of the HTC/ROSAT and 12th Angel. Based on the NGE anime (not manga) with Director's Cut eps and EoE at the end rather than Eps 25/26. Stuff happens, things change etc. Gohan's presence keeps the feel of NGE lighter, more like how it was from when Asuka arrived to before Shinji lost his shit after the dummy plug incident. Kinda WAFFy compared to how things played out in canon seeing as it hasn't shifted darker, so far anyway.

Regarding AT fields vs Ki, I'm using the AT Field as a levelling factor otherwise Gohan is way too overpowered for my story to work. Think of the AT field as being as strong as a barrier put up by DBZ characters ranging in strength from the Androids to ASSJ Vegeta/Trunks, so if FPSSJ Gohan goes all out he'll go straight through it, but circumstances have held him back from doing so almost all the time (the Angels target a populated area, whereas the Z fighters and their enemies usually fight in the wilderness. Can you honestly see Gohan not worry about collateral damage?).

My beta reader VGparastar found this excellent timeline of the events in the Evangelion anime EoE --> qmisato (dot) tumblr (dot) com / post / 97427931769

(remove the spaces and replace the dots)

She copied and modified it to suit the altered timeline of my story. Obviously a hell of a lot of the modified version is still the work of and the original creator so they ultimately deserve credit for its existence (look for other credits on that link also), though I feel VGparastar deserves some credit for taking the time to modify it to suit the altered events of this story.

The modified version picks up from when Gohan encountered Unit-01 in the HTC/ROSAT, seeing as everything before then was as per canon Eva, and ends at the end of Chapter 11/start of Chapter 12. You can find the modified, and very spoilerific for new readers, version here. -->

Unfortunately I didn't work off of such an accurate timeline as the original link when I wrote the story, so while the modified version doesn't match my story exactly, but it is pretty darn close. If anything my story is wrong and this is correct, but I'm not doing a rewrite to fix things now.

Future story ideas taking shape

Firstly, a sequel story to NGE: Just a Boy from when Goku wakes up in the HTC and finds Gohan missing.

Working title: DBZ: Angel or DBZ: Just a Girl (probably the latter with a white cover and black text to mirror the first story)

Status: Full plot outline, a few key scenes written.

I've decided that I'm going to run with a single sequel, rather than a side story and a sequel, that will have the side story from Goku's POV as a one or two chapter prologue. Where NGE:JaB is Evangelion centric with a DBZ character (Gohan) inserted, this story will be the reverse being DBZ centric with a NGE character (Rei, obviously) from Cell Games to the end. I have a plot outline ready covering the whole story with how I want it to end, though there's still details to work out. It will be rated M for sure and be darker than Just a Boy or canon DBZ.

Ranma 1/2

Working Title: Akane visits the future

Status: Rough second draft, getting much needed help from a much more experienced author (you know who you are).

Post Manga, Ranma and Akane start to grow closer and try to work on the mess that is their life. However, Akane is concerned that maybe there's just too many problems for things to ever work out between them. One hit on a head and a possible visit to or dream of the future later, she gains some perspective on things.

Working Title: For Better or for worse

Status: Rough first draft

One shot showing the events of Ranma (manga) viewed from a different angle. Partially inspired by MZephyr's 'Waking Up', Richard Ryley's follow up 'After the Awakening', and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 'Normal Again'.

Oh My Goddess!

Working title: Sora's Wish/Belldandy's confession

Status: Incomplete rough first draft

A few years after the end of the manga when Kei and Bell's relationship has moved on enough that they're expecting a baby, Belldandy discovers her arrival and Keiichi's wish actually changed the destiny of not just Keiichi, but also Sora. Bottom line, Yggdrasil has flagged Sora for a wish, and Belldandy feels she must be the one to grant it. This would be a one shot focussing on one long conversation between these two characters, ending with the actual wish.

Various manga/anime series

Working Title: Tsunderes Anonymous

Status: Incomplete rough first draft

A support groups for tsunderes and their 'targets'. Multi-verse participation organised by the Oh My Goddess! crew. Sort of a comedy, sort of just crap that fell out of my head to get a bunch of characters from different fandoms in a room together discussing their 'issues'. Featuring characters from OMG, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Panic!, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Dragon Ball Z so far.

Story ideas not past the idea stage

If anyone else wants to run with these, go for it! Please let me know if you do so I can read them. They are listed from most likely for me to actually write to least likely.

Ranma 1/2

Working Title: Paralysed

Status: just notes at this stage.

Ranma gets a spinal injury fighting Ryoga after the breaking point battle (from shrapnel). Really angsty. What happens then with the rest of the characters, how does Ranma cope etc. Would be a longish story if I do it, not necessarily the entirety of the manga but it would go a fair way. Possibly my next major project after NGE:JaB and its sequel.


Working Title: Plot Induced Stupidity

A TV Tropes inspired sort of parody/comedy where things like the solar flare/destructo disc combo become the norm. Basically after Raditz where a special attack beat a much more powerful enemy, Piccolo suggests to Krillin to work smarter not harder. So he still creates the destructo disc technique, but Chiaotzu teaches them that Crane School telekinesis thing where he held Goku still for Tien to beat on in that Budokai final. Basically they work on incapacitating/holding and kill shots more so than power, so the non-sayians become less useless. How will it actually play out though? Have a rough plan up to Cell for this one.


Working Title: Good Guy Gendo?

Another idea is an alternate universe where instead of pushing Shinji away after Yui dies, what if Gendo pulled him in closer instead and raised him properly with Rei as his sister? This would have Asuka as the protagonist meeting a very different Shinji on Over the Rainbow, he would be trained just like she was instead of totally green and not the timid kid from canon NGE. Tentative title would be Good Guy Gendo? with the mystery being: is Gendo really a good guy now, or is he still planning to tang everyone to get Yui back? Also if the latter, is Shinji in on it too? Same as with the other NGE idea, no plot worked out yet.

Working Title: Untitled

A 'Peggy Sue' where Lilith sends Rei back after seeing Shinji and Asuka alone on the beach at the end. I'm a huge fan of these types of stories when done well, for example Donderkind's Unbroken, Crazy-88's Once More with Feeling, and my all time fav, JimmyWolk's The 2nd Try. These feature Asuka, Shinji, or both respectively. I've never even seen a story where Rei goes back and is the protagonist, so I thought it would be interesting (and be a hell of a challenge) to do the whole thing from her perspective. Haven't worked out any plot really, just the basic idea of her going back. There'd be angst with all the thoughts in her head about what to do, how she chooses to interact with Shinji and everyone else this time around, and her worried about being replaced and forgetting rather than wanting to cease to exist.

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