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05/04/05 Heh. um. yeah. Hi!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sory!

I don't know whats coming over me. i have no clue whatsoever in what i should do for the next chap 4 giving in. Well i do but it just doesn't seem right somehow so i keep changing.

If any of you can help me figure out what to do then plez tel me your ideas. email me at ireallyloveraykon@yahoo.co.uk.

I am now realising that it is almost a year since i last wrote maybe more. And i feel i just need to do something about it. Which leads me to what i've just said.

Also for you beyblade fans if you can help me then that wiill be great.

As you lot realise. ff.net deleated 'on the road to victory, or mabe not?'months ago due to the contents written in the third chapter and i'm working on it at the mo.

I'm not really sure if i should put the lemon back on as to it was the whole reason my story was deleted.

So if i have any more news for you i would let you know.

Also i will start putting up other stories up at


dunno in what catergory. maybe another beyblade. or a yu-gi-oh or even dragonball z under the name


11/6/07 Will be continuing to write GIVING IN and when finished probably start doing ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY. Long wait i know and i'm really sorry but my exams had to come first.

Exams finish on 15/6/07 so first cap will be up in a couple of weeks after that.

C ya soon

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