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The name is Zella. I love many things like: being random, anime, and writing stories. I hope for those who will read the stories that I publish will enjoy them. I try my best to keep things interesting so I hope I interest you all!!

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Some of my favorite things
Color: Black, red, or dark purple
Anime: Impossible to choose just one! But I like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and One piece and many more!
Band: Either Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, or Marianas Trench
Animal: Otter or Zebra

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This is what Zella stands for:

I thought I'd let some of you know when my writing all began. Yes this shall be a backstory so read it if you want but you don't have to!
Ahem *clears throat and gets all dramatic*.
Earliest Memory: I remember it like it was yesterday. Back in the second grade my teacher gave us an assignment to write about an animal doing tricks or something (I don't completely remember but it did involve animal). I was a studious little student of studiousness. I was the nerd of 2nd grade with all A's because that's how I roll. When the assignment was over the teacher said she would have the best ones be read in front of the class by the one who made them. One after another names were called and I still didn't get to go up. Even the cry baby of the class who I didn't like got to go up! And me, being the little unconfident girlie I am put my head down on my desk. Finally it was time for the last one. The teacher said that this was the best one. It had periods where they were supposed to be and same with capital letters. In my head I was all like "there is no way that it's me". Tears welled in my little hazel eyes and then bam! I was called up. I quickly wiped away the tears and got up. Hurray for me! But then it became pretty awkward because the parts that I thought were pretty funny didn't make anyone laugh and I was literally like "haha... okay moving on". But whatever I won so hurray!
First Story: I never really thought about writing after that (I was a 2nd grader). But in the 4th grade had this nice red notebook with sparkly flowers on it and started a story!!! It was a kind of dumb one about this girl who was left in a junkyard and then somehow started to live in the forest and blah blah. Anyways it made me realize that I had fun writing. I actually still have that notebook with the thirteen pages of incomplete story. Unrelated but the same year I made a notebook full of made up flowers with my friend!
Other Stuff Which I Don't Know The Exact Date Of: That story I started in 4th grade was an off and on thing, I kept picking it back up and writing in it all until like 6th grade. My best friend and I even drew pictures to match the story once. Anyways after that I probably wrote some other short stories. For example in 6th grade our English teacher gave us an opening activity to write a story about anything so I wrote a story about the adventures of a talking slice of toast in a bread world, I'm a weird kid.
6th-8th Grade Rivalry!: Okay so in 6th grade this new girl came to my school and guess what? She also wrote stories! Plus another kid that came back to our school who also writes stories. As much as I love those two as friends I also hated them. Why might you ask? Because I was fudging jealous! I was the writer of our like 16 people class and ain't nobody gonna change that... So when she found out that I also wrote stories I somehow became her proofreader along the way. Her grammar was shit, no offense but it just was. I was serious about writing and here she was writing text abbreviations in her stories and starting sentences with lower case letters. YOU CAN'T JUST START A SENTENCE WITH A LOWERCASE LETTER! I was too nice to point out how cliche and fast-moving her plot was so I just said it was kind of good and pointed out grammar issues.
Around this time was when I got into Naruto again which is why I became an otaku. I first discovered that people made seven minutes in heaven stories for anime characters and then discovered fanfiction!!!
First Fanfic: Okay so after watching the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series and discovering fanfictions I was all like: hell yeah I'm going to make one of these! So I wrote a fanfiction about my favorite akatsuki character Hidan! At the time I wasn't familiar with Fanfiction so I posted the story on quizilla which isn't half as good. The only good thing about it was that you could put pictures in the story. Anyways I got some good uplifting messages because of that so even though I was dealing with the school thing I still felt amazing about my writing. As I progressed my grammar got better and the chapters lengthened. After a while I thought it was about time for another. Soon enough I ended up with three fanfictions on quizilla (Hidan, Shikamaru, and Ichigo from Bleach). I ended up deleting the Ichigo one but the other two are still there.
Finding Fanfiction: So one fateful day I was browsing quizilla for a good fanfic to read and found nothing new so I typed in anime fanfiction in google search and found this wonderful website! After reading a few stories and seeing how well organized the site is I was all like: Damn I gotta get me one of these! So I did and started my first story Life is Important, a Bleach romance with OCxHisagi. It made me terribly happy to see all the positive reviews! So after a while I published a new story for Fairy Tail, which isn't working out very well. And now my biggest success is currently Everyone's Favorite Nightmare, a One Piece OCxLaw.
Friends Along the Way: The two people that liked anime in my class left after I started making fanfictions so I was at a loss. I didn't know that my other friend (the writer with bad grammar) also liked anime but I never told her about my fanfictions. I always thought that my friends would just think I'm too weird to write stories about fictional characters that already exist. One day I came upon a good Naruto fanfic and went to the author's page. After reading her entire profile I messaged her like a year ago or something and now we message each other daily and she's been a big help! I just went to a new school last year (2012-2013 schoolyear) and met a girl who loves reading manga just as much, if not even more, than me. After a while I told her about the stories I wrote and explained to her every single chapter I've written whenever we were in gym class. She gave me some good ideas along the way and it made me happy whenever she was like "moooooorrrrreeeee". And guys should be jealous because she is ahead in pretty much every fanfiction I wrote (even the ones that I haven't published yet!) Sadly she is moving away over the summer so there is an opening for my new otaku/fanfiction buddy!!
Overall: I still write other stories which aren't fanfiction. I'm very content with my experience of writing and getting good input. I'm glad to have met a community that accepts me and appreciates what I do. If I had never found this site I don't know what I'd be doing now. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT AND GOOD ADVICE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

That was kind of long so for anyone who was crazy enough to read that all thanks and you get a free cookie!! *Gives cookie*

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