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Right, apparently I have to sum up myself in words. Being a English fanatic this should be easy, but I have often been told that words can't describe my crazy. I'm a Hunger Games addict. When I don't read it, I get withdrawal and it hurts inside. Peeta Mellark is my husband, as the name suggest. My face lights up when I see Josh Hutcherson. When it comes to socialization truth be told, I fall of the face of the earth some days. Either because I just sleep and sleep some more or I'm writing my fan fiction. I am sooo not into second generation Fan fictions, even though I have tried (and failed to the grounds of the floor) trying to write about Katniss and Peetas love children. I just weep every chapter of Mockingjay... and Catching Fire. I have somehow managed to get beyond crying at Hunger Games. Trust me, it's hard.

I realise I am rambling. I do this often. You'll get over it like my friends and family has. Immense training has taught them that after a while, I will stop. Trust me, I will. I think that if anything, my one aim is to be a journalist. Writing isn't just a hobby for me. It's a future. I love my beta reader, Alison who puts up with all my crap and reminds me that yes, I can not spell. I think I may start reading a dictionary. I have Kindle so it makes it modern. Seriously, that is how much time I have on my hands between school and scouts and well... sleeping. My parents often wonder how I spend my time. I just laugh at them. They are irritating and can't hear me from down stair even when I am shouting my lungs out. I realise this is all a bit patchy so I might end it here.

Not with out saying that I love: Josh Hutcherson -sooooo sooooo soooo sooooo much, The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent Series, Harry Potter and Made In Chelsea. Money and the colour white -which people say is boring- I say it is pure and fresh and generally lovely. It's better than black (chill, just my opinion) although I do like the dark when I want to sleep. ZOMG. I have to add I love the band Stealing Sheep, Florence and the Machine, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Coldplay (duh), Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey :)

I don't particually like- Twihards and Beliebers. Only two fan bases that drive me back up my honey tree, Whinny the Pooh style. Please don't pull and pull me. I don't like it. I am petrified of bleach and childbirth. One day I will have children but I want it cut out. I don't think I could take the pain since I am such a wimp

All I am hoping to gain from this is to find my writing style and get noticed. I can get slightly morbid and a bit off my tracks whilst writing, but bear with me and my lovely beta reader and you will get your goods! Thanks guys... :)

Okay, okay. Just published my first chapter to my Capitol Games and I'm proper excited for the weeks to come. Fingers crossed you guys all like it!

To prove my fandom to you muggles, lookie here. Bold are me.

1. Whenever you are having any kind of competition, you state the rules, and then say "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"
2. You want to own a mockingbird so you can tell everybody that it's a Mockingjay
3. You will buy any sort of Hunger Games merchandise (t-shirts, key chains, mockingjay pins, etc)
4. You cried when Rue died.
5. You were extremely mad that Finnick and Prim's deaths were both like, a line long.
6. You named your cat Buttercup
7. You have a sudden interest in Archery, climbing, etc.
8. You love pita bread and burning toast.
9. You have written/submitted to an SYOT
10. You memorized Rue's lullaby/The Hanging Tree and gave it your own tune
11. You hear a song, and automatically think that it would be perfect for a specific character
12. You like to wear your hair in a braid
13. You have a friend named Peter and you have accidentally (or on purpose) called him Peeta
14. You wonder how Suzanne Collins thought up so many strange names.
15. You can't wait for the movie to come out on March 23, 2012
16. You eat too much and think of how you're such a Capitol person.
17. You screamed when Peeta died in Catching Fire.
18. Then cried when Finnick brought him back to life.
19. If someone asks for your address, you say "District 12"
20.You've wondered what squirrel tastes like (It's not bold because I KNOW what it tastes of. And it's yummy dummy!)
21. THG has made you laugh, cry, scream, and throw things across the room, but you stuck with it till the end, and are glad now that you did.
22. You've loved Haymitch, you've hated Haymitch, and you've been very pissed off by Haymitch. You've seen a bottle of white liquor and thought of Haymitch.
23. You see a wasps nest and run off screaming "TRACKER JACKERS!!!! DON'T KILL ME!!!"
24. You hate that people are comparing THG to Twilight.
25. You wonder what Katniss and Peeta named their kids.
26. You wonder what happened to Gale at the end of Mockingjay.
27. You either love Johanna, or Hate Johanna. There's no in between.
38. You have parts of the book memorized.

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