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Author has written 9 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

"Hello, Lett here. But I guess, um, you probably already know me... sort of. Uh... so, the thing is, I don't have a lot of experience in writing, and I consider myself to pretty much suck at it. Well, you've seen me... you know, when I was writing The Other Waterbender From The Southern Tribe? Uh, yeah... I guess I should apologize for leaving it on hiatus. But anyway, I'm writing some stuff now. I mean, I thought I was bad before, but now I realize I really sucked (and still do). Ugh, but anyway... I think it's time I upload my profile and publish some more crap.

Well, what's your answer?!"

So, yeah, I'm just your twenty-something average college student who likes to write as a hobby in her free time. The thing is, I'm from Argentina, so English is not my native language. I try to improve and get better all the time, but I still make tons of mistakes, so if you see something wrongly spelled, or bad grammar please do write to me. It helps a lot.

My most beloved fandoms are Supernatural, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Doctor Who and Fullmetal Alchemist. I have also watched (and loved) Sherlock, Sense8, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan) and Death Note.

I am not much of a regular writer. I get writer's block more often than not, and I get very frustrated when I can't get a scene right. That leads to my stories being left on a sort of hiatus for a while. I have tried writing anything to get past the block but it only ends up being more frustrating. Besides, since I am in college and also working, I can't devote all the time to writing that I would like. But it is not all dark my friends: It's only that there are so many ideas and stories that I want to tell that sometimes I feel an entire life is not enough to do all I want to do. Anyhow, if there's one thing I am is persistent, so my stories will not be abandoned, even if I don't update for a loooong time.

I also have a Tumblr, where I procrastinate a lot. You can come talk to me there, too. It is deanandsam-sexchester.tumblr.com

Update as of November 2013: I apologize for the extended hiatus. I went through some nasty depression earlier in the year. Fortunately, I'm better now. I have been able to write again. Mostly because I watched Supernatural and my Destiel feels tingled too much. So yeah, I wrote some silly drabbles. Perhaps I'll publish some of that later.

My story More Than Meets The Eye has been definitely abandoned. It's a shame, I know, but I really wrote myself into a corner and I haven't been able to take up that story again. Idk, the whole plot for the story seems silly to me now.

The Other Waterbender From the Southern Tribe, or TOWFST, or TOAST (teehee) is in the works. I wrote a few more chapters. Unfortunately, there is only one that I am totally satisfied with, and the rest still feel crappy to me. Huh, maybe I should get a beta. Anyway. The thing is, I've decided I'm not publishing any more chapters for that story until I've written up to -at least- some major plot points that are coming (spoilers!). I have also rewritten some of the earlier chapters, up until Ch. 4. I am currently rewriting chapters 5, 6 and 7, because they're kind of a block, you know. And that manic attack of Ch. 6 always seemed a bit fishy to me, so, I'm trying to readapt it, make it a bit more realistic. Time is short, though, because I'm with finals right now. Oh, and chapters after #26 have been written, up until Ch. 31, where I naturally got stuck again. Anyway, you can always help my inspiration by pmming me.

So, in short, TOAST is still a work in progress. But a work that has not, and will not be, abandoned.

Anyways. I am sorry for the delay, but there are still juicy stories to come... someday.

Update as of late February 2014:

I've been working my ass off in TOAST (sorry now I call it like that, because it's TOWFSWT and it sounds like toast and i'm a total loser who can't write right so it kinda befits me and the story) for the past few months, trying to work through my writer's block. But I'm only doing rewrites of the first chapters. I came up with a ton of new ideas for Book arcs and stuff, so I'm trying to make the story fit into that. I always have a lot of fun doing meta for stories, so these arcs I'm talking about are not going to be exactly out in the open. I'm just dropping hints here and there and hoping you'll catch them.

I think one of my main problems is that I take this special fanfic very, very seriously. It's like my masterpiece. It's sad that it's only a fanfic, but, in my mind, I treat it as if I were writing a book. *sighs* Someday better stories will come.

So, anyway, I'm working to try to rewrite the whole of Book I into a cohesive block, that will follow an arc, and where I can mix character development with the adventure style I love to write the most. All I can say for now, -which you'll see when you go to the story anyway- is that the first book has been renamed Change, the second book Blossom, and the third one will be Light. And it all has to do with Kira and what her main character arc and growth is about, in each of the books. (isn't it funny that it actually matches with Water, Earth and Fire? I didn't think of it like that, it just happened! *giggles stupidly*)

Seriously, I take this as if it were a book. I'm a hopeless idiot.

And I also have ideas for a prequel and sequels that should probably take years to write... but hey, I do this because of the love for it. You just be a little patient and bear with me, and then we'll see if my efforts paid off. Thanks for bearing with me so far, too.

(there were more profile updates in 2014 but I deleted them because it makes no sense to keep them here anymore)

Update as of April 2015:

God, is it April already?

Man, what can I say? I have no words to apologize enough for the status of my stories. I feel like GRRM is going to finish the whole ASoIAF before I finish this goddamn fic. I was hoping to have some time in summer to dive into TOAST and wrap up Book I at the very least. But guess what. I had a terrible January. Among other things, a tornadoe ran over my parents' heads. I broke down crying in stress more or less every other day. I gave up Japanese. And from February on I've been working my ass off on college non stop. I only had a break just now on Easter, we went a couple days to the beach, and I could finally breathe a little bit. This sounds like a very long string of made up excuses, and I can't say anything but sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm so terribly sorry. But it's all true. The thing is, if I work my ass off properly, I'll be graduating this year, and that had to become my number one priority because I am so fucking sick of college. My mental health demands that I graduate once and for all. And after six years (plus the pre-college yearly course) I think I should finally get it over with. I'm still going to have to study three more years at the very least to graduate from Translation too, but finishing Law and becoming a lawyer (albeit an excruciatingly inexperienced one) is a necessity by now.

