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Hey there! stoppingtosmellroses present! This page is open to anything, so no hate, please. I'm just a girl here to write about my favorite characters, and sometimes create new ones. Moving on, here are the favorites:

TV Shows:

Glee, Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Dance Academy, Merlin, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, The Lying Game

Iron Man (1&2), Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, XMEN series, all disney movies (my favorite yet to be decided for I'm currently in between when it comes to Tarzan vs. Mulan(Please don't be afraid to list pros/cons in the PM box)), Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean

Harry Potter Series, Pretty Little Liars, Hunger Games, The Vampire Diaries, The DUFF, The Year my Sister Got Lucky, Maximum Ride Series, The Host, Darren Shan Saga

Eli & Clare; Anya/Owen; Puckleberry; Puck/Quinn; Artie/Brittany/Santanna; Damon/Elena; Mark/Lexie; Christian/Tara/Ethan; Gwaine/Apple; FemHarry/George; Hermione/George; Loki/Jane

Just a note: I have a tendency of working the aspects of my life into my writing about the characters. For example: I'm a fencer (weapons, not picket fences :p), so I might make it so that a character has a passion for fencing. (That means, the occasional AU, people).

Now onto the fun stuff...

1. Name: hehehe, i see what you did there
2. Age: Between 0 and 100
3. Relationship Status: Single as it gets
4. Fave Song: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
5: Fave Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
6. Fave Musician: Lifehouse
7. Tattoos/Piercings: My ears are pierced (And I secretly want a tattoo of a raven on the back of my shoulder)
8. Last Thing or Person to make you laugh: My best friend and her dad making fun of me while I try to figure out how to open their mini-van's trunk door.
9. Fave Sport: Fencing. Is. Life.
10. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Shuffling through my iTunes music library.
11. Last thing you said out loud: "You're not helpful!"
12. What you drank today: 2 bottles of water, a glass of milk, and 6 glasses of iced tea...
13. Where is your best friend right now? At home, probably picking her nose.
14. What color is you toothbrush: Blue and White
15: What you see when you look out your backdoor: My backyard...
16. Last thing you bought: Chinese food
17. Best gift from last year's birthday: An old-fashioned journal (My friend got it for me because a few weeks prior, I talked about how I would love one to write in while we were watching TVD.)
18. What color is your room? Purple
19. Where do you keep change? In a small pocket of my satchel.
20. Favorite Ice Cream: Lemon
21. Do you talk a lot? Let's put it this way, a person is sick of my voice an hour after I meet them for the first time.
22. Do you make up words? Why, yes, I'm responsible for the language Gibberish, as well as the term, Smurfaroni
23. Ticklish? Very... shhhhhhhh
24. Are you a jealous person? Depends, is this jealousy a result of me getting screwed over?
25. Male or Female? Girl Power!
26. Fave color: Black, you can do anything with it.
27. Lucky Number: 3
28. Was there a 13th question? Yes.
29. Did you scroll back up to look? Yes.
30. Barefoot or w/shoes? Barefoot.

Welcome to the page of stoppingtosmellroses! Hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate!

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