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About Me:

I adore many fandoms that you will most likely find me in reading over in the crossover section than in the main fandom categories. If you do find me in the main fandom categories, well, I'll probably read fanfics that are at minimal 5k words (with an exception for One-shots/Drabbles). I like well thought out stories and authors who put a lot of thought and reason in making a fic.

I'm a neutral when it comes to slash fics. I'm not into the shipping side of things, so I'm more of a person who looks for story content. So even if you say you did write a good story with slash elements, it won't bother me, as long as it's done well and the characters aren't too much out of character.

My fandom is spread all-around, that I have my fair share of love for Comics, Anime/Manga, Movies, Books, TV series. You probably won't find me in the misc, plays, or cartoon categories for FFN. They're just not my reading joints at the moment (I don't have any fandoms over there lately).

My Style for writing plots: I think I’ve adopted a more thriller based sort of feel rather than the narrative-like for beginnings. There may be a time I will throw readers into a situation where they will have to figure out things. Also I’m sucker for details, so don’t expect me to write short chapters unless it’s some form of drabble or prompt format. My current record on this account is 27,000 words for a chapter in ‘Taking the Backseat’.

My Strengths for fics: I’m comfortable and I know how to balance OCs very well in fanfiction you won’t find them being Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Character depth and interaction is something I love doing. I do my research before I write and I usually will stalk a fandom first and try to create something someone hasn’t done before. One of the strengths I've found on my recent projects is that I have a knack for crossover world building.

Weaknesses for fics: I struggle with grammar at times. It happens when you have English for a 3rd language. If a story doesn’t have beta, you’ll have tolerate it as it is. Although I usually come back to previous chapters to fix them when I can or let someone beta read it if possible.

News of my fics: I'm taking a hiatus for my first fic (STTIASMML) and focusing on my MCU The Avengers x FFVII Compilation. I've lost the vibe for writing my first fic for now. And with more time constraints in RL I just want to focus one project first which still has my attention and I'm more eager to finish it.

(Update as of May 2017):

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rhapsodos: Taking the Backseat: Chapter 13 Progress at 50%.

Sorting out which scenes from the movie to keep and throw out. Suffering from character juggling problems T.T Sooo many characters... wish me luck!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rhapsodos Intorductions: Director Nick Fury: Decided to make it a one-shot. Story Progress at 100%! Word count at 13,700 words without author notes/trivia. Planning a simultaneous release with the main fic.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rhapsodos Intorductions: Agent Phillip J. Coulson: Chapter 2 Chapter Progress at 100%! Planning a simultaneous release with the main fic. Word count at 14,000 words for chapter 2 without author notes/trivia.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rhapsodos Intorductions: Agent Jasper Sitwell: Chapter 2 posted! Story Complete!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rhapsodos: A Part That Remains: Chapter 5 is complete! Story complete!

Simply the Thing I am, Shall Make Me Live: Chapter 14 in Progress. (Hiatus for indefinite time)

SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO REVIEWED Tacking the Backseat (chapter 11): ALL Guests (anonymous reviewers), Arkwright, After-tea, DragonBlade00, Wicken25, Wynter Spite, GirlAnimePrincess, DestinyVain, Lexik, Happy Guest, e-addi, Stormfire, Sakurada Kiritsugu, Reiko x 3, Pleasereadmything, Frostdraga, Beloved Daughter, greivergf, Black Rose of Twilight, mfmxxx, Suzululu4moe (thanks for reviewing all chapters!), Irbise, Snickering Fox, DevinePhoenix, animechick247, Z3R0 K1N6, Preseed, Twighlight Cardmistress, Caitlynn Sidhe, radbackflips, Ryoko Ishida, Peter King, Aya, Ice Night, Hades Coolest God Ever, Nekogami Bastet, Deer-Shifter, YunaBlaze, 6tailedninja, Gamma Cavy, Dragonkage, Inside Us Only Stars, Sblk, Seedy-acc, Raging Berserker and Kuroyuki no Ryu.

What's on My Mind at the moment (May 2017):

Yup! I'm back again with an update (at least this time it's in the beginning of the month). Writing is still going on! Great news is that Nick Fury's One-Shot intro fic is done, so it's out of the way. I can't really believe it either, but the plot bunnies are there and I got them organized enough to actually finish it despite my crazy RL schedule nowadays. Yeah, it's kinda sad I don't have as much time to write as I used to, but just know that every day I try to write the main story fic until it's complete. Well, I gotta go, that Taking the Backseat chapter isn't going to write itself.

As we know so far... Phil's chapter is complete at 14,000 words!

Fury's Intro One-shot is complete at 13,700 words!

After that I plan to finish off the awaited NYC battle of the Avengers with our FFVII characters getting involved.

Due to some plot bunnies popping up, I may even update my self-insert fic that has been in hiatus for so long. We'll see. ;)

If everything goes to plan, I plan to update all the three Avengers x FFVII fics on the same day on JUNE 3rd or 10th, 2017 (maybe four including my SI fic if I'm uber motivated, again we shall see).