So I don't really think I'll have a lot of time for writing. I'll still try to do it on my spare time, but at least until September I'm going to be swimming in books. What I sincerely hope, because I still want to write, and I still want to finish this fic, is that I'll have time post-September, since by then I will have finished with almost all courses, save for two. That's what I'm planning at least.

And I didn't write about this earlier because every time I so much as think of my fic I feel a pit of guilt trying to swallow me, so I was avoiding this, but I guess I've got to come clean and APOLOGIZE ETERNALLY. I'm so sorry.

August 2015:

I hate myself. I hate myself and my lack of time and I hate my fics and I hate the world. I don't have much else to say. I'm so done trying to save the remains of my fics here. I'm done trying SO HARD to like them again. Especially TOAST. Because I've changed so much since I started writing it, I don't even like it anymore. I mean, I want to like it so bad but every time I read it I flinch. That's the honest truth. I'm done trying to save it. (for now though, never say never). I don't know if I should delete the whole thing, post what little chapters more I still have lying around, or wait some more time to see if I EVER find the time to try and fix it again. I think I should spend whatever writing time I find trying to write new and exciting stories where I can tell all the stuff that pops into my head. But creating a whole new story takes an enormous effort I honestly don't have the strength to face right now. I just don't fucking know anymore. I love writing, but it's so hard, and I can't, I just can't assign it any time now. I've a fuckload of stuff to do before I graduate and my house is a complete mess because we're moving (long story) and next year I have to find a job and everything is stressing enough that I have absolutely no time nor space to sit down in the quiet and put into words all the stuff in my head. I can almost say I don't even have a bedroom anymore because it's crammed with a lot of stuff we have nowhere else to put and God I can barely fight for some time and space to even study for finals. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I should have finished this whole thing when I could. Now only god knows when I'll get to the end of it.

All I have to offer is this: if someone has time and space and writes well, I can pass off the story to them. I know what I want to tell (in detail), I just don't know HOW to express it. So that's that. I'm open to PMs. I'm so terribly sorry.

Early December 2015:

Well, after finishing up all my exams (and not graduating because I'm doing another orientation now which means I'll graduate in July) I finally have some time to devote to this story (TOAST I mean). I still hate it, and I think you all will hate it even more after I've changed it as I mean to because of all the plot modifications I've made and already inserted in the rewritten chapters, but I think that in spite of everything TOAST deserves to see the light and a possible ending. As I've said before, I have to correct and rewrite all of Book I in order for it to make sense. Tonight, after about a year or something? I can't even remember, I've uploaded the rewritten version of Ch 8, and hopefully Chs. 9 and 10 will be up shortly (by shortly I mean at some point before the end of the year) because I've rewritten most of them. I've decided I won't change much of Book II except for Ch 12 (so it will be consistent with the previous ones) and deleting all the songs I'd inserted in the fic. Ugh. I wince just thinking about that. Sooo with extremely good luck I may be able to begin writing the remainder of the third Book by.. say... March? But by then I'll be diving into exams and work and stuff so I don't really know. I'm only happy that I uploaded a rewritten chapter after years -and it's the shortest and most boring one, I think. I'm sorry. I don't even know how to apologize anymore, guys. I'm so goddamn sorry.

Late February 2016:

I started working and my whole life is a mess right now, between work and college I'm barely sleeping, my social life is dead and I've had more nervous breakdowns in a fortnight than I've had in years, so the fic is probably not going to move forward anytime soon. I didn't just come here to give you bad news though, (i might as well have shut the fuck up and leave room for hope) but to answer a question from an anonymous guest in my fic TOAST. They asked why Zuko takes Kira with him on the first place when he arrives at the South Pole in chapter 1, if what Zuko's really interested in is Aang.

To be honest, it sounds really pretentious when you think about it, like who the fuck does this chick think she is anyway. It's probably a flaw in my writing (and let me tell you I started this fic four years ago when I was a completely different person, had never written anything before, and it's been hard to adapt the character and the fic to something I may remotely enjoy now), but nevertheless I can guess a few reasons why Zuko may want to take Kira with him. Actually it's not that he wants to take her with him, what he wants is Aang, but he's pissed because both Kira and Sokka confront him, knock him down and make him look like an idiot, and Zuko is a resentful little prick at this stage. Besides, he knows about the Southern Raiders and their mission to extinguish all bending life in the South Pole, and that they were supposed to have succeeded. Kya indeed died to protect Katara's life and her secret. So finding that there was actually one bender left is kind of a bonus to Zuko. He doesn't give a shit about the Water Tribe or its members, he wants the Avatar, but since waterbenders were supposed to be extinct in that place and he finds one who escaped and said person humiliates him by flushing fucking water into his face, well, then he might as well use his soldiers to teach these stupid peasants a lesson. Hence Kira gets taken away, as a bonus to his capture of the Avatar. Again, it sounds pretentious and it probably is, just a ploy to get my fic going, but still I wanted to try my hand at a decently reasonable answer.

This was fun though. Maybe if you guys come to ask questions I may give answers that might even advance what you know about the plot. I know of this genius writer, LeFay Strent, who had to give up her fanfics but she's releasing chapters that describe how the plot was supposed to go so her readers are not left hanging forever. I've considered doing the same, but I resist because it feels like giving up and I hate to do that because I have a lot of (probably dumb) ideas for the plot and the problem is I can't seem to find the time and inspiration to do the actual writing. But I LOVE answering questions so y'all are welcome to interrogate me if you so wish. I'm totally down with that.

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