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Well, what do I have to say about myself?

I'm a 18 year old Highschool Senior who often finds himself ahead of his peers in maturity level. I'm a bit of a nerd. I like videogames, reading material (though I haven't read any books lately), I accept TV and movies as a valid form of story telling. I like science fiction, fantasy and just about any kind of story that inspires thought.

I consider myself more of a realist though I often find myself drawn to emotional ideals. One could say I'm balanced but I disagree; it just so happens I'm one of the few people who's personality is true to their zodiac sign, being Gemini in my case.

My favorite type of videogames are japaneese RPGs, though I do enjoy anything with a good storyline and music score. My favorite videogame is, odly enough, Lunar:SSSC.

Why, you may ask, would a someone such as myself who almost seems to detest romanticism be so fond of a game with a storyline that is, more so then just about any other RPG around, centered around love and could be simplified to, "boy rescues girl"? First, because that is an oversimplified summary of the plot, though it starts out so innocent it might make some desire to vomit, it gets reasonably deep. Second, I'm not sure, maybe I am just an old softy at heart.

Other RPGs I adore include Xenogears, Star Ocean, Lunar2 (obviously), Chrono Trigger and so many more.

You'd probably assume that I'm an anime freak as well upon hearing this but that isn't really the case. Though I have found several animes, such as Gundam Wing, to be increadible, for lack of a better word, I've also seen plenty that I find less then impressive. I guess I really don't see anime much different then I would see American TV. It's the show itself that's important to me, not so much the genre.

Enough about my hobbies. I have grown a fondness for reading fanfiction and decided that I would start writing some myself. I only hope that people will find my fanfictions to be entertaining and that I somehow learn something from this whole experience.

I'm currently working on a Gundam Wing fanfic called The Beehive; it would be the only thing listed below. I genreally have a plan for how the rest of the fic will unfold but I'm having troubles with the last chapter. I wanted to include a piece of Heero and Relena's life after the Beehive Incident but I can't decide what peice. Don't worry though, I'll have it figured out by then

I was also thinking about trying my hand at a comedy after I'm done with The Beehive; but I'm not quite sure. I definatly want to do one that involves Quatre for some reason; either a comedy a 4xR or both. I guess I'll decide later.


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