I've cross-posted my fanfiction on Archive of Our Own with the username as Wayang_Silver.

I'm officially now also on Wattpad with the writer name as the same as my AO3 account! If you're a fan of shorter chapters (same fic), it might be a incentive for you to follow me there. So if you happen to be there as well, be sure to drop by. ;)

Fanfiction Updates: Naturally on the weekends, although I may post it on any other day of the week. I have my hands full with RL and free time is only on weekends. I'll update when I can get it done, but I will deliver the plot with quality as priority.

About my fics:

Simply the Thing I am, Shall Make Me Live (FFVII self insert):

I'm aware it's a self insert, but I don't follow the events of the game entirely. Lengthy in many ways with details, but I'm a believer that it's important to have the real fandom characters have the spotlight too. Stu/Sue free. I don't do that kind of stuff, or harem for that matter. Powers and some concepts based on the Star Ocean Series (don't need to know too much of them to read this fic). Focus mainly on friendship, but there's plenty of action and suspense in this fic. Includes an alive Zack Fair, a sane Genesis and Shelke seeking for her sister. [HIATUS]

SHIELD Agent Rhapsodos: Taking the Backseat (FFVII x the Avengers [Movie] crossover):

Cover: http: / / i.imgur.com/ 4toaxt7.png (just backspace the blanks)

A challenge I set myself on exploring the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the eyes of a tired and seeking redemption Genesis Rhapsodos. He's tired of the hero business and decides to take the backseat. Features Genesis as a Turk, SOLDIER, Superhero sitter and unwilling superhero in one - as well as Agent Phillip Coulson as his mentor. Focuses on a support character POV and character interaction with action that follows along with it. Events take place before, during, and after the Avengers movie. As of January 28th, 2016 this fis has been cross-posted on FFnet, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad.

SHIELD Agent Rhapsodos: A Part that Remains (COMPLETE):

Cover: http: / / i.imgur.com/ CHBKloq.png (just backspace the blanks)

A prequel to 'Taking the Backseat' in a form of prompts/theme of small drabbles that progress as a story plot. Where it all started for Genesis before SHIELD came into his life, and where his moral compass is formed. Also a starting point to get more character depth for a MCU canon character for a future fic. 5 of 5 Chapters.

SHIELD Agent Rhapsodos Introductions (series): Set before 'Taking the Backseat' but interlinked with 'A Part that Remains'. Short stories on how Genesis first meets with Agent Phil Coulson, Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Agent Maria Hill, and Agent Jasper Sitwell.

  • First Introduction, Agent Jasper Sitwell (COMPLETE):
  • Cover: http: / / i.imgur.com/ gCSE1bB (just backspace the blanks)

    Another challenge fic for me. I like to get to know more about underrated characters. Since Sitwell has made an appearance in Thor, the Avengers, the Consultant, and Item 47, he was my first choice to have a crack of his character. While there wasn't much info on him during the films/short films, I took the privilege to mix his personality a bit with his comic persona. Plus I dragged his comic partner James 'Jimmy' Woo in this too for more fun.

  • Second Introduction, Agent Phillip J. Coulson (In the Works):
  • Cover: http: / / i.imgur.com/ GUz0SKb (just backspace the blanks)

    Where for the first time Genesis meets his SHIELD mentor and life as a SHIELD agent at this point wasn't serving Phil well. He finds a kinship in his youngest recruited protege. Will also have hints of Agents of SHIELD references this story is when Genesis will join SHIELD officially. This is also pretty much a Genesis and Phil friendship bonding story. I wrote this with the intention that between the other characters in the MCU, Genesis in the end is probably is the closest to Coulson (with this fic explaining why).

  • Third Introduction, Director of SHIELD Nick Fury (COMPLETE BUT UNPUBLISHED):
  • Cover: http: / / i.imgur.com/ OckcedB (just backspace the blanks)

    In which Fury is skeptic of Coulson's new apprentice at first, but thinks it'll help his right hand man in the long run. What I thought might be like three chapters turned into a One-Shot story due to time constraints in RL on my part. Honestly I do want to get to Clint, Natasha and Agent Hill soon. I really had fun writing this story. Compared to the others, Nick Fury's voice or character tone is very distinctive in the movie and the comics. It took some effort on my part to try and imitate how he thinks and says his dialogues.

  • Fourth Introduction, Agent Clint Barton (In the Works):
  • This fic is still in the planning stages (unwritten), but it's going to be on when Genesis first meets Clint Barton.

    Other fic plans for the future (if ever, maybe?):

    P R O X Y Pendulum:

    Doesn't have a main plot. Compilation of single one-shots when characters A meets B from FFVIIxAvengers. Does not tie-in with the SHIELD Agent Rhapsodos series.

    Sequel to Taking the Backseat (pending title): I have plans for this as I will end the first one with the aftermath of the Avengers (2012) movie. Will most likely tie into Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World, and Captain America the Winter Soldier. A few Spin-offs to Agents of SHIELD may be made.

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