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Hi! Welcome to my page. Here you'll find info on my stories, any upcoming stories I have, and links for outfits worn by the characters. I'm a mega Avengers fan, so that is what you'll find a lot of, but I'm also in love with Captain America and you'll someday find something outside of the world of Marvel. Feel free to private message me if you have any questions. I usually answer questions from reviews in the next chapter but that only happens when I update so if you want an answer quickly, private messaging is your best bet.

As for updates, I try to update as soon as possible but because I have a busy schedule and I tend to work on several stories at once (and yes, I am very lazy) updates could take a little.

Most of my stories will include my own original character. I'm an aspiring author that likes to bring her world into another's world. My OCs and I are like...a big happy family I guess. I create each one with precision to make them represent exactly who I want them to be. I'm sorry if you are not a fan of OCs, but that's mainly what I'll focus on.

I appreciate reviews. Giving me praise will make me update faster. Constructed criticism makes me a better writer. I do ask for no flame though because it just doesn't help anyone so thank you very much.

Thanks for reading and visiting!


My Stories:

Title: Looking Into The Future

Category: Movies-The Avengers

OC(s): Destiny Drew-Caramel colored hair. Deep muddy brown eyes. Light tan skin. Born in Greece. 21 years old. Psychic. Takes place in present time. Ex-employee for Stark Industries. Currently Personal Assistant to Tony Stark.

Summary: Destiny Drew could predict the future from the minute she was born. The government is always after her, always curious to know why she can. But when she's approached by a different government agency, she finds herself wrapped up in something very new. Plus she finds herself falling for the subject of one of her visions!

Rating: T (This is just to be safe. It involves some romance-y stuff and violence and language.)

Pairings: Steve/OC, Tony/Pepper (eventually)

Progress: Complete

Notes: Takes place during the movie. There will most likely not be a sequel to this since I'm focusing on a lot of other stuff.

Title: America's Liberty

Category: Movies-Captain America: The First Avenger

OC(s): Jade Callaway-Dark brown hair that appears black in bad lighting. Jade green eyes. Pale skin (before procedure) Tan skin. (after procedure) Born in Queens, New York. 21 years old at beginning of story, eventually turns 22. Went through super soldier procedure with Steve Rogers. Carries a bullwhip of a rare element. (like CA's shield) Born in 1921 story takes place in 1942 and 1942. Worked in a library, then a Red Cross representative, eventually became a soldier.

Rest of Callaway family includes-JoAnne Callaway (mother) Jasper Callaway (younger brother) Jacob Callaway (older brother away at war) and Allison Callaway (sister-in-law, married to Jacob) Jasper and Jacob do look similar to Jade except for their eye color. They have brown eyes. Allison is honey blonde with grey eyes.

Summary: During WWII, women aren't allowed to join the army. But that won't stop Jade Callaway from trying. It seems impossible for her until she's approached by Dr. Abraham Erskine who wants to give her a chance along with her newest friend Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Can they survive the war together? Or will she fall in love along the way?

Rating: T (Just to be safe. Romance is subtle but includes violence and a little bit of language.)

Pairings: Steve/OC

Progress: In Status

Notes: Takes place during the movie.

Upcoming Stories/Ideas:

Considering sequel(s) to America's Liberty. If it happens, these will take place during the Avengers and the upcoming Captain America 2

Working on as side projects:

A Dark Knight trilogy story/series

A Ferris Bueller's Day Off story

An X-Men: First Class story

An Amazing Spiderman story

Thinking about an Oz the Great and Powerful story, though this is not certain.

None of my upcoming stories or ideas are certain and there is not a 100% chance of them making their way online.

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