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District (Pick 3):

Family Member Tribute or Regular Tribute:




*Note, mother, father, and sibling sections may be changed if you submit a single tribute.*


Body Type (Muscular, Scrawny, Curvy, etc.):

Height (preferably in feet):

Weight (preferably in pounds):

Skin Colour:

Eye Colour:

Eye Characteristics (any certain shape? eyelashes info, etc.):


Nose Shape/Size (Big, small, hooked, anything you find important, could be left blank):

Mouth Shape/Size (See above):

Curly, Straight, or Wavy Hair?:

Hair Length (Long, short, & medium suffice. Could be more specific. But mother of gosh do not write '10 inches.' Who the hell measures their hair?):

Hair Colour:

Race (Caucasian, African, Hispanic, etc.):


Five Traits To Describe Them:

Opinion on the Games:

Three Biggest Fears:

Three Biggest Weaknesses:

Three Biggest Strengths:


Outfit (Any Clothing Related Questions, in this section or another, may be left blank. This is for the perfectionists.):

Volunteer, Family Member or Chosen:

If Volunteer, reasons for Volunteering:

If Family Member, how do they feel about their relative choosing them?:

If Chosen, thoughts about being chosen:

Token (If Any):

Who Comes to Say Goodbye?:

Skills (Rated 1-10, 1 is the worst, 10 is the best)


Fire Making:


Spear Throwing:

Knife Throwing:

Sword Throwing:

Arrow Shooting:

Sword Fighting:

Hand to Hand Combat:

Rock Throwing (hey, it worked for Thresh, and you never know. Don't knock it...):

Berry/Plant Identification (would they know if something was poison?):

Shelter Building:

Hearing (Good lookout?):


Finding Water:

Overall Basic Survival Needs (Food, Water, shelter, sleeping, etc.):


Hangs Out With (If Any):

Practices At/Spends Time At:

Personality Towards Other Tributes:

Evaluation Score:

Evaluation Skill:


Outfit (can be left blank):

Angle (Sexy, Smart, Tough, etc.):

Why They Think They Should Win (This will also factor into my decision on the winner-so make it good!):


*Put Y for yes and N for no if you are willing to be in this type of ally group*



District Partner(s):

Family Member:


Larger Group (No More Than 6):

Career Pack:


Do They Leave Right Away?:

Do They Grab Something Quick and Then Run? (Think Katniss):

Do They Go For the Center?:

Do They Grab a Weapon and Start Attacking Other Tributes?:

If Anything, what do they grab?:


Plans For the Arena, Such As Hiding, Fighting, etc. (Career Pack Tributes Can Skip This Section):

If Confronted, Will They Fight or Flight?:

Preferred Death (Don't say, 'I want my tribute to win!' That'll turn them into a Bloodbath for sure. I promise none of them will die right away, I have filler tributes for that. Unless you're okay with them dying right away, then I will gladly kill them. Huh, okay not like that):


Any Other Reason Your Tribute Should Win:

Any Special Physical Features (Scars, Freckles, etc.) That I Didn't Cover?:

Anything Else:

Current Tributes of Mine in SYOTs:

Callen Fallson, District 10 (84th Annual Hunger Games, by FifiDear)

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It's the boy. The boy caught me. The boy caught me before I died. The boy caught me when the spear went through his body. The boy caught me as I surged the spear out of his body and into the spear thrower's. The boy caught me as I became a victor.I lived.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 368 - Published: 5/8/2012