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Hello to everyone!

If you're reading this profile, I suppose that means that you've most likely visited one of my stories (and if you haven't, please do!) and are interested in hearing more about me. Well, writing about oneself can be even more difficult than writing about fictional characters at times. So, I'm going to cheat and borrow from my Facebook account:

Activities and interests: Singing! I love to sing in the car, the shower, in a choir... anywhere. Doing the occasional musical; theatre, opera. Sleeping is a favorite too, I love my naps. Hanging out with friends, staying out late "partying it up..." you know. And, on a less social side, writing, reading, and drawing. Computer art, video games, photography... basically, being an artsy nerd. I love talking on the phone to my best friends for hours. I'm a fashion fanatic; shoes are my weakness. I adore road trips and travel and seeing new places. My friends and family are my real world; my stories and games are my own world.

Fandoms: Hoo boy... since each specific fan interest of mine has had such an impact on my person and my writing, I feel the need to devote a little space and explanation to the most important.

Lord of the Rings: This classic trilogy is my first true fan love, you could say. Tolkien's books have inspired me greatly as a writer and years after I first discovered them, I enjoy the tale as much as ever. While I no longer devote as much time to this particular fandom, I spent years on the website in the forums, particularly the roleplaying forum, honing my skills as a writer and enjoying creating my own characters and placing them in Middle-Earth. And... I was a Legolas girl, of course.

Resident Evil: As odd as some may think it is for a girl to be so into a video game series, I love this game for all its worth. I saw a picture of Leon S. Kennedy on the cover of Game Informer and I was instantly hooked (yes, I think he's a sexy beast). For the longest time these games have been my obsession, escape, and passion. I love the quirky story, the characters, the crazy plot, and of course, the wicked-scary gameplay!

Supernatural: This TV show is a new interest of mine. A friend got me hooked on a few episodes of the 4th season and shortly after, I spent 3 straight weeks watching through the first 3 seasons online. I feel that Dean and Sam Winchester are masterpieces of character development and hope, as a writer, to learn from the series. This show has been carrying me through some rough times lately and I really enjoyed recently writing my first short piece for it. I'm toying with the idea of writing something much larger. And as a side note, I'm relatively certain that I am totally and completely in love with Dean Winchester. That's not too unhealthy, right?

Music: Anything. Handel. Josh Groban. Three Days Grace, Nelly Furtado, Sarah McLaughlan, the list goes on. My favorite music to write to is Sarah McLaughlan's "Afterglow Live" CD and anything by Evanescence. I currently find myself on a Supernatural, and more specifically, Dean Winchester-inspired classic rock kick.

Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Memoirs of a Geisha, etc etc.

Favorite Books: Stephen King! (Dark Tower, baby!), Memoirs of a Geisha, The Great Gatsby, LotR, All the books I have yet to write...

General "About Me" I'm a 20-year-old French Studies and Photography major attending school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. I'm an optimistic realist, a dreamer, an artist, a writer, and a musician. I'm an introverted extrovert and an outgoing person who likes to keep to herself. I'm obsessive and obsessive compulsive; anal-retentive but easygoing. I sing, I'm sort of artsy, I wish I could dance better. I'm clumsy, I can laugh at anything, and I love to write. I am creative. I'm never on time. I like to sleep and play video games and drink wine and stay up and go out all night. It's true, I do have an obscene amount of Orlando Bloom posters. The little things amaze me. I will make the same mistake twice. I'm open and open-minded. :)

As a writer, I hope to have many, many books published some day! I regard seriously writing fanfiction as wonderful practice; after all, it has been writing fanfiction and role-playing online that have gotten me this far! I appreciate and highly encourage all comments and critiques, provided that they are thoughtful and constructive.

If you wish, you are more than welcome to add me on Facebook. I also have an account on under the name of SingSweetDesire, though not much has been added there as of yet.

The fanfiction piece I'm currently working on is "Almost," in the Resident Evil section. It's been quite some time since I updated it, but it has never left my mind and I feel that the next chapter, which I hope to have posted by the end of the school year, has quite a bit going for it. As stated before, I highly encourage comments and critiques. I want to improve! This story has become very important to me, having become much bigger in scale than I ever anticipated, and I look forward to its completion.

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