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Hi! Neons's the name and making story's my game even though my story has my alternate name in it. Don't judge me! I just want an alternate story there I said it happy now? Thank you to all that loved my stories may God bless you with courage and perfect imagination for your stories! And give me request for any kinds of stories just say it to me in reviews ok! peace out yo! Heres who I really am Hi my name is Neon I'm 9 years old I'm a shy yet intelligent girl kid-ager I started this stories when I found this website 3 months ago. I started to think this is interesting so with a little help from my parents and big brother I'm starting my first story. I spent every night finishing my stories even though I stay up until 10 PM. I worked so hard to make this stories I was thinking of making some romance, Adventure and science stories but I think some of them are boring so I changed some words in the stories. My imagination flows fast if I hear my favorite music the full version of Angelica's tango music [Remember Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean episode In Stranger Tides.] So I keep up the good work and I wish everyone good luck!